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  1. Great looking storage unit. The spin looks tasty and the fire looks inviting.
  2. I have a different view on the gas v. charcoal debate. They both have their place in life. Yes charcoal tastes better than gas but grilling over straight wood splits tastes better than charcoal. If your goal is the best flavor for straight grilling then a kamado is not the right tool. A Santa Maria style grill using wood splits would be better. Sometimes the speed of gas outweighs the benefit of charcoal /wood flavor. At home I mostly cook on charcoal but my Blackstone griddle see's it's fair share of cooks and if I have the time, steaks go on the Santa Maria style grill using Mesquite sp
  3. Last 2 nights me and Mrs skreef sat out in the front yard around the Solo Stove Bonfire enjoying a few adult beverages. I absolutely love my Solo Stove. As for Friday night twelve step meetings - I decided to quit cold turkey - no more grills for me - at least not until my brain tweaks on a infomercial - eeekkkk.... The other day I did see a Masterbuilt Gravity fed charcoal grill in person. It looks like a lot of fun. Mrs skreef grabbed my arm and jerked me along before I pulled out the wallet. It was a close call...........
  4. Unfortunately I was thinking the same thing. Definitely don't need another device but that rarely stops me.
  5. Great cook. I like your Solo Stove topper.
  6. That's a really nice adapter and yes, an awesome looking odk.
  7. Even if you don't own any at the moment you're still an owner at heart - and it won't be long now
  8. Congratulations - 3 KK's is a great number. Even with just me and Mrs skreef I still use 3 kamados at once from time to time. My 16" is almost dedicated to searing with Grill Grates these days. As I type this Mrs skreef has the 16" fired up with Grill Grates to sear some chicken and a Dutch oven in the 19" for a bean cook of some sorts. I'm really excited for you and can't wait to see the unboxing and color choice.
  9. Burnt pork ends from country style ribs. It's the only way I'll do CSR's these days. I'm sure I have one or two fairly recent posts about this. Basically rub and cook the CSR's at 250* until a IT of about 150*. Pull from KK then cut them into 1"-1 1/2" square chunks. Put them a pan with some extra rub, BBQ sauce and a few pats of butter. Back in the KK at 350*-400* stirring once or twice until a nice Crispy coating. Perfect bite size morsels. The best country style ribs you've ever ate.
  10. I have a WFO. The KK's are my work horses. The WFO is one of my "fun" grills. He who dies with the most grills wins. I'm trying hard to win - LOL
  11. Late to my own party - LOL Now that I see the last few posts, I want one of those fancy plates.
  12. The 30" was too big to be easily managed (as reported by @Jon B.). I imagine most customers reported the same. Couple that with delivery drivers being pissed about the size and weight and "dropping" them off on your porch, the move to a slightly smaller unit just makes sense. The Bonfire is the biggest I want to manage on a regular basis. The problem with oversized/over weight items is the reason I watch carefully how much lump I order at one time. If the box is too big and heavy the delivery driver is just throwing it on the porch. They are phasing out the 30" replaci
  13. That was a laugh for cannabis hoarding
  14. Looks delicious. Welcome back!
  15. I've seen that. It does look like it has a top vent. Currently under a strict no more grills rule..........
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