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  1. additional photo of base with castors on the bottom
  2. thank you kindly for your comments. I am in the Seattle area (read 'stretches of wet damp weather') so I was surprised at how well the remaining tiles are adhered. No loose ones. Structurally it is remarkably sound. My plans are to bolt on a daisy wheel top, should be easy to do because of the flip lever. sand and repaint the hinge. replace a few of the castor wheels on base. drill a hole for a thermometer repair fire box. I am not sure how to drill the bbq port you wrote of. I was contemplating sawing out the front base daisy wheel and bolt and seal a slide door over the (large hole)...do you have more detailed instructions for tools and procedure for drilling bbq port? Your way sounds more efficient than mine. I have to say your art approach to the tile intrigued me lol. I have not replaced tile on a bbq before so am not sure of the materials to use. I still need to research that. The seller gave me a coffee can full of the tile that came off. sooooo a project.... : )
  3. Hi I am new to this forum I have restored a few clay cookers in the past and just purchased something yet to be identified that I am now restoring. If anyone has an extensive knowledge on kamado type barbecues I would appreciate your help. I would like to outfit it with a Digiq but not sure it will work. I am attempting to identify who the maker was and where it might have come from. It is in remarkably good shape except for some tiles on the outside need to be replaced and the firebox is cracked. Otherwise it is structurally sound and shows little wear. It has a daisy wheel type air intake on the base and a back and forth lever inside the chimney to control air intake. It has a saucer type base with wheels it sits in. It is about the size of a number 5. Looks to be a thick ceramic build. Does anyone have any information they would like to share? thank you for your time...
  4. I have so much to learn..I am glad you all are so generous with your knowledge..newbie
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