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  1. Congrats! I was amazed at the size of my 32” when it arrived. Pictures just don’t do these cookers justice. I would imagine the 42” is amazing in person. Great color choice also!
  2. Those are the same choices that I was stuck on, there is just something about the matte black I like. The contrast with the stainless is really nice. When I started looking at KKs the cobalt blue pebble wasn’t available and I was dead set on matte black pebble. Decided I needed to buy one this year and the matte black pebble was available for immediate purchase so I jumped on it. Glad I did. The cobalt blue looks amazing in photos and I am sure is stunning in person. Seriously no bad choice here!
  3. Good eye! NEIPA from Other Half, they just opened their second location about 25 minutes from my home. World class NEIPAs available regularly at the new tap room!
  4. Favorite photo of the day, the BGE knows retirement is imminent!
  5. Working through the burn in today, started at about noon. Uneventful thus far. A few areas venting but nothing substantial. I did get a few photos of the first setup.
  6. Finally took delivery of my KK last Friday after a few bumps in the road. I unfortunately didn’t get any photos of uncrating, it was a bit chaotic as I had a couple friends over and we were multitasking.
  7. Thanks all - I will definitely post some photos of uncrating and the first cook.... it cant come soon enough. I picked the matte black pebble tiles, I really like the old school look and contrast with the stainless. I'm sure the photos don't do it justice. @Jon B. - I live in Fairport, NY near Rochester. I'm in Syracuse almost every day for work.
  8. Not sure on the delivery date as I have not yet received tracking info. Assuming it shipped as planned today, it should arrive mid next week. Really looking forward to finally cooking on a KK, it’s been in my wishlist for a couple years now. This forum is a great resource! I’ve been lurking over the last couple of weeks learning as much as possible about the KK and techniques.
  9. Greetings from Upstate NY. Finally pulled the trigger on a 32” BB Komodo Kamado. I’ve been actively cooking on a BGE for well over a decade. The BGE that I purchased many years ago was getting tired and it was time for an upgrade. Looked at all the other available options and nothing compared to the KK. Currently anxiously waiting on its arrival, can’t wait! Regards, Justin
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