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  1. Tuck

    Beef Ribs

    Great Minds….
  2. About 3 hrs indirect at 315 degrees. Not quite as tender as low and slow but very good. Glazed with a Peach BBQ Sauce from a local farmers market.
  3. Wow. What a great looking cook and meal! Well done!
  4. Looks Awesome! Cooking on a KK is a true luxury experience!
  5. Thanks! I told my wife I wanted to post a pic and she went all Martha Stewart! The salmon was back to room temp before I could eat…lol.
  6. Simple cedar planked salmon on a Caesar with some crunchy bread and wine.
  7. Thanks Dennis. That makes a lot of sense. Like you said, it’s amazing! I’ll try using the upper grate next time.
  8. @Troble I used a bought marinade for the chicken. Probably not as good as the recipe you posted ( gonna give it a try) but it’s good and easy. Here is the sauce recipe I adapted some from one I found on line: 1/2 cup Mayo 1/2 cup sour cream 2 Tbsp Ají Amarillo paste 1 1/2 cup cilantro 1 jalapeño 2 cloves garlic 1/2 tsp cumin 1/2 tsp cayenne 2 Tbsp olive oil Kosher salt & black pepper to taste Combine all ingredients in food processor
  9. @tony bYes. Can’t wait to try a turkey on it!
  10. Finally got around to cooking some chicken on the KK, pollo a la brasa! Chicken always came out nice and moist on my Primo but this was next level. Hard to believe that the extra insulation and reduced air flow can make that much of a difference but it does. Best chicken I’ve ever grilled! I love this new grill! Probably going to order the rotisserie to make it authentic.
  11. Nice @LudicrousSpeed . I was contemplating blue but the wife nixed it. She was afraid the big ugly grill was going to ruin the patio. Her mind quickly changed once she saw it person!
  12. Tried some American Wagyu Hanger Steak from Snake River Farms tonight. This was some of the best steak I’ve had. Not sure if was the meat or the new grill...🤔
  13. I received my new 19” back in May but just got her set up this past weekend. Like everyone else, I’m so impressed with the engineering and craftsmanship that goes into these things. Dennis’s customer support is second to none! I've been cooking on a Primo XL for several years and love it but tickled to death to graduate up to this beauty. I was originally gonna put it on my deck but after arrival my wife(the boss)and I decided to put it on the lower patio. We weren’t big fans of the rolling cart so I built a platform for its final home. Here are some pics of the un-crating and set up. Looking forward to sharing cooks and learning from you guys on this forum. Happy Grilling!
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