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  1. ckreef

    New Owner

    Can't wait to see progress pictures of the ODK.
  2. ckreef

    Burning Up Downunder???

    Well it's 69* right now. It was about 75* earlier today before the sun went down. Not exactly burning up but I'm not complaing for the middle of January. If it wasn't so windy I had a special meal planned on the new Konro SS Grate. As it stands now I'm going to pan "B". Cheddar, Jalapeño, Angus burgers from the local butcher done on grill grates in the 16" KK. No complaints
  3. ckreef

    Opinions: Grill height for 22 TT

    My 42" seems just right for me (I'm 6'1"). If I added 6" to get to 48" it would seem like the main grate was a bit in my face. In comparison 34"-36" would be a bit low for my liking. Anyway if it was me I'd fix the issue now while the fix is relatively easy. If you wait until this is in a more finished state it might not be so easy to fix. Sounds like you had the height about right when you were planning for a steel plate. The cement slab is what made it unacceptable.
  4. ckreef

    Opinions: Grill height for 22 TT

    My 2 TT KK's dome opening is 42" high. That's a little lower than elbow for me and a little higher than elbow for Mrs skreef. A good compromise. We're happy with it. Sounds like yours might be a touch high. If the Mrs is not comfortable with it then she won't use it. That idea could be a positive or negative depending on your view point about the Mrs using the KK
  5. Good looking ribs. I don't know what kind of car you have but if it's a synthetic change than you came out ahead for sure. Besides a barter system makes for better commerce.
  6. ckreef

    Pork rack of rib

    Mighty fine looking rack of pork.
  7. ckreef

    Nothing but WFO money!

    TY MacKenzie it was definitely a good one. About to have a leftover slice for breakfast I was pleased with the dough but I think I can improve it. Will try again in a couple of weeks.
  8. ckreef

    Nothing but WFO money!

    Some recipes you read and follow from a book/internet. This one I started with a King Arthur Detroit Pizza recipe and changed it around a bit.
  9. ckreef

    Nothing but WFO money!

    A sour dough, supreme, pan pizza. Custom formulated sour dough. Homemade sauce. Sweet Italian sausage, ham, pepperoni, green peppers and onions.   Came out pretty decent for a custom formulated dough mixed in a bread machine. Cooking in a WFO is all about temperature management and timing of putting the food in compared to the temperature. Pizza is a bit trickier compared to a caserole since you are also timing the rise compared to the temperature. I missed my optimum window and the WFO was about 50* cooler than I wanted it to be. None the less I just had to cook it an extra 10 minutes. Both me and Mrs skreef were pleased with the results. 
  10. Expandable, heavy duty, SS Grate that fits the Konro. Made out of 1/4" SS rods. I got it at Lowes. Here it is on my LG Konro. On a md Konro it basically covers the entire grill area. I would love to try it out today but have a pizza planned for the WFO. Next weekend I'll see if I can come up with something kewl to cook on it and will update this thread when I do.
  11. ckreef


    You have way too much time on your hands.
  12. ckreef

    Stuffed shrimp and scallops in a Quahog shell

    A great rendition of the recipe. Looks delicious.
  13. ckreef

    Thunder struck nicley played

    That was kewl.
  14. ckreef

    Roast chook

    Nice roasted chicken.
  15. ckreef

    Ribs in the Snow

    Nice looking ribs. I feel for you cooking in the snow. Can't let a little snow get in the way of good Q. But I must confess, it's currently 73* outside where I'm at