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  1. That's the current thought. As you have all said, the obsession takes on its own life. We will see where it goes.
  2. Love Singapore. Lived there for 3 years. Want to move back there someday.
  3. I have a PK Grills classic currently and an M Grills M1s on order to replace it. Moved between Singapore and Silicon Valley in the last few years so needed something that wouldnt rust and would withstand shipment multiple times. So PK was ideal for that . To a large extent that also influenced my M Grills purchase because we enjoyed living in Singapore and entertain ideas of going back sometime. When do move again to singapore, I would order a KK 23 to give me the ultimate outdoor kitchen.
  4. I know this is an old thread, but take a look at M Grills C4. No connection to the company other than as a customer.
  5. Good to see there is no peer pressure here😁 This here is the reason Dennis doesn't need dealers. Everyone here is selling it for him. If I was buying, a 23 would be tops and pebbles over tiles. Guess now I have to pick a color.
  6. Thanks for the welcome MacKenzie and Bruce. Bruce, I will take you up on the offer once our covid situation improves.
  7. Hello folks. Long time admirer of KK and a visitor here on occasion. With all the extra time this year, have been visiting more frequently so it was time to join. Not yet in the market for a KK but will get there I suppose. I am certainly interested in the charcoal buys in bay area so I will be watching for that. Thank you Dennis and gang for a wonderful resource here and a very civil and welcoming forum.
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