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  1. Re: Meat slicer advice On the cheese thing, I honestly don't have an answer for you FM. I'm going to guess that it does grab the spinning blade more. Having said that, I worked in a Pizza shop in high school and cut my fair share of deli meats and cheeses for subs. Cold cheese (mostly provolone in my case) was easier to slice than when it sat out for any amount of time. On to the jerky thing - You'll be tempted to make a ton because cutting will be sooooo easy and fast. Feel free to send me as much as you want!!!
  2. Conodo12

    WOW Ribeye

    Re: WOW Ribeye WOW is right! Nice job!!!
  3. Re: KK & Korin Konro... I love this forum because you just keep learning new things. I was not aware of this type of grill before so thanks for the education. Once you have it and have played with it a bit, please post your thoughts and pics in this area of our forum: The Ceramic World Online & Other Relevant Links I'm looking forward to your post. In the meantime, I found this link that might provide you with more information and a unique way to light your charcoal (scroll through all the pics at the end of the article): http://www.japanesefoodreport.com/2010/ ... lling.html
  4. Re: Meat slicer advice That Berkel is sweeet FM! If you decide to cut cheese with it, let me know how it works out. I can only imagine how nice that slicer would be for slicing up meat for jerky!
  5. Re: Meat slicer advice Hi FM - I wanted a decent slicer too and was advised that if I was going to cut cheese to get at least a 10" blade and lean towards a 12" blade. You'll find that units with 12" blades are big and heavy. 10" units aren't small but they are manageable for us manly types! We are fortunate in that we have several used restaurant supply places around here. Check to see if you have anything like that in your area. I find myself stopping in from time to time just to see if there are any bargains. As a barkeep in a past life, I took a liking to restaurant quality equipment. The older stuff is built to last! Oh, and my vote is for Hobart. It will be a bit heavier but it will last and the blades are of a very good quality that hold an edge.
  6. Re: **Big Bad 32" Komodo** Who gets the first one?!?! I hope he/she either wants it at ground level or has a ramp! Beautiful!
  7. Re: Rotisserie Chicken Cook : VIDEO Really nice video and good job - certainly captures the versatility of the KK! You have more restraint than I my friend... I would not have been able to just package up that chicken for lunch - many "tastings" would have taken place during the packing! LOL! Nice job and Thanks!
  8. Re: Easter Ham Who needs Honey Baked Hams when you have that coming off your KK!!! What did you use for the glaze? Nice cook!
  9. Re: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from myself and KK. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and yours!!! Happy Holidays!!!
  10. Re: I'm interviewed about KK on Kingsford's Grilling.com Dennis - reading this piece was like reading a quick synopsis of what has been posted in this great forum over the many years that it has been around! Very good read and great job in the interview!
  11. And people tell me I am a bit "over cautious" when it comes to my WiFi... http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2011/0 ... es+2%29%29 Lock 'em down guys!!!
  12. Conodo12


    Re: Bison I hope you do try to smoke up a Bison brisket and please report back on what you find! I would think that it may be a touch drier than a beef brisket as I believe it would be less fatty. However, I could be totally wrong and you end up with an exceptional experience! Let us know!
  13. Re: Ok, some of you new kiwi members need to explain this! Where does the Pimp Monkey find these articles?!?!?! I am going to have lockjaw for a week!
  14. Re: Delivery tomorrow Welcome to the forum and the KK club! Looking forward to your first-cook pics!!!
  15. Re: Fathers day piglet...... Jack, that looks fantastic! It's also the first little piggy that I have seen on a KK and I have been surfing around here for a bit... not as long as some of course, but a while just the same! I also applaud your technique! Having smoked up a few whole hogs, I can tell you that your reasoning is sound and the results speak for themselves. In hindsight, is there anything that you would change for your next victim, er piggy? LOL Thanks for sharing!
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