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  1. Looking to cold smoke bacon. It has been curing for the past week. With the cold smoker, what is the temperature inside the Komodo (I have 32), can I maintain 80 degrees Fahrenheit? Any other suggestions/tips using the cold smoker, have not used it yet. Thanks for the help.
  2. I never imagined how easy it would be to cook on it. Maintained temperature between 230-245 on 16 hour low and slow cook without ever touching it. Condensation comes out from the vents at the bottom, telling you how much moisture is inside during the cook, never had a dry piece of meat yet. I wish I had more time on my hands to do all kinds of cooks.
  3. Plan on doing rotisserie chicken this evening, with beef brisket tomorrow into Sunday. One question I have is uneven charcoal burning. Thebright side of the grill is burning more than the left, even when place lit charcoal evenly throughout, I do tend to use the right side draft intake versus the left, allowing air to flow from under the right, should I leave both the right and left open some to allow air to evenly flow underneath?
  4. Been late getting pictures and cooks uploaded. This thing has been amazing. After burn in, did a pork butt overnight to test, couldn't believe how well it maintained temperature. Did a pizza for second cook, first one (kids pizza) burnt on one side cooked for ten minutes, next one did for 9 and turned halfway through and came out excellent. Pictures of some of my other cooks.
  5. I almost crapped my pants when the grill went rolling off the liftgate, thankfully two wheels came off and bottom off the grill rested on liftgate till it finished lowering to patio. The UPS guy almost crapped himself too knowing he was responsible for it. The christening will be tomorrow, need to get some fish or seafood to throw on there.
  6. Finally arrived, UPS had the wrong pallet jack and couldn't unload it. Told me it would be next week before they could deliver again, and instead offered to uncrate it. He said afterwards he shouldn't have done that, was too hard for him to get it out of the crate due to it being in a corner and couldn't get the lag bolts off. Now it is sitting on patio and to start unboxing to prep for first cook and burn in.
  7. Ended up with the cobalt blue tile. The research I gathered on this site was the tile cooks better than the pebble😉
  8. Getting excited, got confirmation it will be delivered April 9th. Delivery should be easy, can back right up to my patio from the back alley of my house. Can now finish off the the rest with the KK in place. Was able to get KJ Block box on sale from Costco online. Has anyone use the Coco BBQ coconut charcoal? Pricier than what Dennis offers bit only option till his arrives.
  9. I wanted a kamado for some time now, and refused to go with cheaper ones. Told the wife I didn't want to spend the money on a good kamado so will wait and save. Took a new job allowing her to quit her job. I honestly think she got tired of me saying how much I wanted a KK but didn't want to spend the $$$ said buy it and stop talking. I did get the basket splitter, forget to mention that. Plan on doing quite a few low n slows, so will get the BBQ Guru to make life easy. Look forward to tastier food than what I got on my weber kettle.
  10. I finally splurged at my wife's request on a Big Bad 32" with the rotisserie, pizza stone, double drip pan, and cold smoker. Been reading through the forums and learned about the quality and passion for the KK's. This will be my first kamado grill, why waste money on the inferiors. A few questions as I prepare for the arrival of the beast. 1) Preferred fuel outside of cocochar and coffeechar, they have not yet arrived in the US. 2) Is BBG Guru necessary given how efficient the KK's are? 3) Any other tips are appreciated.
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