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  1. Glad to see the Reef Syrup arrived intact. Those are sort of weird bottles to use for canning. They don't really have a pop top and they barely fit in my water bath canner. None the less they looked like they sealed properly.
  2. Yea it was CeramicChef that gently nudged me into the KK universe. And now look where I am - it's all CC's fault - LOL
  3. Yesterday with the Wood Fired Oven I started with a couple Cracker Crust appetizer pizzas. A shrimp pizza and a red and blue pizza (tomatoes and blue cheese) Dinner was Mama Reef's Lasagna Recipe. Mama Reef passed on before I had the Wood Fired Oven but I think she would have approved.
  4. You're supposed to buy extra - LOL
  5. @CeramicChef looking for you too!!!
  6. The meal looks good. I definitely like the Yeti. I've seen them in the store just never thought of the possibilities. My eyes have now been opened.
  7. Hey I'm just trying to get in on the fake news craze - LOL -
  8. Hand forged in Serbia. 1.07 lbs and extra sharp. Tried it out on some chicken tonight. If you get your finger in there it would be a full clean amputation. Pack it in ice and head to the hospital. I'll hide it from Mrs skreef at night just in case I pissed her off and she's feeling a little Iike Loraina Bobbit. LOL
  9. I don't really do open flames they are more just extremely hot fresh coals for the sear. Maybe a little flames and some smoke.
  10. Tasty looking wings. I guess I can overlook the ketchup - LOL
  11. Single serving Italian Meatloaf wrapped in Prosciutto and stuffed with a tomato that had been stuffed with a spinach and mozzarella mixture. Served with angel hair pasta and homemade Spaghetti sauce. The basic ingredients. Sweated down baby spinach, panko, fresh mozzarella balls and Italian seasonings. Stuffed into hollowed out tomatoes. Italian Meatloaf mixture Lay down 2 pieces of Prosciutto in a cross on parchment paper. Make a meatloaf bowl then wrap the Prosciutto up and into the bowl. Put a stuffed tomato in the bowl and form the bowl around the tomato. Baked in my Komodo Kamado at 350* indirect for about 40 minutes (I think). Served with angel hair pasta, homemade Spaghetti sauce and fresh grated parmesan.
  12. Basically sear low extra high heat then move steak off to the side to low-n-slow it up to MD rare. I have become a huge fan of forward searing. It produces better more precise results compared to a reverse sear. Reverse sear is popular because it's easier to do with just one grill especially if that one grill is a kamado. Me and @tekobo no longer have that problem
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