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  1. Fun video! Can't wait to try this sauce recipe (without the red pepper flakes). First time I've ever heard about the baking soda addition. Anyone else?
  2. Thanks for the advice! Turns out the store had all 3 lb boneless legs,rolled and tied, so I will using 3 or 4 of them, as we will also be heating a small already cooked ham as well. I will let you all know how they turn out! Any ideas how long the cooking time is likely to be with these smaller pieces on the grill?
  3. Hi Everyone, I haven't posted in a long time, but since I bought my 23" last June, I have had many happy hours cooking grilling and smoking all kinds of food. My wife would like me to cook leg of lamb for Easter dinner next Sunday and we are having about 20 - 22 people. I have the standard racks that came with the cooker. How much lamb should I buy and what's the best way to position it the grill and the best way to cook it? I'm thinking I'll need 3 boneless legs of about 6-7 lbs each. I'd appreciate any tips and feedback anyone had to offer. The only other cook I've done for this many people is pork shoulder/pork butt so I seriously need some advice! Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks for you kind responses. Can’t wait to get home and cook again.
  5. I had an 8 lb Boston butt that I’d rubbed the night before and it was time to see what I could do. I had a “false start”. Let me explain. After the initial lighting and closing the lid the grate temp peaked at 120f and then slowly dropped to 115. I was puzzled and opened the lid, removed the grates, the diffuser, and charcoal basket to discover the fire had gone out because I had failed to remove a piece of plastic film directly below the firebox which was blocking the lower air intake. My friends were unimpressed with my fire building skills lol. I restarted the fire around 9:30 pm, got the temp up to 235F and cooked that butt over night and got the IT up to 203F around 11:30 am the next morning. I wrapped it in foil and put it in a cooler for another 2 hours til my friends could come back for their sandwich rewards. The guys WERE impressed with the lunch, which included some pickled red onions, homemade North Carolina pig pickin sauce and (optional) KC style sauce and some homemade Asian slaw. All in all, a fantastic start to a future of fun and delicious BBQ’n!
  6. Knowing I’d be leaving on Saturday July 7 for vacation at Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland, I was very happy to get my delivery on Thursday July 5th, just in time to uncrate and set up my new pride and joy. I didn’t realize just how big it really was and how much 500+ lbs was to handle until actually doing it. Fortunately for me Dennis was quick to point out the leapfrog plywood method to roll the grill across my lawn and having read others’ descriptions of the whole uncrating and setup process on the forum, it was accomplished in relatively short order thanks to the help of 3 friends.
  7. My Ultimate 23 is confirmed for delivery to my driveway tomorrow. Dennis already helped me with tips for to how to get it over my almost-level lawn, by rolling it over 2 sheets of plywood, leapfrogging them until I get to the back patio. I already checked the potential grill locations on my flagstone patio, but none of them are exactly level. Is there a way to adjust height of individual leg casters or does anyone have suggestions?
  8. I should have delivery next week, hopefully on July 3. Planning an 8lb Boston Butt for my first cook as soon as it gets here and I can get it set up! It will be practice for my son's 30th birthday party in late July. He wants pulled pork AND beef brisket. I'll be checking back for suggestions later on how to do both in one cook.
  9. Thanks! I'm in Edgewater, just south of Annapolis.
  10. My name is Al and my nickname for this forum is Papaya16. I live in Maryland and have been grilling on a couple Weber Kettles for over 30 years, but only recently started to get more serious about learning more about the world of barbecue, grilling and smoking. After receiving a Christmas present of Steve Raichlen's book, Project Smoke last December, I began checking out forums and websites and YouTube videos and all of this has culminated in my recent order of a Terra Blue Ultimate 23 KK, whose arrival I am very eagerly anticipating. Hopefully it will be at my house sometime in the next week or so! I've been practicing low and slow on the Weber, but its been more than just difficult to maintain steady temps as I've had to repair a broken one touch sytem and I have a very leaky seal between the cover and the base. Nonetheless, I am proud to say that I have accomplished some slow cooked baby backs, a low and slow pastrami, and some Texas style beef short ribs. And they were all edible (with room for improvement lol)! Now I feel I'm ready to get my feet wet with the KK... I can't wait to start and I'm looking forward to posting some pics of my new grill and even better, some cooks!
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