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  1. Thanks in advance for anyones advice on my setup. I have been using a small cast iron pot with holes in the bottom for smoke box. I rest it on top of the charcoal in the basket and place the deep drip pan on first level above; however, this limits the amount of charcoal directly under the pan as the pot blocks the pan if too full. This is ok for shorter cooks but would like to fill the basket so I don't have to refill on longer ones. Any advice on a different setup for pan to allow for more vertical height underneath. Thanks so much! Eric
  2. Since running out of coco char, I have been using fogo or rockwood and have had to refill the basket 3/4 of the way through slow cooks. I use a cast iron with holes on the bottom in the basket for my smoke which obviously takes up room and decreased the amount of charcoal used. Any suggestions on either 1) how to get smoke without taking up this room or 2) any other brand of charcoal that will last longer until I can get more coco? Thanks! Eric
  3. Thanks Robert, appreciate the advice. Coffee is in and fired!
  4. Hello to all and thanks to those who sacrificed to have the freedom we enjoy today. Quick question.....I am about to do a couple pork butts for memorial day tomorrow and realized I am out of cocochar but have coffee which I haven't tried before. Will this be ok in terms of flavor profile and not burning too hot? Maybe adjust air flow down from what I'm used to with coco? I do have some "all natural" charcoal from the local store as well but trust KK products most of course. Thanks! Eric
  5. Well, Saturday's cook was a real humbling experience. After the butts the weekend before and thinking I was a bbq master, the brisket reminded me I've got a lot of learning to do. The brisket ended pretty tender and flavorful with good smoke but VERY dry. The cook was mostly at around 150 degrees but I overslept past the stall and didn't get them wrapped (butcher paper) until internal temp of 185. I pulled them off at around 200 and 195 degrees each then put in a cooler wrapped to rest. I was done earlier than planned and they were in the cooler for about 5 hrs before serving.
  6. Another thought is I am only able to fit one layer of coco char in center of basket with more on edges to be able to fit the smoke pot under drip pan so maybe not lighting surrounding charcoal as would if stacked?
  7. Thx Rob, turned on for 10 min to get a boost now off at 170 so I didn't overshoot, 2hrs to get there. Learning curve in effect....hope to get the startup time to temp down on future cooks, maybe add some non coco charcoal? Thx for the help buddy
  8. Thanks all, shooting for 250 I think. Taking a loooong time to get kk up to temp this time, would it be ok to plug in the cyber fan to get up faster or does that risk overshooting? Thx
  9. Thank for the pointers...pun intended. Do you guys have cook temp you like for brisket?
  10. Well, thanks again for helping me get through my first cook last weekend. Maybe ambitious, but I have planned to do two briskets for guests for Saturday night. Luckily, I have plenty of vacuum sealed Q from last weekend in case it doesn't go as planned I have read through many of your previous posts to learn as much brisketology as I can. A few quick questions: 1. I have on hold 2 prime "whole briskets" and plan to trim them down. Is that the right cut? 2. Should I brine? 3. Should I rub the night before as I did the shoulders? 4. I need to have them ready for gue
  11. Tony and Bosco, that certainly makes sense as it was minimally noticeable before I shut everything down and had the top vent only a few inches from closed during the cook. I will clear any debris and push the corners as you recommended. I was able to get to the rest of the clean up today and was impressed how much coco char was left. Also, I was surprised how much of the wood was left in the smoke pot, I will attach the photo in the next post from my phone. The meat was had a great smoke flavor so no complaints there. I was at 225 or so for 14 hrs and that much left...is this what you
  12. Yes, I did the same once I was up to temp, thanks. That reminds me, I notice a bit of smoke escape from the top of the bottom vent control framing. The pic attached shows it more pronounced after I left the top open once cook was done and got hot and smokey. Is this normal? Can I do anything to seal better? Thanks.
  13. Smoke box worked great, looks like it ended up on its side from underlying charcoal burning down. Top stayed on, maybe the flour paste was worth doing.
  14. First, thanks to you all for your help getting through my first cook. This forum is awesome. The chopped Q was a hit..flavorful, moist, good texture. Had a few "best I've had" comments. As others have suspected, and given the cook took 14hrs, the correct cook temp must have been close to the guru temp of 220. I did go up to 235-240 after 12 hrs as I was stuck on the stall in the 170s for a long time and needed to get moving. Here are some pics, took one butt off the kk before remembering a pic, I was trying to limit time open as one needed 45 min longer than the other.
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