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  1. Mrs skreef thought the girls singing must have been naked because I never listen to country music - LOL
  2. I've heard about the Firestones. Hopefully I can get one year out of them and replace them next spring. I have a few more truck and 5th wheel upgrades I want to buy. Plus we need to get camping. New tires just aren't in the budget right now. Not that I really know what a budget is but I'm trying.
  3. Will try and get a couple of inside pictures this weekend.
  4. Well with the hole barely on the side wall an inside patch probably would have worked. But with the money spent on the trailer I didn't want to chance it over a $200 tire. @Tyrus this time the truck has leather trimmed and full memory seats along with a bunch of other goodies.
  5. Definitely a major upgrade. Mrs skreef is really into all this so I have to give the Mrs what she wants after putting up with me Really sucks about the brand new tire. Local tire shop will have me fixed up later today. A little screw will not stop this show.
  6. As you all may have read I got a new truck a little over a week ago. A Ram 3500. Well you can't have a new truck without a new trailer. Today we picked up our new Grand Design, Reflection 337rls Unfortunately as bad luck would have it I picked up a hitch hiker on the way home from the dealer. My TPMS did it's job and with a few roadside air refills I was able to limp it back home. I'm a little bummed about a ruined brand new Goodyear Endurance.
  7. @tekobo fantastic looking paella. I haven't made one in a while.
  8. Thanks everyone. The new position at work has really dampened my grilling (get home to late now). That and we've put all our effort in the new truck purchase and a new 5th wheel trailer we're picking up this weekend. Hopefully later this summer life will get back to a normal pace. On another front both me and Mrs skreef got our second vaccine shot yesterday
  9. That is definitely a different angle on why not to buy a 2500 - LOL
  10. I got a new position at work which keeps me really busy so I've only done limited grilling lately and not much time on the forums. I swore off buying new grills so I couldn't do that again but I never said anything about a new truck. Me and Mrs skreef wanted to get a bigger trailer (a 5th wheel) and our Nissan Titan was not going to cut it. Back in January I started looking around for a HD truck. Ended up doing a factory order of a Ram. From order date to dealer delivery was about 11 weeks. Here she is: Ram 3500 6.4 Hemi, 4x4 crew cab, short bed Laramie lv1, towing technology package, bed utility package, and 5th wheel/gooseneck prep GVWR 11,000 Max Towing 14,525 CCC 4025 GCWR 21,500
  11. I love the addition of lobster tails. Great cook.
  12. 2 KK's. Around 10 total grills depending on how/what you count. Hey I'm trying to reform. I've swore off buying another grill at least the last 2 or 3 times I bought a new grill. But this last new grill really will be the last. . . . . . ...........
  13. Those new renderings look really good. I like the depth/3D effect. Makes them look more alive.
  14. Inspired by @tekobo. It was a much better idea for tonight's dinner than what I had originally planned. Mine is a creamy tomato version. Of course had to include Mrs skreef's muffin top corn bread
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