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  1. How do I get a new user manual?


  2. @erik6bd - very nice cook! Any leftovers for a starving Okie? Yeah, I thought so. Sure looked tasty. Kudos.
  3. Great looking cook, @Aussie Ora. I particularly like the beet slice. I've tried that, thanks to you, and I like it!
  4. Geez @MacKenzie! What a great sammich., I'm starving now thanks to you and your food stylist photos! That's just not fair it looks so lucious, kudos!
  5. @MacKenzie - geez Louise! MacMenzie, what beautiful bread and gorgeous pizza pies! A marvelous couple of cooks. Mega kudos to you, you food artist!
  6. @tony b - great basket! Necessity is the mutha of invention, huh? Nicely done.
  7. @Cottonswab - sorry I'm late to the welcoming. Welcome to the KK Family and welcome to The Addiction! If you thought the BGE was good, wait until you get your 23. You'll notice the myriad differences that make the KK a quantum leap above anything you've ever cooked on. The only way it get any better is if the food cooked itself! You're aout to rediscovery ow much fun kamado cooking was meant to be.
  8. @Steven Salsman - WOWZERS. That is the best looking RJ POSK kamado I've ever seen. And as 5698 k says, that's a beautiful view you have. The only thing that would improve that is a bright, shiny, new KK!
  9. @JDBBQ - congrats to ya! Take plenty of pics ... we love to see lots of uncrating pics. Dennis packs his KKs as well as he builds 'em.
  10. @tekobo - hot dignity dawg! Welcome to the KK Family! You are gonna absolutely LOVE your KKs.
  11. This is gonna be good.
  12. @MacKenzie - your buns are beautiful. Those are really a work of beauty. And the pics of the finished Sammie's are stunning. How do you keep doing this so dadgummed well? Even the deer up at your place wanna know!
  13. Great plated shot if I ever saw one! Please pass the Tri-Tip ...
  14. Charles - that is a really delicious looking cook. I'd eat that 6 nights a week ... Every night but pizza night.
  15. @MacKenzie - WOWZERS! Simply WOWZERS.
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