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  1. It is sitting on gorgeous piece of furniture befitting the grill’s quality. Your 80 year old is doing great work. I love the pinned mortis and tenon joints.
  2. Once you purchase the big one, a second, smaller one won't seem like much of an issue at all...
  3. I just measured my Guru port and it is 31mm in diameter.
  4. Here is the file with the support box dimensions (in inches) posted by Dennis a while back
  5. Welcome! Nice you had the bobcat available. Would have been quite a haul otherwise from the looks of the access road!
  6. Great video, thanks for sharing.
  7. With apologies to MacKenzie for stealing her line*, I made my first Deep Dish Pizza and used the Reef Deep Dish recipe. I'm very happy with the way it turned out and received numerous kudos from dinner guests (a.k.a. experimental subjects). I used my new Lloyd's 12" deep dish pan, again thanks to Charles' recommendation. Dough in the pan after two hour counter and six hour refrigerator rise, followed by return to room temperature. Lightly browned Italian sausage and cremini mushrooms are flanking. Added a layer of fresh mozzarella and another of picante' provolone, followed by the Italian sausage, mushrooms and herbs and finally, topped with "Rao's Homemade Pizza Sauce®" (which was great flavor but not quite enough for a 12" pie) Into the KK for 15 minutes (dome temperature 500°F, pizza stone temp at 455°F), then pulled to add fresh picked basil and fresh bought pepperoni then a topping layer of mozzarella Returned to the KK (now at 450°F dome temperature) for another 20 minutes, resulting in this Pulled from the pan after a 7 minute rest (couldn't get a photo of the bottom crust due to constantly beating back many attempts trying for "...just a taste", but it was nicely browned). Cut and served with heirloom Caprese salad and Schramsberg California sparkling wine. (Not a MacKenzie quality photo, but I was hungry by this time). A good time was had by all. Thanks again, Charles, for the pan and recipe tips. I'll make this again.
  8. Without regard to the quality of the actual food (which, of course, is excellent), that is a beautiful set of photos.
  9. I'm following the roll-out of this fan, although a bit miffed about its lack of compatibility with the other three ThermoWorks BBQ temperature devices I already have (all but Signals). Oh well, at least most of the probes are compatible. However, I don't think I am going to be an early adopter this time...
  10. jonj

    Up early for the cook

    That is one great looking brisket! Terrific bark.
  11. I grew up in Easyville, just a few miles from Purdy.
  12. @tekobo, like Mac, I have the guru port access smoker, but it seems to me your proposed solution is appropriate or at least the one I would use. Stability but also ease of removal for cleaning.
  13. You might call them artificial lures... It's all just bait in the Ozarks.
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