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  1. I have a 16TT and a 23KK. The 23KK is much more flexible to cook about anything. My 16KK (older style, not the newer high top) is pretty much used just for grilling, although I have smoked some salmon on it. I agree with @tekobo about the 23 versus the 22, if that is your size range. When I bought the 23KK, I was torn between the 32KK and the 23KK. I bought the 23KK simply because its location was to be quite a way from the driveway and I was concerned about being able to move the 32KK there. Knowing what I now know, I would have bought the 32KK as it is relatively easy to roll them across the lawn using plywood. I would still also get the 16KK. They are great for daily use. The best advice it to listen to @tekobo. You can't really choose wrong with any KK.
  2. I actually think the hardest part is when the driver puts your crate and pallet jack on the truck lift gate, which tilts toward the sure and certain destruction of your Komodo Kamado as it lowers to the ground. That 30 seconds seems like weeks.
  3. Now you're talkin'!
  4. Mine is wine, guitars, and woodworking hand tools... After all, as @tony b always says, "Welcome to the Obsession."
  5. Our 6 month old Maine Coon kitten decided the space under the 16KK makes an excellent observation post:
  6. I had to look up Lancelot Link. A little after my time as a kid...
  7. We had been out of town for a week so decided on pork chops for relatively easy dinner. Monster rib chops were available so I used a Jamaican dry jerk rub along with roasted brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy. The cast iron pan is a 12" Lodge, for comparison:
  8. @tekobo, I completely understand @Sharky’s distraction. Good edit, @Poochie.
  9. Beautiful, indeed. We raised black Angus cattle for a long time until finally long-distance farming became too much. We now just lease part to a neighbor (and watch his cattle graze).
  10. In the description the seller cites the komodo kamado web site, not the RJ site. "Refer to eBay Return policy- eBay Return policy - opens in a new tab or window for more details. You are covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee- eBay Money Back Guarantee - opens in a new tab or window if you receive an item that is not as described in the listing." Komodo Kamada Grill Smoker Oven, 23” Ultimate https://komodokamado.com/collections/23-ultimate
  11. Saw this thread was re-actived last night and immediately had to make one. Still smiling.
  12. It looks like a 19" Hi-Cap Tall. Those dimensions are similar to what you describe: 23" outside width; 19.3" inside width at the top of the base section.
  13. I made a temporary ash scoop by cutting off the bottom of a square-sided 52 ounce plastic juice bottle at a 45° angle. Works great. Still using it after 6 years...
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