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  1. jonj

    32 Big Bad Setup

    Pointy side up on the side tables. There are two sets of hooks underneath, one set for hanging horizontal; the other (toward the pointy end) for hanging vertical and flat against the KK.
  2. jonj

    Saint Patrick’s day epic bbq

    I don't know about the rest of the party, but the food looks terrific!
  3. I am looking forward to reports on the Niche Zero.
  4. jonj

    Saint Patrick’s day epic bbq

    I am definitely following this story to the end. Don't forget some party pictures in addition to the final meat shots!
  5. Okay, now that is truly worthy of an “out of control” flag!
  6. Okay, MacKenzie. Amazon just dropped off my IMS E61 Precision Group Shower Screen so I had to try it out. For @Sharky, this now makes the third tweak to my R58 (red Cafelat Silicone gasket, VST basket and aforementioned shower screen). I just had the best shot I have made with this machine. I'm very happy right now (and wide awake). Thanks MacKenzie!
  7. jonj

    32 Big Bad Setup

    Like others here, I bought the original Meater. Very disappointed in the range so it has been in the box ever since. Finally, the company provided a Meater+ “upgrade” option to the original Meater crowd to purchase a new Meater+ charger and range extender at a discount. I just received mine this week but won’t try it until the weather improves. I am hopeful the extended range will work in my situation. Typically I use the Thermoworks Smoke for remote monitoring since I already have lots of probes (really, LOTS of probes) from my various Thermoworks devices. But, as Tony notes, the Meater is the only thing which will work on a rotisserie.
  8. We are on the same page, MacKenzie. I replaced the gasket with silicone a few months ago. I’ll check out the Competition shower screen. Thanks.
  9. After reading Pequod’s reports, I re-energized my espresso making, ordering a VST precision filter basket for my Rocket. Now calibrating grind and flow but it so far seems a worthwhile addition. However, I have to make a bean run today as I went through quite a few yesterday. The last shot was a definite improvement from what I have been accustomed to making. I think it’s good to periodically step away and approach a technique or habitual behavior anew and refreshed. Thanks, Pequod, for the nudge. And this new KK Shoping Channel excursion was only $29. Pretty cheap for this neighborhood.
  10. jonj

    23" ultimate delivered

    Beautiful. Yes, enjoy the white while it lasts.
  11. That is an impressive machine!
  12. You have leftover wine?
  13. jonj

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    I have lots of fond memories of my Grandmother making gooseberry cobbler after I picked a bucket of gooseberries. She said "use all the sugar they would hold, then just a little bit more."
  14. @Sharky Welcome! I use an R58 as well. It's morning here; time for another double shot.
  15. All this coffee talk made me make a double espresso.