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  1. Surt


    I just ordered a gasket for a 23. Mine has one gasket but I received 2. Am I missing something? Also, what type of adhesive should I use. Thanks
  2. Surt

    Electric Comversion

    Has anyone done an electric conversion? I am looking at a condo and most do not allow any open flame on balconies.
  3. Surt

    Lighting of charcoal

    At another home I used the weed burner method, really quick. Now I don’t have room for the propane tank. Tried the air blower with heat but too slow, tried map gas, too slow. Now I just use an electric coil in the bottom. I can walk away and do something else for about 10 min. You must pull before the fire is too hot or everything melts.
  4. Surt

    Covering your KK

    I am struggling with the cover issue. This thing (just acquired) is so beautiful I want to look at it. Mine is on the east corner of a 2nd floor covered porch facing the ocean (across the street). It gets direct sun in the morning till 9 or 10. After that it is in the shade. Rain does blow in but no direct rain. I realy don't want to cover it. I can imagine the grout will possibly UV fade but not the tile. Don't have any kids to leave it too so why not enjoy the cooking and the visual stimulation as well.
  5. Got my new 23 about 2 weeks ago. It was shipped to my factory and when I first saw the crate I was glad I did to order the Big Bad! It looked huge! It went on a 2nd floor deck at my home. Fortunately, there was construction on a house across the street and they had a fork lift. We took out one rail and set the whole crate up on the deck. Unboxed and rolled it into place. The whole process took only about 1/2 hour. The size is still impressive but not overwhelming. I have had a Primo XL for about 10 years but wanted one of these. During the remodel of my home we discovered we would not be able to build an outdoor kitchen off the back. Since this saved about $30,000 I felt I could jump in and spend so,e money on the 23. This ended up being the best thing that could have happened. It is truly a work of art and is proudly in view on the deck looking at the ocean. This is where everyone gathers so if I had built the other kitchen I would have been around back by myself cooking. Cooks a couple of steaks first and then on Wednesday cooked a beef brisket for 18 hours at 220. Obviously I had done this many times on the Primo but it was still a shot in the dark on the 23. My observations are the At the 23 is much easier to regulate, maintains temp better, uses less fuel, cooks moist and looks better doing it. It was indeed the best break it I have ever done and brisket is hard to cook. Finally, as everyone knows, Dennis is a rare breed that understands quality and service. My concerns about transferring a large sum of money were unfounded. The only problem I had was no Manuel and that is corrected. Now I just have to burn the thing in and all is complete. Finally, i do not want to cover it up it is so beautiful. Any thoughts on this. I am looking at the ocean so the air can be moist but we rarely get below 30 and then it is only a few days.
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