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  1. I used the deflector once on my 23 and either foil (99%) or double drip pan since.
  2. I've used these folks before, although it has been a few years (I stocked up the first time). No issues with them.
  3. Thanks Tony. I ordered the JCS Boston Dry Rub. Ingredients looked right.
  4. Thanks for the info. For a wet jerk rub, I generally use Walkerswood or Grace. I keep looking for a good dry rub but it's hard to find one with traditional spices but without a majority of sugar.
  5. Which jerk spice did you use?
  6. Weighs in at a "hefty" 250 pounds! It seems they haven't been around many kamados... That is practically anorexic.
  7. Nice! It looks as if the space was built for the new grill. How about a panorama photo(s) of the Grill Shack in its new configuration?
  8. Today is National Lobster Day in the U.S., so for lunch we had sous vide lobster rolls with a whisper of mayo, some lemon juice, parsley, chives, and a lot of butter, along with a glass of Schramsberg sparkling wine and some Cape Cod chips. Yum!
  9. It is sitting on gorgeous piece of furniture befitting the grill’s quality. Your 80 year old is doing great work. I love the pinned mortis and tenon joints.
  10. Once you purchase the big one, a second, smaller one won't seem like much of an issue at all...
  11. I just measured my Guru port and it is 31mm in diameter.
  12. Here is the file with the support box dimensions (in inches) posted by Dennis a while back
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