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  1. I've had good success using a ceramic rod of the same radius as the scallops (matching the bevel angle of course) until a burr forms on the back, then knock it off with the flat side on a stone. Same technique basically as on a chisel or plane blade.
  2. Thanks, Tony. I was hoping you would add some tips.
  3. I really need to start a list of these Syzygies-isms!
  4. Cold last night so no outdoor photo. KK pork chops with Jamaican jerk rub.
  5. jonj

    Ribs and chiken

    Darn it, Tyrus! You made me drool on my iPad!
  6. jonj

    Ribs and chiken

    Nice cook; nice base. Seems to be a good exchange all around.
  7. Since @tekobo mentioned football, I'll share my cook for the weekend's games. I made chile verde, starting with turning 6 pounds of pork loin and pork shoulder into carnitas yesterday, finishing up this afternoon with the rest of the cook. Four pounds of tomatillos, 1 1/2 pounds of tomatoes, 1 1/2 pounds of Hatch and poblano chiles, etc. Game one is about to start.
  8. It seems to me the Trompo King version has at least four interchangeable spikes of various lengths which screw into the base dish, if I remember it correctly. @Troble probably knows for sure. In any event, it would be a nice feature of a DIY version.
  9. Well, to tell the whole truth, we do this as well. Actually, we keep a separate suitcase fully packed with knife case (full of trip-only knives), assorted kitchen and grill tools, two pans, bar and wine stuff (including wine and champagne glasses), coffee stuff, etc. ready to go. We have had too many vacation rentals with unacceptable or missing tools.
  10. That's the ticket!
  11. The top / upper grate, when turned upside down (tall handles up) is also referred to as the sear grate. From the owner's manual: "The upper grate is used above/on top of the main grate but can also be flipped over and used down below above the charcoal basket with the long legs turned up just above the charcoal." Certainly the lower (middle) grate can be used for this purpose, but it is further from the coals and will take longer, allowing the interior temperature of the steak to rise as well. Try the searing grate to see if it meets your needs.
  12. Welcome. Your cooks are going to be so much fun (and better).
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