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  1. There are so many great turns of phrase in Syzygies' post, I just had to read it twice. Seriously fun!
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-Aluminum-Disc-1-1-4-thick-x-14-3-4-dia-Mic-6-Cast-Tooling-Plate-Disk/110859756052?hash=item19cfc1a214:g:RsEAAMXQO21Ry0af
  3. Whoa! What a great combination of KKs and Argentine grill and garden! Terrific!
  4. jonj

    Clean & Protect

    Interesting product. I'll have to check next time I do a pizza, but I don't think the outside of my KKs get up to the 180°F area. That would be pretty hot.
  5. 🙀 Please, please, say it isn't so!
  6. jonj

    Prime Rib without Roti?

    I have done several prime ribs on the KK (non-rotisserie) using a reverse sear using a method similar to those described by Mcjudsten and tony b. Dry rub the roast (usually 6 - 7 pounds, boneless) and refrigerate overnight. Smoke (I use cherry and apple, either chunks or the cold/hot smoker) on the main grate at 200° - 225° F until internal temp reaches 112° (about 3 hours), then pull and open KK vent to achieve 500°. Sear all 6 sides on lowest sear grate, about 1 1/2 minutes per side. Internal temp will be about 120° - 124° depending on how how much searing is done. Pull roast, wrap with foil and towel, and let rest in a cooler until desired serving temperature is achieved, 30 - 45 minutes. Very straightforward and delicious. Here are a couple pics of the last one:
  7. As a contrarian on the grate grabber issue, I use mine a lot. I also use gloves but sometimes the grate handles are too close to the interior wall of my 23 to get a good grasp on it, particularly with precious meat on the grate. As an esthetic piece of gear, the grate grabbers are quite fetching as well.
  8. Burgers for breakfast? Why not!
  9. Nice setup and cabinet!
  10. All this KK Shopping Network peer pressure! Okay, I ordered the Modernist Cuisine steel yesterday: https://shop.bakingsteel.com/collections/steels/products/modernist-cuisine-special-edition I first made a template to be sure it fits the way I expected on the various grates.
  11. More pics, please, sir...
  12. I smoke a lot of baby back ribs. Used to do them in combo with St. Louis style ribs, but now I just throw on a pork loin. Like Tony, I never wrap them. I generally marinate them overnight in Wicker's Marinade & Baste (a vinegar-based marinade made in Hornersville, Missouri) or a dry rub if ribs are a last minute decision. I sometimes use both if I think about it and want to throw the change-up. In the KK at 250° - 275° F with hickory or an apple-cherry wood mix. Usually 5 - 5 1/2 hours to competition tenderness. I start checking for doneness when 1/2" of bone peeks out from the meat. We aren't fans of clean-bone doneness; seems overcooked to us. I do think one has to ask the question of whether a "one size fits all" wrapping technique applies equally between offset stick smokers and kamados, and particularly Komodo Kamados. Those with both types of smokers may have other opinions, but I believe the inherent moistness of KK cookers negates the need for wrapping, especially ribs. At least, this is the way we like them. YMMV. However, if you were to offer me one of those 3-2-1 St. Louis ribs just off the smoke, I would eat it with a smile on my face. 😋
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