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  1. I use steam when baking bread as well and my gasket in the BGE needs to be replaced...I want to try cold smoking the dough as it proofs for pizza as well. My method for steam.has been a cast iron pan preheated in the grill and then adding water. I don't recall where but I saw an idea to put a chain in the pan and then use ice. I'm assuming the chain let's the ice melt and heat the water before it let's the cast iron crack. This is something that im going to try. Wood fired pizza in the brick ovens with open faces are popular here right now and for thin crust they are great. Something like the pizza porta or dojoe look nice for maybe a little better heat retention for cooking more pizza faster rather than having to wait for the dome to warm back up but I have seen some build their pizza on wax paper and that makes switching out pies really easy and fast. Time to start saving my change for the 22" TT! I just spent money on a new band/hinge assembly and going to try the woo ring from ceramic grill store to see if that helps with anything, pretty small cost for now.
  2. Thanks all for your replies. I may give him a call when closer to a purchase. Been very busy lately and forgot.my login info...go figure. The Ace Hardware walking distance from the house has the new Kamado Joe and the air hinge is so nice that my wife immediately wanted it. But we both agree we would rather save longer and get a KK. I'm hoping we will see some options like the dojoe and pizza porta for the KK soon since those are getting popular. I bake lots of sourdough on my BGE with a little apple wood chips and want to adapt the recipe to thin crust pizza...
  3. Hi All, I have been admiring the KK grills for a while now and I still am no where near having the funds to purchase one but wanted to see what people's thoughts were on this size of grill? Here on the central coast of CA we also have Santa Maria style BBQ that I simply can't replicate in my BGE so I also have that style as well and in the future I am looking to do a built in Santa Maria grill and wanted a Table Top like this to sit next to it but not sure how this size is working for others. When I cook on my BGE I am usually doing some whole chickens or pulled pork for big get-togethers... Cooking for just the family I will cook some steaks on the BGE sometimes but I usually find the cooking surface of my large BGE to be a little constricting for more than 3 steaks so I usually do those on the Santa Maria as well but I prefer small cooks on the BGE due to faster start times(coal vs. wood) and the overall convenience of the grill. Therefore, I was hoping the KK 22 TT would be the perfect fit but wonder if it is still a little small for grilling for a family.
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