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  1. ckreef

    My KK, Konro and Binchotan

    Awesome Konro cook. You're going to love that grill. It's just plain fun to cook on. So glad it finally arrived. Takes a while but the wait is worth it.
  2. I got a big fat goose egg for my $3. Maybe next time.
  3. I have my one set of numbers.
  4. ckreef

    1st Pizza Cook

    Great first pizza.
  5. ckreef

    Meater Block

    I think it's just slow and the rotisserie is by comparison fairly fast in its rotation. I do agree that ambient temps so close to the meat are inheritly off. Probably less so with a rotisserie cook. It just took a while to catch up.
  6. ckreef

    My First Pork Meat Loaf

    I always go for the thinnest cheapest bacon I can find. Once you do the weave it's double thick. If you use thick cut bacon it will be twice that thick in the weave and won't cook properly (in my opinion anyway).
  7. ckreef

    Meater Block

    Did a rotisserie chicken cook using the Meater + tonight. Worked as stated. Probe in the bird just past the line (so ambient side was sticking out a good ways). Meater + base sitting next to the grill. Smartphone running the app in the kitchen which was also streaming Pandora that was Bluetooth connected to my Bose speaker in the game room. Everything worked as needed. A minor observation. The meat end of the probe came to temperature almost immediately. The ambient end took about 15 minutes to sync up with the dome temperature. No big deal there. Towards the end of the cook (an hour into it) the ambient was running about 10* higher than the dome. I guess that's sort of expected as the probe is sitting about 15"-18" closer to the semi direct flame than the dome thermometer. All in all I was pleased with it's performance.
  8. ckreef

    My First Pork Meat Loaf

    Meatloaf is such a staple food this side of the pond I just never realized it wasn't a staple food all over the world. Been eating meatloaf my entire life. It has always been OK but once I started making it on a Kamado it went from just OK to awesome.
  9. ckreef

    My First Pork Meat Loaf

    @MacKenzie that's a mighty fine looking pork meatloaf. Great cook. @tekobo also look up Fatty. A Fatty is basically pork meatloaf rolled round and wrapped in bacon.
  10. ckreef

    22 Table Top: Charcoal Clean Out

    That's what us Americans call a shop vac.
  11. ckreef

    22 Table Top: Charcoal Clean Out

    I remove the ash basket and go in from the top. I have a small sweepy brush and a small dust pan type arrangement. All KK's have a fairly large ash area under the lump basket. You'll easily get 5-10 cooks before needing to clean out the ash. Most people fill the basket full of lump, do a cook then shut it down. There will be unused lump leftover. Next cook use a stick of some kind to stir the leftover lump then top it off with fresh lump and fire it up for the next cook. You can go on like this for 5-10 cooks before cleaning it out.
  12. ckreef

    Meater Block

    As you stated the Meater + is just a Bluetooth repeater built into the charging base. They also have a Meater Link option (in their app) which allows you to Bluetooth repeat with any smart device. All you need is an old smart phone or tablet that has working Bluetooth and you have a Meater + repeater without having to upgrade from the original Meater.
  13. ckreef

    Meater Block

    My Meater + units arrived yesterday. Two individually boxed units. I opened one of the units and left the other unit intact. After charging the probe I gave it a quick test. I put the probe in the KK and the Meater + charger/repeater on the grill table. I was able to get a good signal in the kitchen which is what I need. That's about as deep in the house as it would go but the kitchen is an acceptable range for my use. I'll do a rotisserie cook this weekend to get a real world test.
  14. ckreef

    Meater Block

    His test seemed good to go so that's promising. He's got a really cozy looking ODK.
  15. ckreef

    Meater Block

    This too was my first kickstarter. It's also definitely my last kickstarter. The idea of begging people for money on an idea that isn't even close to a product just doesn't sit well with me. I tried, they failed.