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  1. ckreef

    Meater Block

    His test seemed good to go so that's promising. He's got a really cozy looking ODK.
  2. ckreef

    Meater Block

    This too was my first kickstarter. It's also definitely my last kickstarter. The idea of begging people for money on an idea that isn't even close to a product just doesn't sit well with me. I tried, they failed.
  3. ckreef

    Meater Block

    Not sure if I'm done blowing off steam yet. We'll have to wait until we see how well it works and even then I really have nothing good to say about how they ran their kickstarter. It was always fun watching Temu jetset around the world world on my dime. It really doesn't take much to set me off with regards to this subject - LOL
  4. ckreef

    Meater Block

    Well I don't really need the block function. With a repeated Bluetooth I should be able to get to my kitchen counter and one probe is all I need for rotisserie cooks. I have a plan for the second extended range charger if all works out.
  5. ckreef

    Meater Block

    I'm still not holding my breath. We'll see what shows up and how well it works.
  6. ckreef

    Meater Block

    They offered to allow 4 probe meter block backers to change out for 2 of the extended range sets. I took them up on the offer and tracking says Tuesday delivery. @tony b pm coming your way.
  7. Mine arrived safe and sound. Thank you very much. Very tasty. My kind of sauce. I'll use the koozie with pride just for you
  8. If being in Crete and doing how the Crete's do means ketchup - I would do ketchup for that view. But that's about what it would take for me to stoop down to ketchup on fries - LOL
  9. ckreef

    Can't get the Temp down to 250-

    Yeah I have a spring in my upper vent too so that it doesn't move when you open and close the dome. . But either way, everytime you open and close the dome just make sure the top vent is set to no more 1/4 turn once you close the dome.
  10. ckreef

    Konro Table

    Great looking Kebabs. Last night I made some Tsukune Kebabs that were definitely too moist. The fire Gods were trying to grab them off the skewers and I had to break out a screen. I hate using the screens but didn't want to give up my dinner to the fire Gods.
  11. ckreef

    Pizza Weekend

    Great looking pizzas.
  12. For those who won - I like the Dinosaur Sauce. It's a tomato based sauce with a vinegar kick. Sort of a cross breed between a tomato based sauce and a vinegar sauce. I've tried to make my own version lately but it didn't come close.
  13. ckreef

    Konro Table

    Really nice looking table. Does the top go on with the Konro still in the table? It takes a few cooks to figure out how much charcoal for the different cooks you do. Learning that is part of the fun to me.
  14. ckreef

    New Tablet

    At this point it's probably a daydream. Me and Mrs skreef got 95% complete on our game room refurbish while on vacation last week. Next purchase is a pool table and a reasonably decent one ain't cheap. Maybe I could get me a new tablet for Christmas. I will keep a Bluetooth keyboard in mind as I definitely want a keyboard.
  15. ckreef

    New Tablet

    I'm supremely jealous.
  16. ckreef


    Going to try that one day.
  17. ckreef

    50th birthday party pig

    Great cook. It looks delicious.
  18. ckreef

    New Tablet

    Lately I've been thinking about upgrading my tablet too. Was looking at the s4. I'm interested in the keyboard cover also. I guess I really need to see one in a store. If you get it definitely post some pictures and a quick review.
  19. ckreef

    New 42 in the Family!

    Really great looking pig. Came out perfect. Sounds like you had fun and a great learning experience.
  20. @MacKenzie the pictures you wanted. My table is made out of 2x6's and I had this table long before I had the Konro. The cutout hole itself gives about 1 1/2" of clearance on all sides. That was a little too much and if I did it again I would only have 3/4"-1" clearance on all sides. Just make sure you account for the handles on the ends. Installing it the way I did left the Konro sitting just shy of 1 1/4" above the table. For me that was the perfect height. After making the cutout I installed 2x6's on each end on the underside of the table. I then used two 2x6's to span the length with a gap in the middle. The gap was mainly to give me more width on those boards so any ash that falls out the vent falls on the 2x6's not on the floor. Obviously you don't want to box in the long sides because you want to be able to reach under there and change the vents although I basically run mine with the vents wide open. As a disclaimer: I'm not a carpenter. I have enough skills and tools to get by but that's about it. My goal eventually is to get the hole lined in SS and have a SS top that slips down over the Konro. Currently I have a cardboard top which works but looks like crap.
  21. ckreef

    Konro Table Cutout

    Um No - LOL Couldn't be a box as you wouldn't be able to get to the vents. No issues with heat and the gap I have. If I did it over I would have a smaller gap and still not worry. My only real suggestion would be to put a small piece of fireproof mat on the bottom 2x6's just in case a small piece of lump somehow fell out of one of the vents. But this isn't a grill you leave unattended.
  22. ckreef

    Konro Table Cutout

    I'm sure if you have a carpenter he could make the cutout and line it with finish wood to look awesome. Just leave 3/4"-1" gap all around for heat issues as these can get really hot if you get it rocking. He could also make a matching top. Me and Mrs skreef are off all next week to work on the indoor project. I might try a wood finish on the Konro. If it looks like crap I can always fall back on the SS idea. Who knows, we'll see what next week brings.
  23. ckreef

    Konro Table Cutout

    Your foil top sounds like my cardboard top. There's a member on Guru that makes custom SS tables for kamados. He does other custom jobs and he's not overly expensive. As soon as my current indoor project (almost done) is over I'm going to contact him. I'll post up the details when they happen. With you in Canada you'd probably have to find someone north of the boarder.
  24. ckreef

    Lighting of charcoal

    Most people fill the fire basket full of lump then start one (or sometimes) multiple areas of the lump in the fire basket. How you light the lump is personal preference. I use a MAPP torch but a starter cube or alcohol soaked cotton ball will also work. Low-n-slow you only want one very small area of lump lit to start with. For high heat grilling or baking some people would use a chimney starter but I never do.
  25. It's been a "Lord of the Flies" summer. It's finally cooled down a slight bit (85*) and the flies have disappeared. Time to crank up the Konro (especially after all the Marabu talk). On the menu tonight:  Sashimi grade tuna, First cut NY strip steaks, U5 shrimp (the way shrimp is supposed to be), Zucchini, Pineapple, Lettuce salad w/ Japanese Ginger Dressing, Rice, and finally Honey, Ginseng green tea. The main lineup   Everything dressed or marinated   Marabu lump almost ready to go   A few action shots. The tuna was the star of the show. I wasn't sure how that was going to work on the Knoro the way I did it. Came out perfect. I stopped paying attention for a minute and slightly over cooked my NY strip. (md not md rare). I only have myself to blame as everyone cooked their own food. Anyway all around a killer meal.