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  1. Did two Costco rotisserie chickens in my 23" KK. Brined them overnite in Salt, Sugar & Soy Sauce. Took out of brine & dried them for 6 hours in refrigerator. Oiled them up & put some dry Chicken rub on them, then put into the rotisserie basket. 350º for 1.5 hours. After the first 30 min began basting them with a sauce of Hoisen, Soy Sauce, Brown Sugar, Saracha, Sesame Oil & 5 Spice Power. Added some smoke with Pecan wood. Between the smoke & Sauce, the flavor was wonderful & sooo moist. Nice Asian taste with a little spicy bite, just delicious. Mothers Day Rotisserie Chicken
  2. I am interested in smoking some "store bought" (Costco) Corned Beef. I don't see that any of you have done this so I am asking for some suggestions. I realize I will turn it into Pastrami, but that is what we want for St Pat's Day. Most of these prepared corned beef's are around 4# or so, so I am planing on doing about 6 of them to feed everyone (50). The info on line say's to soak them in water overnite to remove the salt. Then coat them with a rub & cook at about 240º or so for 3 hours. Then put into a foil pan with beef broth in bottom & steam for another 4 hours or so to 195º - 205º. Rest for 30 min or so then cut. Any thoughts & opinions would be helpful along with suggested rubs & cooking times.
  3. Completed a very successful Turkey cook on my Ol' KK. Bought 18# Fresh Butterball Turkey from Costco Brined it for 4 days Removed from Brine and patted dry and placed in refergerator for 24 hours to dry the skin out. (Next time I think I would do only 12 - 15 hours as the skin was a little too tough) Injected the breasts with a butter seasoning mix Rubbed the skin with the same butter mixture (Next time I will use Grape Seed Oil to prevent the dark browning) Cranked up the KK and let it settle in on 325 degrees for about 3 hours in advance. Added some Applewood chunks, put the deflector stone in place with an aluminium pan to catch the juices on top. Added the top grate, set turkey on grate, inserted 2 temp probes (1 in each breast) Let her go for approximately 3hrs 45 min. The breast temp was 150 when I pulled it. Let the turkey rest in a insulated cooler for about 30 min. The bird was beautiful to cut, lots of moisture even in the white meat. We served 8 folks and they raved..... Hell, we're still having leftovers and the white meat is still nice and moist and sooooo smokey flavorful. Try it you'll like it.
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