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  1. I've had my 16" for a few years now and still use it on a regular basis. It's my searing KK.
  2. Cheers Aussie. Hope you enjoy them. Definitely wanted you and Dee to try the peach syrup.
  3. I am/was a member of the Primo forum. There was a lot of good recipes posted and I was going to pouch a bunch of them. I'm a little sad I never got around to it. I didn't post much because their main posting venue was "what did you cook on this particular day?" I'm not fond of that. If you have a decent enough cook to post, it deserves it's own thread. Don't hate me but that's the same reason why I barely post in the "only money" threads. And yes I have a WFO money thread and yes I know the reasons why most people would rather post in a money shot thread.
  4. Yea I guess you're right. After going back and reading the entries there was some good ones in there. Also other parts of the meals cooked inside were not listed. The entire time we never went out to eat dinner. The sad faces were either reheated leftovers or the meal was so simple nothing would have been gained by cooking it outside. Anyway it was sort of fun keeping track of it all.
  5. There you go that's basically a month of cooking. Here's my observations looking back at it: I average cooking outside about 5 nights a week. Week day or weekend has nothing to do with cooking outside. Usually I cook the protein outside and Mrs skreef cooks some component of the meal inside. Mostly it's just everyday meals. Very few meals worth taking a picture of or I've posted a similar meal in the past. I use the KK's more often than I thought I did. This has a lot to do with firing it up using my CyberQ controller. I can come home from work, load up with lump, fire it up with the CyberQ, and set my target temperature. An hour or so later it's ready to go at my target temperature without any further intervention. Set it and forget it. Makes using the 19" KK super easy on a week night. Anyway this little experiment is over. Hope you had fun for those paying attention.
  6. I have a couple of those out back that are probably only good for a fire at this point........... Maybe I should follow your lead......
  7. Maybe that has something to do with KJ coming out with a pellet kamado.
  8. As long as Lumber Jack pellets aren't involved then long live the cold smoker - LOL
  9. Sort of sad. I have a Primo Oval Jr with GO cradle. For what it is it's awesome.
  10. Looks good. Any kitchen item is fair game for the grill.
  11. ckreef


    Relatives only look at you weird and make comments the first 5 or 10 times you do it. After that they just give you that look. More distant relatives definitely give you a harder look. My relatives are used to it and besides I don't care what looks they give me
  12. ckreef


    Sounds delicious. Do they look at you weird when you start taking pictures or are they used to it?
  13. It hasn't rained at Reef's Bistro in literally 9 or 10 weeks. So dry lately I've been a little scared to fire up the Nuke Delta grill. But the rain was coming. Had a KK coming up to temp and me and Mrs skreef were in the house playing a little pool. Then the rain came We were so excited about the rain we ran out onto the front porch yelling and screaming in joy!!! If I have to explain further you wouldn't understand - but GA farmers understand.
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