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  1. ckreef

    First Customer of 2019

    The little guy is hanging out for a few days before he continues towards your house @MacKenzie. Hummingbird wings are surprisingly loud. I was on the porch with my back towards one of the feeders (20' away) when I heard him zoom up to the feeder behind me. Dinner was basically ready so I didn't get a picture and these early spring birds only stick around for a few days before moving on.
  2. ckreef

    First Customer of 2019

    That's what I said to myself but sure enough one came by last night looking for the feeders. I loaded up the feeders. We'll see what happens.
  3. A couple of weeks ago I thought the customers were going to come early this year. One showed up a few minutes ago. I scrambled to serve up a sweet treat. Hopefully he'll come back tonight or tomorrow. I'll try and get a picture. This is the earliest ever - global warming at its finest -
  4. ckreef

    Software Defined Espresso

    I'm desperately trying to ignore this thread but for some reason I keep right on reading. Death by espresso? That would be when Mrs skreef killed me after I spent that much on an espresso setup. I barely survived the WFO purchase - LOL
  5. ckreef

    Lloyd Pizza Pans

    BTW I have plenty of guns. People kill people. It takes a person to pull the trigger......... Political rant over and out......
  6. ckreef

    Lloyd Pizza Pans

    Guns kill people, bottles are for decoration, pots and pans feed people.... Just sayin......... Love your decoration pans but to be honest I would clean up that little one and use it as a butter or sauce, on the grill/griddle/WFO pan.
  7. ckreef

    There's been a disturbance in the Force...

    Nice looking KK and really great pictures.
  8. I got me a nice piece of Steel Head Trout. I actually like it better than salmon. It's not as tall as salmon so it doesn't have the thin belly meat. Gave it a nice lemon Pesto topping. Cooked it in my 19" KK on the upper grate in my new Grandma pan. It was a gorgeous piece of fish.   Below that on the main grate was some baked potatoes and homemade stuffed scallops. Slid right off the pan and onto the serving platter without a care in the world. I really like Lloyd Pans.
  9. Some time ago I purchased a Lloyd Detroit Style Pizza Pan. It worked so well I decided to buy a few more Lloyd Pizza Pans. Lloyd Pans are made in the USA for the commercial pizza industry. They come in many different styles, lots of different sizes and in some cases different coatings. All my pans are hard anodized aluminum with the PSTK coating (Pre-Seasoned Tough-Kote). Although not fully non stick they are stick resistant for easy release. Some of the benefits of a Lloyd pan: Easy Release so the pizza slides out without messing up the toppings. Easy cleanup, can almost just wipe them clean with a paper towel. Great heat conductor for even browning of the bottom crust. Metal utensil safe. A max working temperature of 750* (per their technical support) This is my current collection: 10"x14" Detroit Pan, 2.5" sides with 76* angle. 12" diameter Chicago Deep Dish pan, 2" side with 76* angle. 10"x14" Grandma Pan, 1" sides with 76* angle. Three 12" diameter Cutter pans, .75" side with 63* angle. I am very excited to get these pans and have many tasty pizzas planned. I'm especially excited about the Grandma Pan as I think that will work well for a few other non pizza cooks.
  10. ckreef

    23" ultimate delivered

    Nice looking KK. Enjoy the white inside it won't be that way long.
  11. ckreef

    Cleaning time

    That is old school right there
  12. ckreef

    Looks like fun to me

    That's where I want to be grilling at. Yea definitely needs a floating cooler tethered to the kamado table.
  13. ckreef

    Cleaning time

    I still have some left vacuum sealed but it won't last forever as I don't use black pepper anymore only crack berries but... Lately I have been mixing them with white pepper corns in order to stretch my stash a bit farther.
  14. ckreef

    Sunday rotisserie chooks

    We only breed headless chickens here in the states Great cook.
  15. ckreef

    When life gives you lemons...

    I just have to ask - How? Were you rolling it across the "pavers"? Can you blame the kids? The dog? Or maybe one too many adult beverages? LOL I'm certain the wind didn't knock it over.