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  1. I'm also in Johns Creek!! That is a very soothing backyard. = )
  2. Wow 10-12 hours? Hmm might be a pork butt kind of wknd then.
  3. Oh no lol I haven't attached the top vent yet. Wanted to get it moved first before attaching the top vent and thermometer.
  4. Well - We had some delays with the new hardscape work wrapping up, but finally finished and got the BB down the incline! Ended up having four guys from the landscape crew pitch in and we (mostly they) eased it down with four sheets of plywood that we leapfrogged as needed. Going to finish the assembly and do the burn-in this evening. Maybe shop for some more patio furniture lol. I liked those teak tables Dennis offers, but the wife thought it was overkill.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions - so far 3/3 KK owners are saying to not use the bobcat lol. Here is a picture of the path down to the backyard and the plywood on which the hardscape crew has been driving their bobcat up and down. The gate on the right is where the KK is going. I'm happy to not use the machine, but I just have a hard time imagining 3 or 4 chaps manually negotiating 900 lbs of KK down an incline. Sounds like it has been done before though, so we'll give it a go! Will definitely post pics when we get it in place!
  6. Greetings from Atlanta! We just received our BB 32 in a type of Speckled Glass Blue. This thing arrived well packaged for sure! Couple questions about getting it off the pallet and moving it in general. I understand the crate lid also serves as a ramp to get the grill off of the crate. The grill weighs ~918 pounds once you take all the grates out so am wondering what's a good strategy for getting the grill down the ramp without it taking off? Do you just surround it with four dudes and ease it down? Second question is about moving it down a slope. This is going from the garage down the side of the house which in on a decent downward slope and into the backyard. I've measured and the BB will fit through the side gate. We have a crew working on some hardscape atm and they've graciously said they'd help move it! The hardscape crew has this nifty machine (pic included) that they use to haul dirt, crusher, pavers, etc. up and down the side of the house and have laid down thick plywood to facilitate. This mini-bobcat thing has mounting rings for a hoist/strap and that's the second question - what do I put around the BB and attach to those mounting rings? I know what I need - a heavy-duty strap of some kind that I can put around the BB attached to a chain that I can connect to those mounting rings, but what is that called? Any advice?
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