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  1. That is what I was thinking of that Dennis makes. Like it better than my homemade deal, but these were made afterwards.
  2. Found a pic of it as the one's on the forum are so old that they're missing now.
  3. That's one reason I don't use the main grill for high temp cooks where I want to sear/char the meat. No idea if anyone makes one or not, but many years ago, I came up with the idea of a veggee grill. It's sorta like a 1/4 main grill so you have access to the sear grill. It worked fantastic. Dennis may make one of those now, I've been out of the loop so long, so I don't know. But I would sear my veggees and meat, then put the veggees up on the small grill. I'm sure there's a pic around here in some of the really, really old posts.
  4. Those remind me of bratkartoffeln - German fried potatoes.....Mmmmmm. Now I want some German food. ARGH!
  5. Jeez I hate coming to this thread, as it makes me hungry and jealous....LOL. Sure hope the summer permits me to get back using my KK again. Crappy weather has knocked ME (not the KK) out of commission for a long while. Been dying for some smoked ribs. Been working from home for several weeks and would have been the perfect time for all sorts of great KK meals.....sigh.
  6. Really depends on the material you use. Sounds like in the example above, the person used PLA, which is highly unstable with temperature and also has the lowest print temperature. ABS would be next, but it doesn't like outdoor environments so much and has the next lowest print temperature. PETG, polycarbonate and possibly nylon would be a different story. But the average person will have a hard time using some of them due to the 300 degree C print temps of some brands. PETG can be printed around 260 C, but again brands differ along with printers. I've seen people print some of these mat
  7. thanks for the head's up.. I hid the videos and asked him to stay on topic..


    1. ThreeDJ16


      No problem.  I've been seeing spammers doing this shit on Facebook.  Link a video and the ads are within it.  Just another way of masking what they are doing.  

  8. It was 84 degrees on Halloween, nasty thunderstorms and a couple of tornadoes in the area (thankfully none got too close for us). But a massive cold front came in behind it and we had 38 degree by the next morning. LOL...I'll still take that over all that white stuff (whatever it is....HAHA).
  9. OMG, why did I come to the topic when I'm hungry. Jeez this stuff looks so good. Haven't had time to do any pic worthy cooking lately....sigh....so many other projects going on. But seeing all these pics are making me want to get to cooking instead of taking the lazy way out and ordering in...HAHA.
  10. So whatever happened to Doug (Naked Whiz)? He totally dropped off the radar? I think it's great that you picked up where he left off.....Mr. Naked Reef or Reef Whiz....LOL. Actually those both sound pretty bad, guess we better stick to ckreef....LOL. Been burning up my old boxes of early KK CEL and it still looks and cooks great. I do prefer to add in some lump to help it spread better. But it's been so long since buying any charcoal, add to use what was on hand. LOL..need to get off my butt and go get some more.
  11. Nothing fancy, just a nice rack of St. Louis cut ribs. Cooked direct for a deep bark. Was sad though, no fresh baguette to go with the meal, but somehow we struggled through.
  12. Holding within 1 degree of 225 nicely. And nope, still haven't broke out the weedeater...LOL. FYI, it's not missing an led segment, it strobes the numbers. Took me several shots just to get that many segments to show up...LOL.
  13. Ok, I dug out the boxes with my DigiQ and CyberQ again and only found a 10 CFM fan and looked at my Procom box and it only has a 10 CFM fan. So went back and found the article and now it rings a bell as to why I stated earlier that you don't need more than 10-12 CFM for at least the 23" KK. Thought I had 12 CFM, but not like my memory is very good, lol, so I have two 10 CFM fans. I'm currently finding that depending on how you are cooking, 1/2 damper closed or more after it gets close to setpoint works even tighter. Sure more higher CFM will work if you have a damper door, but my luck I'
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