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  1. I have a WFO. The KK's are my work horses. The WFO is one of my "fun" grills. He who dies with the most grills wins. I'm trying hard to win - LOL
  2. Late to my own party - LOL Now that I see the last few posts, I want one of those fancy plates.
  3. The 30" was too big to be easily managed (as reported by @Jon B.). I imagine most customers reported the same. Couple that with delivery drivers being pissed about the size and weight and "dropping" them off on your porch, the move to a slightly smaller unit just makes sense. The Bonfire is the biggest I want to manage on a regular basis. The problem with oversized/over weight items is the reason I watch carefully how much lump I order at one time. If the box is too big and heavy the delivery driver is just throwing it on the porch. They are phasing out the 30" replacing it with the 27". This is not a big conspiracy theory
  4. That was a laugh for cannabis hoarding
  5. Looks delicious. Welcome back!
  6. I've seen that. It does look like it has a top vent. Currently under a strict no more grills rule..........
  7. Most states peaked then flattened. The states opened back up now they are on the rise again. This isn't the second wave. We're haven't fully peaked on the first wave yet. Very sad. Back in the 1918 pandemic it peaked across the world 3 times about 1 year between each peak. We have a long ways to go before this pandemic is under control.
  8. Unfortunately I'm not that skilled so I can't take credit for it. A member on Guru did that for me. I'm going to have him make a slip on cover for my Konro grill sometime soon.
  9. An upgrade for the Solo Stove Bonfire - a stainless steel cover for when it's time for bed and you're somewhere that requires your fire to be attended or put out. Also would keep the rain out if that's an impending problem.
  10. Comes with a nice steamer top. Not sure when it'll get its maiden voyage. Going away this weekend so it might have to wait for the following weekend. Yea I'm a sucker for ceramic pans
  11. I have a Meater+. Long story short I was a very early backer in the Kickstarter. The Kickstarter could be described as a disaster at best so I settled for their offer of 2 Meater+ units. My opinion is tainted but still if you're willing to deal with wires, Thermoworks has much better units.
  12. @GeorgeFromOz no worries you'll get your procedure figured out before too long. I can usually have my KK preheated and ready to go in 60-90 minutes depending on the temp I'm going for. I like to preheat my wood fired oven for 3 hours or more. Sometimes I think I'm doing something wrong with the WFO.
  13. Don't even get me started ranting about the Meater Kickstarter. That was my first Kickstarter adventure. It was such a disaster I'll never do another Kickstarter again. When my Meater dies I would never, ever buy another one to replace it. I consider it the worst out of 6 different temperature monitors I've owned (or still own). It is a very niche gadget (rotisserie). It does that really well, for anything else there's something better.
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