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  1. AAAsh

    Rotisserie Tips

    I added my charcoal to pump it up to about 550f. Giving it another shot on Christmas so wish me luck!!
  2. AAAsh

    Rotisserie Tips

    Thank folks. I cooked at 300f for a few hours until internal was 160f. Then cranked up the temp to 500f but still couldn’t get the crackling to form. Hit is with my MAPP touch and it came up fine, but I feel that was kind of cheating. Overall, it tasted great. Here a few pics when it first went on. Forgot to get any from the final, due to a few too many beers 17017A32-0887-4006-BE71-FE9B21C07C6A.MOV
  3. AAAsh

    Rotisserie Tips

    Thanks Folks. This is super helpful. The pork belly has been hanging for a couple of days and I rolled it last night. Now in the fridge covered in salt. Will post some photos in a few hours.
  4. Hi Folks, I am planning to do a rotisserie tomorrow on my BB32. Generally when I use the rotisserie, I have my meat positioned over the side where there is no charcoal as I use a basket splitter. However, tomorrow I am doing a porchetta and it is too long. What would be the best approach? Do I remove the splitter and just bank the coals up and the front and back? Or should I use some foil as a deflector? Thanks, Ash.
  5. Had a bit of a hunt around through some of the old posts. Will start direct then use a drip tray and foil to switch to indirect.
  6. Hi Folks, Have been away for the last four months, so super excited to get my KK fired up again!! Was after some tips on the best setup for the Rotisserie. I have a basket splitter so not sure if I should cook indirect or direct? I am only planning a small cook (Chicken thighs) so will not need the full length of the spit. Thanks, Ash
  7. I live in Singapore and the humidity here averages 90%, but very frequently hits 100%. I use a Spacecase which is now owned by Pelican. It is overkill, but I had a few spare sitting around as I used to use them for travel. It keeps my charcoal and wood chunks nice a dry. https://www.pelican.com/au/en/professional/spacecase/
  8. Awesome. Thanks RD.
  9. Hey Folks - Since receiving my KK six months ago, I have been using my 10+ year old MAPP torch to light. Has been working well until it died. Before I replace, I wanted to check and see if the MAPP + Blower method was still the best approach to firing it up or is there something else that you would recommend?
  10. I had the basket loaded pretty full, but they were large pieces so a fair few gaps in between. I can get Binchotan for $2.22 per kg if brought in bulk. Kingsford is around $4.12 per kg. The new Bincho I have is more like the Kingsford briquettes in size.
  11. Congrats Jamie. I just got my BB32 a few weeks back. It is my first Kamado style grill and only took a few days of playing around with settings to feel reasonably confident. This forum is also a great resource. The key accessories that I use are welding gloves, black nitrile gives, grill floss and a MAPP touch for lighting. I was also given a Smartfire for Christmas. Only used it once but I really liked it. For eggs and stuff I uses a 12' Field Cast Iron pan. I own a ton of other cast iron, but the quality of the Field is amazing.
  12. Ohhhh..... I miss the cheapo snags from Coles or Woolies!!
  13. Will do. I also just had some more Binchotan arrive and it is smaller in size (like 2") blocks. Should be able to get more into the basket vs the larger logs I had before.
  14. I love this forum - thanks for all the responses. I have been primarily using the lower cooking grate along with half the main grate on the left side. Have the basket splitter installed and only have coals under the right lower side (see pic). I really like this setup in terms of versatility, but just struggling with the heat. I can get it hot, but generally not hot enough to get a really nice sear like I would on my Weber Kettle. I have just ordered some more charcoal as I suspected that I was not loading the basket up sufficiently. I mainly want to be able to get a really nice char on a thick tomahawk that has already been either indirectly cooked or Sous Vide.
  15. Hey Folks - Still trying to get the hang of my BB32. One of my biggest struggles is getting it hot enough to sear steak. I have been doing some reading and I think I have been using the middle grate rather than flipping the top/pizza great upside down and resting it on the charcoal basket. Would really appreciate if someone could explain this....
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