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Review: First Burn of KK Extruded Coco Char

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I have received my pallet of new KK as well. First impression is of how beautiful these fuel rods are. What a shame to break them. I didn't go for any scientific testing but I did cook pizza. Typically I use the the Kk coal only for roasting or baking. I used four sticks on top of an old bed of Cowboy Coal, I found the new KK broke in one or two pieces fairly easily, and I left it at that. I always light the lump below the KK with a Map gas torch. The kk is incredibly dense and gave off almost no smell. I was surprised since in previous batch gave off a perfumed aroma which I had come to associate with the Coco. In about 50 min the oven was up to the subscribed 525, and the coal looked like a beautiful infrared broiler. Two large pizzas cooked 10 min each with 10 minutes between. Dazzling pies I must say. No trace of smoke and very constant temp. Since I was cooking in the dark, and tonight in the dark as well, I cannot tell what the KK looked like post cook. Thanksgiving I will cook a full rib roast during the day, and perhaps get some pictures so it really happened!

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