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  1. Or perhaps just keep the "warding off evil spirits" project separate from the "cooking food" project...
  2. jonj

    Jerk Chicken

    @PVPAUL, good to know! I've been hoarding my remaining stash as carefully as my coco char.
  3. Welcome to the group, Dennis.
  4. There are quite a few of us here who need to buy @Troble a beer!
  5. I have a KK23 and a few years ago smoked two pork butts for 23 hours with one basket of lump. It was mostly an experiment to 1) try out the ThermoWorks Billows fan, 2) cook the butts without wrapping, and 3) it was a rainy night / day, we had guests, and I didn't want fuss with the cook. I documented it in the Pork section (23 Hour Pork Butts Using Billows Fan) if you are interested. So, I know a KK23 can run at least 23 hours at 230°F with a single load of charcoal. I don't remember if I used coco or regular lump (when I use regular lump for low-and-slow, I use large pieces - baseball to softball size). I use a wax starter for low-and-slow, placed near the top of the charcoal pile with a just a few pieces of charcoal over the top, and with the dome shut, top and lower vents open. I shut them to the 225° position when the grate temperature is about 175° to let the KK heat sink at the desired temperature. Similar to @tekobo's description above.
  6. After the multi-week below freezing period last month, we have been rewarded with several days in a row of high 50°s - low 60°sF temperatures. I waited a week for yesterday's unseasonably warm weather to unwrap the wood oven to make pizza. A couple of 14" New York style pizzas, one artichoke, mushroom, and goat cheese; the other pepperoni, mushroom, and black olive. Today's job is to clean and re-cover the oven and store the associated paraphernalia for a few more weeks until Spring. Oh well, the pizze were good!
  7. Meatzza! How awesome! Good news for Chiefs fans! Back to the Super Bowl.
  8. Since the temperature finally got up over freezing yesterday, i cooked some chicken breasts for dinner last night and future chicken Caesar salad tomorrow night. One pair used Jack Stack BBQ rub (dark color) and the other pair (for the salad) used Blues Hog High Flyin' Chicken rub (light color). Chicken with Jack Stack rub, truffle spice roasted potatoes, green beans with bacon and onion, baguette. Very tasty.
  9. We got up to 1°F yesterday, @Troble! Very nice birds!
  10. Beautiful! I'm sure everyone was blown away.
  11. Nice nod to Douglas Adams there, @tekobo! Beautiful tortillas as well!
  12. I've done several prime rib roasts on my 23KK and always use the method @C6Bill describes, albeit with a lower initial temp (200°F) and pull it at 112°F. On my 23KK, it only takes about 10 minutes to rise to 500-550°F after several hours at 200°F and then the sear takes about 5-6.5 minutes total. I think this method gives more control over the final temperature, but I've never tried the method @tekobo suggests (I tend to stick with what has worked for me before, especially with an expensive piece of meat...). I also add smoke chunks for the initial phase so the sear-first would be quite different. If you try the sear-first method, @tekobo, I would be interested to see the results.
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