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  1. @jonj thanks for doing that. Yes, that confirms that they must have used different threaded sleeves for the ports on our two KKs (I assume that yours does have a threaded stainless insert sleeve bonded into the port with a threaded port plug, right? Here shown with the plug about half way out: Mine's a 2020 BB32, so it's possible they modified the port between our two units being built. Or if yours doesn't have the threaded sleeve and plug, then that explains the difference. That would also explain why the rubber plugs don't fit mine. If the sleeve was a mod from just having a hole in the chassis, then they may have used the same size hole and just added the sleeve, making the effective hole smaller). Your measurement is 14mm, vs my sleeve's 10.8mm, so that makes a big difference to easily getting more probes through. If Thermoworks probe cables are now a bit thinner, then I might be able to squeeze three through, otherwise I'll have to use both ports. But again, thanks for measuring and confirming what I suspected: It means I'm not missing a trick or going crazy. And thanks to everyone else for your comments. Now, back to bbq'ing: It's morning here now and I need to check on the cook. Cheers, Paul.
  2. Sorry to drag anyone into a discussion of the "bleeding obvious", or probably more accurately the "bleeding insignificant" 😁. I probably should have PM'd JonJ rather than a full broadcast post. This is really a discussion for Thermoworks owners because the Thermoworks probes can't be put through the ports plug end first because the plugs are a 90 degree type that just don't go through the ports due to the thickness of the KKs. So, you need to put a Thermoworks probe through by threading the probe end through. But I do appreciate everyone's comments. I was resigned to the idea of only being able to fit 2 probes through each port; and then I came across this thread that clearly shows 3 probes through in one of JonJ's photos, and they're all Thermoworks probes. Hence the posts I made. I most definitely cannot fit 3 Thermoworks probes through my ports. So, the only conclusion I can reach is that my ports are smaller than JonJ's and Dono's. It's not a major issue, but it is interesting to me. In the end, I could use other probes (Fireboard, BBQ Guru, and Weber probes all look like they can go through plug end first), or just use 2 Thermoworks probes through each port, or put them over the lip and clamp the top down on them (not my preference). But I'd still like to know if my ports are smaller diameter than JonJ's or Dono's (just in case I'm missing a trick) Anyway, Friday night 11:45pm here, and I've just put a mutton shoulder on the KK for tomorrow's dinner. And that's the most important thing: Using the KK to cook beautiful food. Thanks for all the input. Time for another drink. Cheers, Paul.
  3. Hi all, Thanks for the responses. Interesting. I have a feeling we might have different port dimensions. Background: We've had our 32BB for just under three years now. There was no manual in the crate, and I couldn't find a pdf on the website, so I just assumed it didn't come with one (I've now downloaded it from the forum: thanks. Lot's of interesting info in it). The forum wouldn't let me join: I tried a few times and never got a confirmation email they said they'd sent, so I just gave up (I just tried again this week as I was searching for posts on the Thermoworks, still didn't get a confirmation email, accidentally left the confirmation page open overnight, and next morning it magically said that I didn't need the email). Without being a member, search use is limited, so I never tried to explore much. We also didn't get an inventory in the crate, so I didn't even realise that the probe ports should have come with plugs: They didn't in ours. But I did wonder what the bag labelled "spare plugs" was for - never opened it and tried them - duh. I wonder if the assembly and crating team was having a bad day when they packed up ours. Anyway, this week's been a revelation for me. So, the plugs from the bag don't really fit in the holes: certainly not as far in as in JonJ's photo. This has been wedged in as far as I can. I measured the opening with Vernier Calipers: Internal diameter is about 10.8mm (maybe 27/64 th's of an inch). It gets narrower towards the inside, down to about 10mm (just over 12/32nd's inch). This photo shows a Thermoworks ambient probe coming through with 1 other probe in place: I actually cracked the plastic transition housing of the probe doing this. Thermoworks specs say the probe plastic transition part is 8.9mm, and the cable is 2mm, so getting a second probe through is 10.9mm: much bigger than our probe hole. There's no way I'm getting a third through. And also not a chance of even getting a single probe jack end through since the Thermoworks jacks are right angled. So, I'm wondering if there was a spec change for the Komodo probe ports, or they had a batch where the threaded stainless sleeve in the probe holes had smaller openings. If any of you have the inclination, I'd love to know what diameter probe holes you have (I've never used that sentence before). Meanwhile, we've been happily cooking low and slow lamb shoulders, pork ribs, beef tomahawks, briskets, etc etc for almost 3 years using a low cost Weber thermometer with probes where the jack end fits through. Those probes failed last week, which is what got me looking. I never did the initial burn (luckily we've only cooked low temp, so I can probably do it next week), didn't know what some of the bits and pieces were for, etc, etc. You don't know what you don't know, until you do. But perfectly happy with our BB32. Funny. I still want to go with the Thermoworks unit, but I might have to use other probes, which would be unfortunate. Thanks for all the input. Cheers, Paul.
  4. JonJ, I've just been reading your thread because I'm looking at buying a Thermoworks Signals & Billows setup for our BB32. I have a question: How did you manage to get 3 of the Thermoworks probes through your access port. With a lot of push & pull, and pulling of the first cable, I can just get 2 through (using probes from an older Thermoworks unit). And yes, I checked that they haven't changed the probe transition diameter. I'd love to know, thanks. Also, it's now a couple of years since your post. How are you finding the Signals/Billows combo now? Still liking it? Anything you'd prefer over it? (the Fireboard 2 seems to be popular, but my inclination is still towards Thermoworks). Are you still using the Billows regularly, or was it just a fun gimmick for a while? Thanks, Paul.
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