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  1. jonj

    Aji de Gallina

    I found some dried whole aji amarillo chilies so I thought I'd rehydrate and give them (actually 1) a go when I try this recipe. Thanks for posting it @Troble.
  2. Well, I finally bought a Bonfire, which was delivered last Friday. The KK Shopping Club pressure was too much to resist. I haven't had a chance to try it yet as it has been pretty rainy, super windy, or both here for the past couple of weeks. It sure looks good, though. Now I just have to get the chain saw running...
  3. If @HogBoss1 received his grill in 2010, he probably has the back "gas burner" door. If he hasn't upgraded to the threaded rods and wing nuts to hold it shut, he could pull it out and use a small fireplace poker / right angle tool to pull the ash out and into a pail under the opening. The back doesn't have the heat shield unless he has added it. I've done this a few times before I upgraded to the threaded rods / wing nuts to keep it sealed.
  4. I think most of us here do not use the heat deflector stone and only use the drip pan when seeking drippings. The only time I use either is when cooking pizza on the upper grate with a baking steel just so the bottom doesn't get too dark. As Tony says, a sheet of aluminum foil across the middle grate from the grate hinge to the back is sufficient for low temperature cooks and still allows access to the fire for smoke wood.
  5. Seems to have the perfect steak:vegetable ratio
  6. I can't comment about the temperature behavior of other kamado grills since KK is the only type I have used, but I can confirm Basher's comment about Komodo Kamados. Typically, my KKs, once heat-soaked, will return to their vent-set running temperature after absorbing the temperature shock of the "colder" added grates, baking stone, steel, drip pan, etc especially if added after the KK achieves the target temperature. However, if I try to hurry that restabilization by initially overshooting the target temp, or adjusting the top vent after adding the cold grates, stone or steel, it is almo
  7. My wife said “I wouldn’t mind seeing that.” Just a 20+ hour plane ride away... Beautiful photos and beaches!
  8. jonj

    Pulled Chuck Roast

    So Tyrus, does that pot make an airtight seal or just a tight seal when you put it together? I ask because several years ago I bought a small cast iron dutch oven similar in size to this little device, intending to use a machine screw and wing nut to keep the top on rather than the flour paste. I didn’t proceed due to some of the comments at the time about the importance of the seal. The lid (inverted) and pot made a decent seal together but not air tight. What do you think, now you have used this clamp-top device?
  9. @Basher your new outdoor space just keeps looking better and better.
  10. Woo Hoo! My care package from @Troble just came! Thank you, thank you! Planning my cook now.
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