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  1. Really nice kitchen remodel, @Troble! I like the new color / tiles a lot. Very bright and inviting.
  2. After seeing photos of MacKenzie's setup, I bought a 16KK for our screened back porch. It turns out I use it about 10:1 or more over the 23KK on the patio. I cook on the 16KK 2-3 times a week all winter long. I haven't yet built the great rolling stand like Mac has, but someday... Perhaps just a bit understated...
  3. Thanksgiving dinner last night. Turkey breast (11.8 pounds) dry-brined overnight and grilled at around 325°F for 4 hours with one small chunk of apple wood. Being just the breasts, it keeps falling over sideways (in the KK and on the board - I should have thought of that earlier). Plated with mashed potatoes, dressing, beer bread and creamed greens, accompanied by Abiouness Rose and Schramsberg sparkling wines. Turned out very well.
  4. But it will be a barrel of the highest quality!
  5. Happy Thanksgiving right back to you and everyone on the forum.
  6. My gosh, @MacKenzie, those photos! They are always just gorgeous!
  7. They are well worth the effort!
  8. Welcome! Your son is right!
  9. Don't forget the bottom of the KK body is also resting upon a small wooden box to keep the weight off the wheels during transit (at least on the non-42s). If it doesn't bump off reasonably easily, one option is to collapse the box, then roll it off the pallet.
  10. he's a good little LARGE boy and waited for his morsel
  11. waiting patiently (kind of)... Be sure to carefully remove and keep the "Komodo Kamado" boards!
  12. I made grilled pork tenderloin with white wine/dijon mustard cream sauce last night. Served with roasted cauliflower with lemon zest and parmesan cheese plus honey roasted carrots and 2013 Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc. Turned out great.
  13. @DennisLinkletter, is this for the back door? Using the wing nuts to keep it stable? If so, I like the idea of having the smoker in the back out of the way of the probe wires and fan stuff (when used). I sure like using it a lot more than drilling through my KK, although I will if you make me...😉
  14. Have you tried opening the top vent to 1 or 1 1/2 turns after the stone goes in? On my KK23, with the pizza stone or baking steel in and with a deflector or double drip pan to keep the stone/steel from gettin too hot, the top is open between 1 - 1 1/4 turns to maintain 500. Until everything is heat sunk, I open the top 2 full turns. I don’t know if this applies to a KK19 however. Sorry, I just saw you had tried opening the top vent more without improved temperature so my comment isn’t helpful.
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