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  1. New pics added the burner to pre heat E6869CF7-BEDA-4E27-AFFA-E96AB6102C7D.MOV
  2. Yeah I just used the main grate and half with the drip pan under. Being new I left the other half open in case I needed to add coals or smoke more easily. However as has been said so many times on this forum no fire maintenance was needed lol thanks for the feedback all! Me and some friends are doing a turkey drive this weekend and I’m bringing more ribs to the service event to share with the volunteers! happy holidays all and to all you veterans thank you for your service!
  3. Hey all it’s been awhile but I have my first couple of cooks under my belt! Didn’t get the pics of the whole chickens but here are my first bb ribs and the fam devoured them! Cooker is so easy! I’m sure I’ll get even better results but out of the gate the food is great! thanks Dennis you rock!
  4. I can’t wait to get cooking again it’s killing me i hope I never have to move again....
  5. Not tonight to detail but - have to just say a much belated shout out to KK and Dennis the delivery process is incredible!!! The information is great along with the support! I’m looking forward to a great forum experience and please forgive my delays it’s been a crazy couple of months
  6. I think I hit a char limit on the last post i will get the pics to all once I get my on property logistics figured out. Im excited and my family is too to the great food in our future Its very hard for us moving to a new area to get local help because we don’t know anyone ill get it though especially if a couple work conditions settle down lol
  7. So sorry for the lack of progress! Bermuda Triangle of life events I’ve not been able to get my KK 42” to its destination work events both good and bad have ramped up some challenges exist to get it there logistically. We sold a house and bought a house so that effort also took up time. I’m still not clear of my path forward to get my kk into service - I’m just being transparent i can’t wait and my family can’t wait but it’s just been crazy with all the moving pieces
  8. Man I thought ‘Big E’ as in annual event in New England lol! anyway good tips and background thanks for the posts! I have a cold smoker coming and can’t wait to try it out!
  9. Thanks Drew! I have a thermoworks bluetherm from a few years ago but not feeling confident in the probes at this point - may have singed them in my old setup
  10. Awesome connection to NASA! Love the history!
  11. Btw - shipping info received- digging and laying pavers now through tomorrow
  12. Great graph! I think I WILL wait buying a controller. I like to learn things ground up and yeah let’s see how fast I learn temp control! any best experiences on networked thermometers?
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