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  1. I'm following the roll-out of this fan, although a bit miffed about its lack of compatibility with the other three ThermoWorks BBQ temperature devices I already have (all but Signals). Oh well, at least most of the probes are compatible. However, I don't think I am going to be an early adopter this time...
  2. jonj

    Up early for the cook

    That is one great looking brisket! Terrific bark.
  3. I grew up in Easyville, just a few miles from Purdy.
  4. @tekobo, like Mac, I have the guru port access smoker, but it seems to me your proposed solution is appropriate or at least the one I would use. Stability but also ease of removal for cleaning.
  5. You might call them artificial lures... It's all just bait in the Ozarks.
  6. It's amazing to me to see the growth of Bass Pro Shops. When I was in college in Springfield, Missouri in the early 1970s, the first "Bass Pro Shop" was a small window in the back of one of the Brown Derby liquor stores. You slid your written order through the window and the clerk eventually came back with your items (basically just baits at that time) in a paper sack. Eventually they opened a separate store and catalog function and never looked back. Interesting they still label some of the rubs as Cabelas. Cross marketing, I guess. We still have both brand stores around Kansas City.
  7. I think they must have an Australian branch or subsidiary. The label on my Grill Mates bottle shows the company location as Hunt Valley, Maryland.
  8. The first and last shots really tell the tale of the size and majesty of the 42KK.
  9. I agree with the others: 20 Kg is large enough. It's not just the weight in itself, it is trying to keep a grip on the weight in a paper or poly bag. When large (80-100 pounds) animal feed sacks were made with jute or hemp, they were much easier to handle.
  10. Why yes, Happy Canada Day!
  11. I can attest to a 23 + 16 as an excellent combination.
  12. I kept thinking about the Niche Zero but ended up recently getting a Eureka Specialita instead, which was a great improvement over my legacy Baratza Preciso. I was equally concerned about overall size and counter space once I got into the better (albeit not best) class of grinders. My various kitchen toys were already pushing the envelope on counter space...
  13. Thanks for the pictures. Looking forward to the uncrating.
  14. None here yet as well. The regular sweet cherries just appeared however, so the Rainier variety shouldn't be far behind.
  15. Depending upon where your grill is located, stainless tables can reflect the sun in a very painful way. I chose the teak tables to avoid the issue I have with my old gas grill.
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