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  1. I have received my pallet of new KK as well. First impression is of how beautiful these fuel rods are. What a shame to break them. I didn't go for any scientific testing but I did cook pizza. Typically I use the the Kk coal only for roasting or baking. I used four sticks on top of an old bed of Cowboy Coal, I found the new KK broke in one or two pieces fairly easily, and I left it at that. I always light the lump below the KK with a Map gas torch. The kk is incredibly dense and gave off almost no smell. I was surprised since in previous batch gave off a perfumed aroma which I had come to associate with the Coco. In about 50 min the oven was up to the subscribed 525, and the coal looked like a beautiful infrared broiler. Two large pizzas cooked 10 min each with 10 minutes between. Dazzling pies I must say. No trace of smoke and very constant temp. Since I was cooking in the dark, and tonight in the dark as well, I cannot tell what the KK looked like post cook. Thanksgiving I will cook a full rib roast during the day, and perhaps get some pictures so it really happened!
  2. Re: Three Extruder Machines are in the House! It seems like this thread needs a refresher! What is the status on some more coal. I am within a few bricks. Is it here Denis?
  3. Re: Three Extruder Machines are in the House! Hi Dennis, I am way ready for some more coco coal. Please let me know when it is coming!
  4. Hi Will, My apologies, your Email arrived and was opened and subsequently fell thru the cracks while I was rushing around on my brief trip to the States last month. I usually try to mark with a flag all inquiries like yours but I do drop the ball sometimes. My hypothesis is that you have one of the cookers where we dropped the fire-basket below the firebox to bring it closer to the flames of the gas burner.The the unintended result was extremely high temps under the firebox which result in the screw holding the teak knob on getting sooo hot it chars and destroys the knob. Solution: Next week when I get back to Surabaya, I'm going to weld up some stainless inserts that will hold the charcoal above the level of the bottom of the firebox. I will send these out with new knobs that have dense acrylic inserts that can handle much more heat than the wood can.. Hi Dennis- Happy New Year. Just wondering when I can expect these new knobs??? The draft knob just fell off too. Also wondering about your latch fix for me too? Oh yeah, what about that other charcoal? The Wife
  5. Thanks Dennis, Any thoughts on the latch popping open? It loses reliability about 400-500 degrees. Maybe file off the little nubs that stop the latch?
  6. Hi Vets, I was wondering what you all do when your gas door knobs char and fall off. Mine was gone in about a month. Second, my latch lockdown has become unreliable, it slips out to the unsealed position. Before I start messing around I thought you folks could save me some R&D. I kind of would like to have a vent assembly on the gas door. That way I could let some air by during hot burns to cool the screw that goes into the knob. I Queried Dennis a couple weeks ago but haven't heard back.
  7. I have now had my Kk for 36 days and cooked on it about 30 times, and I have been most impressed with it's pizza cooking! I just start the K sustainable and put the stone on the Main grill while it is heating(the one that is two inches below the lip) I work the dome temp up to 550-600. Pies take about ten minutes, and can be just about put on back to back. Of course, one cannot get tooo greedy with the toppings!
  8. Roasted chicken friday, Pork picnic for pulled saturday and bugers tonight.
  9. I was wondering why the feedback area is restricted comment. I sure gives the impression of curtailing free speech.
  10. Undressing She was right side up when I took the picture.
  11. Does the KK ramp up to steak temps in 20 to thirty minutes like the W? After all direct cooks are the staple of the american grill. I'm not interested in keeping a graveyard of steelies next to my KK scultural.
  12. Dj I use a host of different incendiary materials including lump. I happen to have a well stocked woodshed so I pick and choose my flavors and even make my own coal when I run short. Because the weber is is so loosely sealed, lump is usually a one time prospect. The allum. lower damper controls on my Ws are also mishapen by the heat. Another question relates to the indirect cook. I see someone uses the weber baskets to hold coals. I do not really want to clean a roti, and with the W. I never disturb a roasting subject. No turning, just sweet convection. On a technical note, for Dennis too, is that on the weber indirect, the purpose of the drip pan is to direct the primary airflow to the sides and up through the coals. Years ago, I tried to eliminate the pan step, and found that I could not muster enough heat to cook the bird in a timely fashion. I hope that a similar method can eliminate the roti on the KK.
  13. Hi there Forum Vets. I have been a Weber Master for some 22 years. While I can do most everything with the Kettle, I have become more and more dissatisfied with the build quality of the w. kettles. Thin metal and chintzy grates. The temperatures I use warp the grates and blister the enamel. I started looking to upgrade, and ended up in San Diego. But prior to anteing up, I was distracted by CNC millwork an technical talk of airflow and turbulence...Luckily, i think. Along with my blistered and twisted armada of Webers, I have noted that I use enough coal to heat a 2000 square foot house in Vermont no less. It sure seems like a KK would be the upgrade of choice. I would like some feed back on how the kk will behave in some of the situations which which I frequent. First, I grill all year an average of three times a week. Everything roasted is done on the grill. Ambient temperatures vary from -10 F on up. I make a pile of coals, light it with a mapp torch for three mins, ready to cook in 20-25 mins. In the summer I work about a 100 hrs a week, so I usually mow the lawn while the coals are heating, throw on the steaks, 4-5 mins per side while I clean the mower deck and voila! the finest strips around. Do these times jibe with a kk? Will such rapid delta T (when it is -10)damage the KK or even be possible given the great mass? I am in the process of creating a grilling area on my covered porch. The deck in the grill area is aluminum. There is wall on two perpendicular sides, 9 feet and 4 feet, the ceiling is about 9.5 feet and there is accommodation for a 12 inch duct for a power vented hood. Anyone have any insights here? Thanks for replies and or anecdotes!
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