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  1. The birds were roasting hens.... quite large as chickens go. I cooked them at 300 degrees F. The meat was succulent, very moist, and I removed them a few degrees below rec. cooking temp and covered tightly to allow them to finish off the KK. I have since learned my lack of a crispy skin and golden color were the result of insufficient KK temp. Oh well. I figured since roasting hens were fatter, it would be wise to cook slower to render most of the fat out. Lesson learned. BUT i also learned something else by accident. The Connecha sausage fell out of the rotisserie directly into the glowing coals; must of sat it the embers for at least 5 minutes. Low and behold, i found myself and my guests ranting about the flavor and texture of the Connecha! Like a reverse seared steak i guess. I will be using this technique again and again in the future.
  2. All you premier kk chefs chime in - what is the secret to creating a golden brown skin on the bird of your choice?
  3. I used the large basket for this cook. But that’s really good info!
  4. The birds were quite succulent very moist! I pulled at 160 and covered - they finished sitting at 168 degrees. I didn’t baste them as intended so the skin never got brown sugar brown. Guests were happy.
  5. Winner winner chicken dinner 🥘 All good accept I didn’t leave enough space on rotisserie inserts into KK so as things expanded with heat I couldn’t get it out and used the Allen key to release basket prongs. Lesson learned 😏
  6. Good to know - now I need to find a kk plug anyone have a link ?
  7. Good to know - now I need to find a kk plug anyone have a link ?
  8. I figured the connecha will add some sweet heat to the golden brown chicken skin basted with worshteshire and butter with a we bit of soy and secret sauce.
  9. 23 ultimate First rotisserie - two large chickens stuffed with vegetables and a conenchua sausage on the outside - wondering about the smoke coming coming from hole on right side below lid? What is this holes purpose?
  10. No grout is used to fill between tiles - mastic holds the tile to the surface of whatever
  11. Anybody have a link for the sticking mastic?
  12. So I’m up and cooking and during rotisserie set up and discovered one missing tile. How does one find a matching one? i haven’t found any tiles or caulking or grout mastic on the Komodo Kamado site so does anyone know where I can acquire this stuff ? Picture shows the tile I need. Also I was surprised by the moisture that dripped out of the Komodo onto the deck when I fired it up to 500 degrees. I know it had sat unused for a long time. It’s new home is inside a covered porch, but mobile alabama is a humid place. I know to keep the damper on top open now so I’m hoping the condensation is a thing of the past.
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