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  1. I'm not fessing up to buying extra, full personal protection ammo either. Almost went out and bought a new assault rifle. Figured it wasn't zombie time yet. I did take a shower in the new Travel Trailer just to check out the newly installed shower head.
  2. Seems the latest crazy spree in the US is a run on guns and ammo. I guess people want to defend their TP.
  3. Dang Aussie all that's a bummer. Let me know if you need anything. I'll send it your way. Might take a month to get there but so far mail is still going strong in the states.
  4. Nope the reality show Survivor. I guess when you're really hungry a local delicacy - bat - tastes pretty good.
  5. @Aussie Ora Mrs skreef really likes this little guy. Figured we'd let him hang around in the Travel Trailer.
  6. I told Mrs skreef that when the food runs out the cats will be the first to go. I'm saving my very best white soy sauce for such an occasion. Chinese food at the Reef's.
  7. If you're into geocaching I'm sure you'll like this. I had an old travel bug I used when I was geocaching on my motorcycle. I sold the motorcycle for a down payment on the travel trailer so I thought it was appropriate to turn that bug into a Travel Trailer Bug. I have this on both pass through doors and on the back above the spare tire. Feel free to discover this bug just let me know what forum you saw this on. If you ever see it out in the wild please discover it again and stop by to say hello. Charles and Susan
  8. Hopefully someone can help me out. I have a very small project that I think a piece of composite Decking (like Timbertech) would work. I have a few questions. Can you cut it with a normal skill saw/miter saw or do you need a special blade? Can you screw into it? If you screw something down onto it will it hold the screw like normal wood? Do you need pilot holes? Do you need special screws?
  9. Good luck with that. Your best bet is to ride out in the country. Those little stores out in the middle of nowhere are still stocked. I guess they haven't herd the news about a new virus going around.
  10. I skipped most of the canned veggies but I did stock up on frozen veggies. If they cut the power state wide we're all screwed.
  11. They didn't do a run on chicken around my neck of the woods, plenty to be had. Bought me a huge pack of leg quarters. Still have a bunch of thighs and wings in the freezer.
  12. Ours is a really small, po dunk Piggly Wiggly - but - they defiantly have the cheapest, best, all natural twin packs of pork butts. That twin pack cost $27 and both were decent sized butts.
  13. Great idea except when you need to wash your hair. Haven't done the head in the toilet in a long time and the last time I was really drunk and don't remember praying to the porcelain God. But they said I did.........
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