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  1. Nator

    Atlanta (pallet share)

    Re: Atlanta CoCo (pallet share) Bump....anyone in ATL interested in ordering. I would like 20 boxes
  2. Nator

    I'm back Stateside..

    thoughts and prayers Dennis, saw the news and my thoughts went to you. I hope the family is doing ok...by all accounts he had a tremendous life and left his stamp on the world. You should be proud...Mike
  3. Nator

    Bacon Explosion

    Somebody has to try this. I saw it on CNN this morning and found the recipe/technique on this site. Oh my god does this sound good but almost in an embarrasing to admit it way. http://www.bbqaddicts.com/bacon-explosion.html
  4. Nator

    Central FL Pallet Share

    too late? if not too late I will take 5 boxes. please advise
  5. I am interested in starting a share in atlanta. I am flexible in the amount I take so lets see where we land...Mike
  6. Dennis, Saw Grandpa Art's birthday posted in the AJC yesterday. Hope he had a wonderful day!!
  7. Nator

    "Jammies" (Covers) by Johnnyboy!

    I'll add my endorsement My J-J cover exceeds expectations. Very pleased!!
  8. Nator

    Blessed event...

    Send Nator one too Dennis, I need a spring thing for my roti and an ash screen if you still have those...Mike
  9. Nator

    Coconut Charcoal

    its the other side of the world its the other side of the world...the months must run backwards and the toilets drain the opposite way...wait...is that the southern hemi? Paul please check
  10. Nator

    New stuff..

    Should we have a "I want to order" spot In lieu of automated ordering abilities online, do we think it would be helpful to have a dedicated spot on the forum for this? I am not sure if it would be more efficient for dennis and his brother to manage versus email and PMs...thinking outloud...
  11. Nator

    New stuff..

    Nice Work Nice Work Dennis. On the latch...too lazy to go and look...can we easily replace the old setup with the new branded one? I thought it was cast in???
  12. Nice flame war and RJ history lesson over at the POSK site under the newssection. RJ even shares design lessons! Hurry up and check it out before the posts fall off like POSK tiles.
  13. Nator

    Komodo Coconut Charcoal... Both cat's are out...

    ATL order me too
  14. Nator

    Armadillo Eggs

    and the rub is used when I think you forgot tell us when to use the rub. I am guessing either in the cream cheese mixture or last on the sausage