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  1. Komodo Kamado April 6 2021 I am almost 80 and not very flexible especially when bending over and trying to maintain my balance while trying to scrape out the ashes. I have used a portable handheld vacuum but that necessitates taking the KK apart and the vacuum cleaner frequently plugs up with residual charcoal. Because of these problems for me, I have given up using my KK and purchased a Memphis pellet grill, but I still prefer my KK if it were not so difficult to clean out the ashes. I had almost given up hope for using my KK again when I came across a competitor's solution, an as
  2. My experience with a KK brisket and beef long bones 1. Removed the top layer of fat from the top of the 12# choice brisket and saved.2. Removed hard fat on sides and underneath where possible and discarded3. Smeared on yellow mustard4. Mixed 1 cup Texas bbq rub and 1/4 cup Hatche's medium chili powder then rubbed it on fairly heavy all over and replaced the fat previously removed.5. Tightly wrapped Brisket in several pieces of saran wrap then aluminum foil and placed in refrigerator for 4 days ( 96 hours). Just a fluke, the kids canceled coming over for Sunday dinner at the last minute.6. Rem
  3. Re: suckling piglet - anyone done one? Do you mean a 20# pig live weight or carcass. If it is a 20# live weight pig which is a suckling pig they are extremely bland because they have recently been primarily on mother's milk, no flavor imparted to the carcass, and hardly worth the effort whereas a 40# live pig dresses down to about 20-25# and they are really good. Make sure you buy the pig direct from the farmer as many times small pigs like these have been shot up with an array of antibiotics to get them to grow and they don't so they get sold to the butcher shop before their time which is ab
  4. Has anyone used the rotisserie for cooking ducks? Be so kind as to post the complete details of how to set up the KK as far as indirect, pans, water etc. thanks
  5. Green Egg for small batches Green Egg makes 4 sizes, I have owned 3 before recently buying the KK. All except one had 5/8" grate holes except the largest with 3/4" holes, talk about burning fuel. I gave mine all away when the KK arrived and since have retrieved the second smallest for doing small jobs for just my wife and I, but there is a nuisance question. After just one burn the grate plugs up and has to be cleaned after just a few minutes of burn time for a couple of hamburgers etc. If you don't mind the hassle of cleaning for such a low burn time they do seem to save fuel over the KK bu
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