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  1. ckreef

    1st Oval Jr Cook

    Just 2 for a while. But Hawke usually comes home every other weekend.
  2. ckreef

    Primo Oval Jr w/ GO Cradle

    LOL - as this point the only thing that is going to help that fund is the lottery. But Mrs skreef is expecting me to pull the trigger on a true outdoor kitchen one day (before the 42).
  3. A small simple meal for me and Mrs skreef. (Delivered Hawke to college today). 400* indirect with the firebox divider installed. Cornish Game Hen on the right with drip pan below. Zucchini Gratin on the left side. (cooked this dish in the WFO this past weekend, wanted to try it in a kamado). What you don't see is 3 small baked potatoes under the heat deflector on the left.  For first cook on the Oval Jr it was a total success. Very pleased with myself. The Zucchini Gratin is becoming one of my favorite vegetable side dishes. 
  4. ckreef

    Primo Oval Jr w/ GO Cradle

    This setup is listed at 116 lbs so doable with 2 people although probably won't walk this down the long path to the beach.
  5. After the WFO oven I swore no more grills but Mrs skreef learned not to believe that line of crap a few grills ago - LOL For the last few years me and Mrs skreef have been taking an Akorn Jr on vacation with us. Our honeymoon, rental cabin, sisters house, the beach, even NASCAR. The Akorn Jr has served us well but when Primo came out with the GO Cradle for their Oval Jr I knew I would eventually get that setup.  We had that lunar eclipse a couple of weeks ago and it made my wallet have a mind of it's own (that's my story and I'm sticking to it ) Well it finally arrived at my local dealer and I picked it up yesterday. The inner workings and a few extra parts. Here is the GO Cradle. 9 bolts/nuts and about 10 minutes to assemble. Fairly study with nice two hand handles.  Altogether now. I had some time before dinner so I fired it up to play with the vents. First stop was low-n-slow. 240* was easy enough. I let it ride there for almost 2 hours until we were done eating dinner. After that I bumped it up a bit and let it ride there for 30 minutes or so before shutting down the vents and going to bed. Very pleased with it's performance and will be cooking dinner on it tonight. It's basically Jr on steroids.....
  6. ckreef

    I received something awesome today

    Nice looking cabinet.
  7. Kewl project. Keep the pictures coming as progress is made.
  8. ckreef

    Nothing but WFO money!

    The zucchini and Squash gratin was good enough to go into regular rotation. Plus could just as easily be cooked in a kamado. Win, win.
  9. ckreef

    Homemade BBQ! (Pic heavy)

    Fabulous homemade BBQ dinner. You went all out. Everything looks delicious.
  10. ckreef

    Nothing but WFO money!

    It was fun and definitely tasty. Worked on a house project for a few hours this morning than relaxed on the porch while the WFO was heating up. Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
  11. I have to agree with the above post. I don't do other social media and I will probably never log into Amazing Ribs. Hope to see you again sometime in the future.
  12. ckreef

    Nothing but WFO money!

    For my recent birthday Mrs skreef got me this book. The begining is a section about WFO's in general, different tools needed, how to fire the oven and fire management for 5 different cooking scenarios. It's a pretty good section.  The rest of the book is a WFO cook book. It takes the stance that everything can be cooked in a WFO. While I agree most everything can be cooked in a WFO, the question stands. Should it be? In my opion not everything cooked in a WFO will produce optimum results. There are other grills that do some cooks better. With that said there is a bunch of tasty looking/sounding recipes in this cook book and some should work well in a WFO. Today I decided to explore that a bit. Some of this is an actual recipe while some is just a concept with my own recipe. Zucchini and Squash Gratin. Baked wild Alaskan salmon. Crab stuffed monster shrimp. Baked sweet potatoes. Dinner is served and it was a good one. The star of the show was the zucchini and Squash gratin which I'll definitely do again.
  13. ckreef

    Richard Johnson Still Alive...

    LOL - he's calling it ugly? Survival of the best and you're still around and growing. If I had the money I'd buy a 42" just so I could use it once or twice a year for a whole hog. I already told Mrs skreef it's coming one day. And this is coming from the small kamado king - LOL
  14. ckreef

    New member & soon to be owner

    Welcome, soon the fun will begin.
  15. ckreef

    Peaches en Regalia

    All I'll say is Grilled Peach Reef Jam. Take a bunch of grilled peaches, cut them up and then process them into preserves/jam. Grilled summer bliss in the middle of winter