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What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been...

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And it has been a long strange trip, just check out my post here:


Scroll down to the sixth post and you can read part of my saga as I searched for my favorite backyard smoker and grill.

Well I have mixed emotions as I report that I have sold my Stumps. Yup, that makes three smokers in my possession and back out since the Spring of this year! :lol::lol: Gotta laugh. Funny thing is, I got it right the first time! I just didn't know it!

Well, I am back (or soon will be) as a Komodo owner. Dennis has a Gen 2.2 on the order docket for me and my glass black beauty will arrive in October with the next shipment. The long and short of it is, I started with a KK, then moved into a Caldera Tall Boy, then into a GF-223P Stumps, and now back into the latest Komodo Kamado. What did I find? Same thing that I mentioned in my post from above, "The KK does it all. Bake, Sear, Rotis, Grill, Low 'n Slow, Smoke, Make Jerkey (even roast coffee?!?!) - everything! And it is insulated so you can cook during the Northeastern winters.".

It's nice to be home again. Thanks Dennis!

I should also mention that this KK will be a keeper. That being the case, I have ordered a cover from Johnnyboy. John has been great throughout the order process and I look forward to my "jammies" almost as much as I look forward to my new KK!

I should also mention that my old KK did not go far. My brother has it now and laughs as I look at it longingly when I visit his house! :roll::lol:

Pictures of the unloading, uncrating, placement, and first cooks will be forthcoming! Stay tuned! :D


Here's the link to my new KK!


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