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  1. ThreeDJ16

    Pork Butt Feedback

    Re: Pork Butt Feedback I have never believed in standard time per pound. There are too many other factors that can influence the time. I find that shoulders, which have way more bone mass in the cut than butts, take much longer to cook than an equivalent size butt. Also, as the cut get even larger, the thickness the heat has to penetrate gets larger, so don't see how a set standard can account for this. Starting temp of meat, fat content, moisture content, density and I am sure a host of other variables can play into the mix. So just believe your thermometer and pull at the desired temps. If you are impatient, wrap with foil and/or jack up temp. Didn't believe it till I tried it myself, but the foil can shave off hours of cook time. Anyway, half the fun of cooking is the experimenting and learning!
  2. ThreeDJ16

    Turkey "Crab Cakes"

    Re: Turkey "Crab Cakes" Ok Cookshack, while not from Maryland, I am pretty sure this is blasphemy! haha If the Firemonkey was still alive on this forum, sure he would have already posted that fact.
  3. ThreeDJ16

    We were hacked again.. ARGH..

    Re: We were hacked again.. ARGH.. Hi-tech rednecks! Hey did you access my bank accounts with my freakn password info? They are drained dry! Oh never mind, wife is on a spending spree. How about add some back to it? -=J
  4. Re: Forestlumps charcoal (spammer post conversation) Oddly enough, everything is working great for me now. Guess the forum gremlin is picking on someone else now. -=J
  5. ThreeDJ16


    Re: Banned Well, there are currently no banned IP or usernames. Just a few obscure spammer email domains and specific spammer emails that are banned. If you are browsing with any kind of anonymous surfing or IP hiding software or through an anonymous web service, try turning that off or don't go through that service. Obviously spammers use those too and those can get banned or disallowed access. Other than that, must be one of those gremlins playing with the forum host software settings. Everything has been working fine for me. If I had to guess, the forum software wised up and starting banning those apple play toys! hahahha We will know for sure if Dennis is banned too. Sorry, couldn't resists. -=J
  6. ThreeDJ16


    Re: Banned Curious, could you try to access via your cell again and see if it is still banned? Thanks, -=J
  7. Re: Forestlumps charcoal I did use the report button from the forum. Thanks for the info. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD Yeah, I noticed there were forum flags, but oddly enough they were not set for the spammer. The forum is acting very, slow and all sorts of errors. Dennis needs to get his forum software dude to get this crap fixed. Anyway, just FYI. I am going to split these posts off this thread since we are way out of the realm of the topic. If I can manage to keep a stable connection open long enough to do so.
  8. Re: Forestlumps charcoal Do me a favor, instead of replying to obvious spammers posts, just send me a quick PM with the username or a link to their post. There is also a flag option on the forum too. But the PM sends me a email as I don't always get a chance to look at the forum every day. BTW, is the forum acting strange to anyone else? I am having to log in several times and resubmitting posts due to errors. Odd. Thanks, -=J
  9. ThreeDJ16

    Charcoal choices?

    Re: Charcoal choices? Wow, that is a great price on the Royal Oak. Walmart is ~$6.40ish for a 8lb bag. If my memory serves my right (which isn't as often lately), RO makes BGE charcoal or at least used to. And I believe that was per Whizzy's web site. Wish I had a local place with that good of a deal. Unfortunately at the moment, lifting a 17lb is out.
  10. ThreeDJ16

    Charcoal choices?

    Re: Charcoal choices? Royal oak. Because it is abundantly available at any of my local walmarts. It has always worked well for me. We also have cowboy at Lowes, but it has too many odd objects in the bag.
  11. ThreeDJ16

    Beef Brisket cut - Point or Navel End?

    Re: Beef Brisket cut - Point or Navel End? I always request the packers cut, which is the whole brisket (flat or navel and tip combined, along with the fat cap). The flat is great for sliced brisket and the tip is for pulled. To me they cook better combined. But to each his/her own preference. Your meat supplier might can get it whole for you if you ask. There is a packers cut pic in this thread: viewtopic.php?t=1667&highlight=portrait
  12. ThreeDJ16

    KK Table Top is on the water!

    Re: 16.5" KK Table Top is on the water! Very cool Dennis! There have been numerous people requesting these. How much grilling space are in these? How about a pic of the inside? -=J
  13. ThreeDJ16

    More like survival training than a holiday..

    Re: More like survival training than a holiday.. That is funny about Famous Dave's. I had never even heard of him or the restaurant until one opened year a few years ago. Needless to say it has long shut down. Guess he just wasn't famous enough. Sounds like you had a fun trip. More like work. You seem to handle it much better than I could have. One week is about my maximum survivability. There's no place like home, there's no place like home!!
  14. ThreeDJ16

    Re-Newed my Vows and on a US Road-trip

    Re: Re-Newed my Vows and on a US Road-trip Hey Dennis, remember the two reasons I gave as to how you could be so lucky (which I doubted either was true)? Well I came up with a third that must be the right answer, only trouble is I don't see the white cane anywhere with her? Sorry, you know I had to bust on you some (more). hehe Congrats again. -=J
  15. ThreeDJ16

    Hell explained

    Re: Hell explained Nice to see there is still a little humor left around here!