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  1. I was hungry for ribeye and caesar salad, so this was tonight's dinner. Ribeyes were trimmed and fixed up with duck fat and Montreal seasoning. Pulled at 130°. Very tasty with salad, potato, and a 2005 Barnett Cyrus Ryan Cabernet Sauvignon.
  2. I generally only wear gloves (nitrile) when working with chilies. Frequent hand washing for everything else.
  3. @Troble, I just finished dinner but I'm sure I could squeeze in a couple of slices and some salad if it was in front of me! Yum!
  4. jonj

    This Little Pig...

    @C6Bill, great cook and welcome to retirement!
  5. @tony b, Is "leaf lard" some sort of brewer's secret additive?
  6. A few months ago I finally bought a ThermoWorks Signals / Billows setup. Needing to clear the freezer of a 19 pound package of pork butt (which was taking up a lot of space) and having house guests to help eat it, I decided to try an overnight cook using the controller / fan to check it out. After three days of thawing, I separated and trimmed the two bone-in butts. I marinaded one overnight with Wicker's Marinade, then rubbed with Wicker's dry rub. The other I rubbed with a 50-50 mix of KC Butt Spice and Bad Byron's Butt Rub, using duck fat as a binder. Butt Number Two (number one was ve
  7. @Basher what a great occasion and friends to help you celebrate! Happy birthday to you and cheers to your friends who made it so memorable! All the best.
  8. While having lunch yesterday at a favorite place for the first time since pre-pandemic, I noticed steak caesar salad on the menu and decided to make it for dinner Tri Tip on the KK Rested Post-rest and sliced Dinner: Steak, caesar salad, baguette, with a 2011 Caymus Special Selection Cabernet.
  9. Please don't use that thing to move your 32KK. Very little good can come of it.
  10. Another great recipe, @Troble! Thanks
  11. I'm glad you put this video together. This little dampener accessory was one of the decision points when I bought my Billows. Well done.
  12. jonj

    Holding 225?

    Top vent and perhaps not fully heat soaked...
  13. jonj

    Holding 225?

    I agree with Robert that a large part of the issue is too much top vent. A 1/4 turn on my 23KK would be 275 or more. Try 1/8 turn or even less and see if it helps.
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