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  1. Congratulations on the grill and cook. On my 23 KK, 250° F is less than 1/8 turn of the top damper. I usually spin it closed after the grill is heat-soaked, then just barely back it off for 200°-225° F; slightly more for 250°F. Only the tiny hole or next to tiniest hole in the right lower dial with the left one closed. YMMV.
  2. Terrific! Another midwest USA KK (although I was rooting for the cobalt blue)!
  3. When you say “about to go live...” I’d suggest a couple more proofreading rounds to be sure all your intended text is in place. I noticed a few missing sections. No disrespect intended, just a long career of document review kicking in.
  4. Much improved; looks great.
  5. Beautiful outdoor space (more than just a kitchen). I appreciated the photo of the Appleton (a personal favorite).
  6. To clarify, Meater did send me an announcement several months ago about buying the Meater+ charger which improves the range, which I did. I just haven’t had a need to use it since it arrived. I’m comfortable with my Smoke for most cooks which need close monitoring. I do think it is a good concept and will defer to those who have used the Meater+ as to its current range.
  7. @Braii-Q My reason for obtaining a Meater was only for rotisserie cooking, as Tony notes. However, I was not impressed with the range on the original without leaving a secondary device at the grill, so I didn't use it in cooking.
  8. I use ThermoWorks Smoke (pre-Signals), and also Dots if needed (they use the same probes). Also used their ThermaQ before the Smoke came out. I need to upgrade to the Signals at some point. I have an original Meater with the upgraded, "longer" range + base but haven't used it yet.
  9. I was right there with him until he put ketchup (and no mustard) on the cheeseburger.
  10. 1. You can always sell the 23 after you move if you truly don't end up needing it. 2. Probably more difficult to replace it if you've sold it and then end up regretting it. 3. You are probably already going to be using a moving van; what trouble is one more KK going to cause? 4. You can pack some your accessories in it during the move which don't fit into the 32. 5. There is definitely the pride of having two KKs in your ODK. 6. Since you are moving, it will certainly help with the introduction to your new neighbors. 7. Some might think slightly less of you (probably only a very few people and only slightly less at that, but of course, not me, no, certainly not) if you abandon a perfectly good 23 KK. How do those reasons work for you?
  11. Better to have a disappointing burn in than an exciting one, especially with a 32. That is a lot of tiles and grout.
  12. As a Midwesterner as well, I prefer the competition bite style as Tony mentioned over the falling off the bone. No offense to others' preferences. Ribs can handle a variety of cooking methods and still be tasty.
  13. Thanks Pequod. This is the review I have been waiting for since the announcement of the 23 warming grate.
  14. @tony b Did you receive the warming grate yet and if so, how do you like it?
  15. To me, other than just grill surface area (obviously), this ability is the main advantage of the 32 over the 23.
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