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  1. Re: Chicken Fat - Split from First Rotis Cook topic. Stay off my bridge!
  2. Re: Chicken Fat - Split from First Rotis Cook topic. Don't worry, I'm going back into hiding now.
  3. Re: Chicken Fat - Split from First Rotis Cook topic. Well, Jasen has been telling me about this spin-top-open/bottom-draft-closed idea for a little while. Sounded nuts to me, but I tried it on some chicken thighs and they were excellent... so yesterday I tried it on 2 split chickens, a ribeye roast, and a round-tip roast. Dome temp stayed around 375-400 with just a crack in the bottom draft. Everything came out absolutely delicious. And still moist. So, I'm giving the technique a thumbs up... will be experimenting more with it. On my POSK, of course.
  4. Re: Say Goodbye to this Red forum We'll have to get one of the Admins to fix that.
  5. Re: Say Goodbye to this Red forum OMG, what happened to the forum? It looks all different n' stuff.
  6. Also, when you first login, in the upper right should be a link called "view unread posts", or you can use/bookmark this link: http://www.komodokamado.com/forum/searc ... d=newposts
  7. What Mr. Whiz wants, Mr. Whiz gets.
  8. That base reminds me of the experimental #3 base on these Richard Johnson cookers circa 2006-2007: and The rusty bands and massive tile lost also suggest his work. But the daisy wheel draft system is odd... I don't recall ever seeing one like that.
  9. Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat From the Surrogate exhibit by Australian artist Patricia Piccinini. Nature's Little Helpers
  10. I usually do chicken like that at 450-ish for 1hr 15min or so, so your time sounds about right. I do mine "almost" direct. I've been using the slotted top of a broiler pan as a "diffuser". Helps to prevent scorching in the center of the grill, but still gives a nice char.
  11. Heh That looks like hot sauce, Syzy. What was your recipe/technique? I've been considering doing rootbeer with the kids, since I inherited a home brewing kit last month.
  12. Re: Hardwood Charcoal Briquettes? I'm currently working my way through a bag of the Trader Joe's Hardwood briquettes. So far, no complaints. Low ash, high heat, pleasant smoke flavor, no chemical or other off-odors. Good stuff so far. I asked NakedWhiz to review it, but so far he has dodged my request. This is in a steel barrel grill, though. My kamado's still in storage.
  13. Re: Jerky redux It was delicious, thanks! Smokey and spicy, the way I like it. Last awhile? Not at my house.
  14. Re: New High Temp Hot face Finish Is that M64? But seriously... does this have to be applied to a pristine cooker or could it be used to clean up/seal something a bit... older?
  15. Well gee... ...now that you've outed the poor guy we'll never hear from him again!
  16. Dennis... Can you get us a pic of the Bronze in full sunlight? It's looking mostly black to me....? Thx.
  17. That guy cracks me up. His danish videos are even more bizarre.
  18. I have never foiled. Ever. Don't know if that's what mushified your pork, but I've always been fine pulling right off the grill. Never understood the whole foil thing.
  19. Reminds me of this one... http://www.komodokamado.com/forum/viewt ... 62&start=0 So I already know it will be good!
  20. Well, I expect you'll make a fresh one before then....
  21. Beautiful! Any chance you can bring me some o' that in November?
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