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  1. Phshon


    Yesterday I cooked my first butt on the KK--not my first butt ever, I've had clay cookers since about '98, but my first KK butt. What a machine! If there was only some way to get it into my living room, I've got a great place next to the couch. . . Anyway, here's my question. Yesterday I used a DigiQ 2 and I noticed a difference between the dome temp and the grill surface temp. I never paid attention to this before mainly because the thermometer on my POSK from that bogus guy who fled to Mexico never really worked, instead I used an oven thermometer sitting on the grill surface and that was good enough for government work. Since then I purchased the DigiQ 2. Yesterday during my cook I noticed about a 35 - 40 degree difference between the digi and my dome thermometer, the dome temp always reading the higher of the two. Today I calibrated all three probes and they all read the same correct temp, I live in Arizona so I boil water at 208 degrees. I gave all the probes a hot and cold test and they all passed, almost right on the money. I understand there should be some difference between grill and dome but I never thought it would be as great as 35 - 40 degrees. Any ideas on why such a difference between dome and grill surface? For my butt cook I used a deflector and cooked indirect.
  2. Phshon

    What is this

    Thanks guys. Without too much bending it fits nice and solid.
  3. Phshon

    What is this

    That screwdriver is a great idea because I'd have to bend the tubes about 1/2". When you say the curved edge up and to the outside do you mean facing outward, because it looks like the curved edge is ment to face inside toward the center of the K. I know these questions seem stupid but after the other shit K, I don' t want to damage this one-- not that I could, it's built like a tank.
  4. Phshon

    I've found my place

    Way back in '99 I made a mistake and bought a clay cooker from "that guy" who has since fled to Mexico. It started to peel tiles six months after I bought it. No support, I was on my own. I Removed the few tiles that didn't fall off and mortared over the clay outside. It wasn't pretty, cracks throughout, the weather in the Midwest wasn't kind to my red headed step-child, but I managed to get a fair amount of use out of it. Then I stumbled across the KK. I did a lot of research, I didn't want to make another mistake. Finally, I made a purchase. It sat in my garage for 4 months awaiting the building of its new home. Now the outdoor kitchen is almost (except for painting) finished and my 19" TT sits in its new home. I couldn't be happier.
  5. Phshon

    What is this

    What is this, where does it go, how does it fit. Now let me explain. I know it attaches to the draft door. It doesn't fit so I will have to do some bending, pulling. I want to be sure I'm right. Thanks