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Rotisserie Motor Died

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Being my lazy self I left my rotisserie Motor (one grill 4pm05) permanently attached to the KK since the day I got it maybe 1 1/2 years ago. I've used it frequently during that time. It eventually started making noises which (being my lazy self) I ignored. Well the other week I went to do a rotisserie chicken and the motor wouldn't turn - big bummer. 


With nothing to loose I took it apart tonight. Immediately a mud dobbers nest fell out - hmmmmm. I took the motor spindle out and it was a little (very little) chewed up. I'm guessing my upper and/or lower motor spindle bearings started going bad with caused it to get a little chewed up. Not to be discouraged I broke out a metal file and smoothed things back up. I gave it a good cleaning and applied a little light machine oil to one area (seemed like it needed it). Anyway back together again and we are once again in business. Rotisserie chicken coming this weekend. 


Two lessons for other people. 1) don't be lazy like me. 2) if it dies out of warranty don't throw it away there maybe hope for it after all. 


And no I still haven't learned lesson # 1. It's back in it's rightful place installed on the 19" KK.  B) 



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