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I hope I've posted this in the right spot. I have a question about using the forum. When reading a topic, the bottom of the screen has a dropdown box where I can indicate to show oldest first or newest first. Is there a way to set a default so I always see newest first? I'm so excited to read the latest posts, that I can't scrolling, selecting and waiting! :?

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You know, I don't think we actually have a "how do you use the forum" forum so I moved your post to what's mostly a catch-all so it'll get some attention :)

Rather than changing the dropdown, if you want to hop right to the first unread post you can click on the yellow icon to the left of the topic name. That way you'll hop right to the new content and you can still read top-down.

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So it's really funny that I got hit with this since my work life is all about being annoyed with people who don't read my documentation and FAQs. :eek:

Nonetheless, I don't see an FAQ about my issue, so I thank you for the help. I'll try clicking that thingy on the left next time. :roll:

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