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  1. Those new renderings look really good. I like the depth/3D effect. Makes them look more alive.
  2. Inspired by @tekobo. It was a much better idea for tonight's dinner than what I had originally planned. Mine is a creamy tomato version. Of course had to include Mrs skreef's muffin top corn bread
  3. Really great pictures. Love seeing your effort.
  4. Looking good. I might have to make that tonight.
  5. ckreef


    @tony b that is definitely not a good price. That price is up in Jealous Devil range. Academy Sports has B&B listed at 20# for $12.99
  6. ckreef


    I've used the B&B lumps before. It's decent lump. Can also be found at Academy Sports.
  7. It definitely took me a couple tries to get better using the Nuke Delta grill and paella. I'm guessing in the Bonfire having a bunch of small sticks at the ready would help so you could easily (quickly) turn up the heat without going overboard.
  8. I've seen it in one of the specialty stores where I go camping every now and then. Will have to give it a try.
  9. Fantastic cook. I especially like the baby octopus. Great use of the Solo Stove Bonfire.
  10. Where my company hauls for gives me a Christmas ham from The Honey Baked Ham Company every year. It's a 1/4 ham and there's only three of us so it's a lot of food. Usually I do a huge Christmas spread. This year the day after Christmas me and Mrs skreef are going down to St. Augustine so I'll keep dinner simple with just the ham and a few sides leaving the leftovers for my son to eat while we are gone.
  11. I clean my gaskets with a plastic bristle brush before every cook to keep the bits and pieces out of the crease. Just a light sweeping will do if done on a regular basis. I'll also wipe it down from time to time. Like @tony b said older KK's have the top latch plate welded so only the bottom is adjustable. The welds are micro welds along the two sides of the upper latch plate. You have to look pretty hard to see them.
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