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  1. Hi all! I've owned this bad boy for 14+ years. Now it's time to move. From Colorado to Florida. I've never once moved the KK , and am worried I may pop tiles during the move.... dunno, maybe overthinking it. Can someone point me to crating instructions or maybe someone in Denver has a crate I could buy? Thanks in advance? I was thinking of wrapping the kk parts in plastic and then putting into a wood box sitting on the bottom center (off the wheels) and then spray foaming the cavity. Any suggestions weloxme! Also, I won't have a lift gate, just the ramp to the 26' penske truck. Thanks in advance!
  2. for a while there I thought I was a man alone upon an island!
  3. Re: never been called the manufacturer! Yeowch.. never been called the manufacturer! The walls are just 3/4" of dense refractory hot face compared to more than 21/2" firebox which can expand and contract freely up to 1,500º in the charcoal.. The done temp is a far cry from the actual heat down in the raging charcoal. Maybe the "mfg" can crate an extended firebox insert (one that sits on top of the current firefox and is deep enough that it reaches the bottom of the lower grate That would actually work out very nicely. I know I'm not the only one with this heartburn Then I could use my Weber grill grate for coals (limiting the fuel burn with less coals) and not worry anyone about the temperature increase (PS...I tagged the temperature at the coals with an infrared at 450-650 degrees prior). Kumar
  4. Point taken I will experiment some more without my grate...don't want to upset the MFG!!! Kumar
  5. Re: Please keep your charcoal inside the firebox I don't plan on going super high temperature. the dome temperature never gets past 300 (tested it closed, even though the cooks will be open lid)...this is with all the dampers opened. I also keep one layer of coals on the weber grate and I don't let it touch the sides of the cooker. PS...you'll notice I deleted one of my posts...I decided to quote posts and reply Kumar
  6. Yes, putting the coals on the weber "coal" grate and using the factory lower grate for quick grilling. This brings the food closer to the coals and I get a wider grilling platform (even heat) due to the spread of charcoal the new grate allows for. When grill I tend to grill a lot of things...and I want flame under all of it. with the stock firebox, there's a lot of flame concentration in the center and not much at the edges. I'm doing sausage and veggies right now, it's working great. Did a bunch of skirt steak the other day, also worked very nicely.
  7. Possible solution Went to Lowes and bought a Weber 22.5" Charcoal Grate. It fits on top of the charcoal basket handles pretty nicely. I loaded the new grate up with lump and had a nice big flat (and even) grilling area...I'm still looking forward to the upper/sear grill that Dennis is sending me, but this works as a decent solution (for around 10 bucks at Lowes) in the mean time
  8. Maybe there's already a work around Was looking through the posts and found this: http://www.komodokamado.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2354 I haven't received my sear grill yet (Dennis is kindly sending me one ...but it looks like if you flip the sear grill, then it provides a new platform for charcoal (again, for grilling and utilizing more hot space on the mid or upper grill) Kumar
  9. I'm not sure if this has been suggested yet, but it would be cool to have a nice wide Charcoal basket that would fit between the lower grate and the top lip of the firebox. Actually, if it could sit on the Firefox that might be ideal, and cheap to mfg (not much engineering). If we wanted to get fancy with the engineering, one could make the basket adjustable while the coals were still HOT! This could allow quick/hot grilling (not smoking, not super hot searing) on the entire surface of either of the two upper grills. Right now, due to the basket being centered, you don't get great temp distribution when filling the grill up with brats, hot dogs, burgers, skirt steak. Again, I can't emphasize that this is for GRILLING (and with the lid open). You COULD fill the entire bottom bowl up with charcoal up to the firebox upper lip, but that's a lot of charcoal that is wasted (even after shutting down all the dampers post cook). With open lid cooking, this tends to get that firebox pretty damn hot! ...just a thought. It's simple enough that if I get some time I might go grab some steel and break out the ol' plasma cutter. kumar
  10. So what sort of distance are we looking at here? if the probe is on the outer rim of the grate, it could be reading too high since the deflector deflects all the heat that way...if too close to the meet (center of grate), then it's too cold. I guess split the difference? ktp
  11. Wow!! Thanks for all the replies!! I'll try to address them here: Yes, the probe's are calibrated (had to calibrate at 6k ft...as I live in the Greater Denver Area...thus our boiling, on day of calibration, was 201 degrees IIRC The pit probe is actually very close to the butt, I would say about 1 to 2 inches. I'm guessing that's why the temp is reading very low there. I also have the large pizza stone over the coals AND a stainless drip pan on the lower grate (butt is on the top grate). ...I just checked...my dome temp is at 280 and my probe temp is at 245...I'm 35 derees off!!! rather than open the KK I'll just adjust my pit temp down about 15-20 degrees or so degrees (some had said thy only had a 10 to 15 degree variance between pit and dome)... ...thanks! Kumar
  12. All, throughout the years many have stated Dome (or normal top temp probe on non-dome grills) as the way to read temps...i.e. low and slow between 200-250 for pork butt. Well, my question is this. I use a Stoker and when it shows the pit temp (the temp at the grate) at 250 degrees, my dome temp shows around 310-325 degrees... So based on old lore...you would think you are cooking too high? but based on pit temp, you are right where you need to be? Which is the correct way? ktp
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