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  1. I start mine without the temperature controller and wait until the KK is close to, but hasn't yet reached, target temperature.
  2. @Basher, you've reorganized your outdoor kitchen, at least temporarily. Glad to have you back!
  3. This is the Billows damper setting I use: Just barely open with the damper plate. Let the fan work on the intake and output sides both.
  4. weed burner for grilling on KKs. Wax starter for KK smoking and for wood-oven.
  5. @David Chang, I'm late in responding, but what @braindoc posted is basically what I would say. I have no tin-lined copper pans, only nickel-lined or stainless. I chose not to go that route due to the use and care limitations of tin and don't find SS to negatively affect my cooking at all. Heat transfer / responsiveness is fine. Most of my pans are older All-Clad (copper-aluminum-stainless steel hybrid) or Bourgeat (copper-stainless steel) with some other brands mixed in. I don't mind the stainless steel handle esthetic. I would strongly recommend not getting pieces with brass handles unless you are very, very diligent about using pot holders or leather sleeves; they are much worse than cast iron handles in allowing heat transfer directly to your hand. I have a few and even after a couple of decades of use, still (Still!!) manage to occasionally forget how hot they get, even over low heat.
  6. What a wonderful bunch of cooks, @tekobo!
  7. I've used my smaller grate only once in 7 years, but I have one of the earlier 16s with the flatter top. I assumed the smaller grate would be of more use with the current Hi-Tops.
  8. @tekobo, after I saw your picture of the lamb chops on those clean grates, I had to go out and apologize to my own (shamefully neglected) 16KK. I've spend half today cleaning its and the 23's grates and will finish up tomorrow. And yes, they were in pretty bad shape from the winter but much, much better now.
  9. Excellent dinner and location for the KK!
  10. @tony b, I actually intended to roast potatoes with the chicken but 1) I foolishly got the oven temp up to 550°C and had to wait over an hour to let it reduce to 400°C (which was still 200° hotter than I wanted) and at that temperature, the thighs took less than 20 minutes to cook and 2) I had some leftover linguine + pesto from the night before and decided to use it for the starch instead. But, yes, the pan would do great for roasting potatoes, etc. It is about 12 gauge steel so isn't going to flex or buck in the heat.
  11. I tried out my new wood oven accessory (Alfa BBQ500) on some chicken thighs yesterday: a round, rotating grill on a stand above a metal tray for drippings or to add coals below. I cooked them too hot (because I was excited and got the fire way beyond necessary) but, with some judicious management, they came out fine. Just a new toy. It worked very well, especially since the fire was 200°C above where I intended... [And yes, these mutant monsters are actually thighs, not breasts! Of the six I cooked (we ate two), only one was "regular" sized - upper left.]
  12. Mine does not have the new threaded ports.
  13. @Poochie, make careful note of how small @tekobo cut up the half block before putting it into the blender. It is hard to turn it into a sauce, but well worth the effort.
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