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  1. So I’m up and cooking and during rotisserie set up and discovered one missing tile. How does one find a matching one? i haven’t found any tiles or caulking or grout mastic on the Komodo Kamado site so does anyone know where I can acquire this stuff ? Picture shows the tile I need. Also I was surprised by the moisture that dripped out of the Komodo onto the deck when I fired it up to 500 degrees. I know it had sat unused for a long time. It’s new home is inside a covered porch, but mobile alabama is a humid place. I know to keep the damper on top open now so I’m hoping the condensation is a thing of the past.
  2. Well darn - I wonder what flavor the fuzz adds?
  3. Since i live in a humid rainy place = Mobile, Alabama, I am wanting to find some nice airtight storage options for Charcoal and Wood Lumps. I found these on Amazon: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01H6RAO6O/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Sterilite 19384304 80 Quart/76 Liter Gasket Box, Clear Lid & Base w/ Blue Aquarium Latches & Gasket, 4-Pack What are others using, as in, what else is out there suitable for charcoal storage?
  4. Learning all about my kk and loving it. You tube and this Forum are really helpful. Finding accessories to maximize our cooking joy, is of course fun also. This first picture was of it's original location.... outdoors uncovered and wet... Now it lives on a screened and covered back porch.
  5. Looking like I need another cotter pin Sir 🙏 maybe they can include with my order today? @DennisLinkletter
  6. Ahhhh its a dyslexia strikes again! Thank you Dennis - i have ordered the maroon scotchbrite from amazon and will swap the table tops when i get home.... now that i know i couldn't possibly sleep with them being installed backwards. While i am asking questions.... Should i make provisions above the egg to protect the ceiling of my front porch from heat if i am searing a steak? Also since the 23" ultimate was outside in the rain should i re-heat it to drive out moisture? The lid didn't seem unduly heavy and adjusted easily. @DennisLinkletter
  7. I was very fortunate to buy a 23" KK used from someone who had used it twice (maybe once). It's less than 4 years old. In Mobile Alabama it's a rainy humid place. The lid lift spring is rusty and the side tables need to be cleaned and or reconditioned - any advice would be great.. The stone inside the grill seems to have been exposed to water? maybe it sat in the rain... but it has pitting/sandy stuff coming loose on one side - Any advise on care of the stone would be nice It was pretty easy setting a proper lift assist load on the spring. Well thought out design. Prior to this lucky KomodoKamado purchase i had been using komodokamado extruded coconut charcoal in my other egg. I like to cook things like prime rib standing roasts or big ol turkeys on my earthenware cookers, so I am hoping to master (Low n Slow) fire start ups on this komodokamado, so I don't chase the temperature all day long - any advise would be helpful. In the pictures below there are a few things I'm not to sure about.... #1 is the rotisserie (i do not have a motor) just the cage seen? Also the smallish parts are somewhat of a mystery to me. Is there a schematic showing when where and how to use them? Thanks again to Dennis! Good dining to all of you.
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