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    Brisket Reheat

    Tyrus, thanks for the suggestion. Brisket is in SV now, I’ll report back later on my brisket results. best, Paul

    Brisket Reheat

    So yesterday was my first Brisket cook on the KK. Set up a full basket of lump and placed the 2 qt smoking pot on the fire. All morning the KK was holding 225 - 250 degrees. Still not getting the smoking pot to work as hoped. Getting smoke early in the cook but it doesn’t seem to smoke very long. I ended up adding some wood directly to the lump to create more smoke. Before heading out on a pontoon ride I moved the smoking pot hoping to ensure that my coals would continue to burn. I ended up with the opposite and by the time I got back from pontoon ride the coals were pretty much out. Long story short I finished the brisket at about 9pm and did the FTC method for two hours and then vacuumed sealed the whole brisket and iced it down to cool it. Today I’m planning on serving the brisket and thinking about reheating via Sous Vide. Before cooking the brisket was about 8.5lbs. Looking for suggestions on sous vide temperature and time. Thanks, Paul
  3. All, I just wanted to report back on my first baby back ribs cook on my new 32KK. I lightly salted ribs with Kosher salt and let sit in fridge fro a couple of hours per Meathead dry brine technique. I then rubbed ribs with Dizzy Pig Dizzy dust. Used basket splitter with half a load of RO lump. Lit the lump with a torch and then hit it with my lawn air blower. Set my new 2 qt lodge pot smoker on the charcoal and set it up for what I though would be about a 240F cook which was the second smallest bottom vent hole and a 1/4 turn on the top vent. Put the ribs on at about 240F and went fishing. Came back home about three hours later and the temp was about 340F? I discovered that I accidentally left the bottom left vent open very slightly (I thought I had closed it completely but this was not the case). I did the bend test after about 3.5 hours and they looked good. I took the ribs off and placed in the lower grate and open up the vents so I could sear / finish the ribs with some sauce (decided not go go naked this time). I was very happy with the tenderness off the ribs and more importantly so was the wife!!! Thanks for all of your advise here. Paul PS - I know a picture is worth a 1000 words but unfortunately I forgot to do it this time!

    Brisket Cook Results

    Planning to cook my first ever brisket on the new 32KK. I have an 8.5 lb brisket flat (all I could get at my Costo) and am looking for some suggestions here for the cook. I would like to start it in the morning as opposed to the night before. Based on the thread here thinking of targeting 275F and if it drifts to 325 - 350 I’m not going to worry about it (still working on the temp settings!). I’ve wrapped briskets before in foil at about the 160F temp. When I’ve done this I finished cooking the brisket in the foil until about 203-205F range and then did the FTC method. For this cook I’m thinking about wrapping in the Pink butcher paper at about the 170 mark. Do you then typically finish brisket in butcher paper and then put this as is (in butcher paper ) in cooler with towel? Or do you wrap in foil before the cooler & Towel? Just thinking that I’ll lose all of the juices if I don’t wrap in foil......but also not sure if I’ll lose the crunchy exterior etc. Best and Happy 4th to all, Paul
  5. Great, thanks I now see how inverted upper grate gets me much closer to the coals. I guess I’ll store the “side plate grill hanger” until I hear from the “Big Boss”. All the best, Paul
  6. Pequod, based on what I’ve read of the forum I’ll also end up using the head deflector stones for a walk way step stones. Thanks for your feedback. Attached is a picture of the hardware accessory labeled as “Side Plate Grill Hanger”. Another question, when in searing mode do folks just use the lower grate? Roughly measured from top of charcoal basket this looks to be about 7-8” which seems pretty far away from the coals.....especially if the coals are burnt down some. Best, Paul
  7. OK, so I’m still unpacking all of the accessories and working on setting up on the KK. The good news is that I think I have all of the rotisserie accessories working and figured out. Included with my KK was a part called “Side plate grill hanger”. I mounted this but then realized that it doesn’t work / have the clearance if I’m also using the side table. There were two other different hangers included with the KK and these will hold “grill grates” and grill tools so I’m not to worried....just not sure if I’m missing something here. In addition I unwrapped the item showing in the picture and I’m guessing it was labeled but now that wrapping is gone. Is something that is used in conjunction with the Pizza / baking stone??? Look forward to hearing back. Best, Paul
  8. Syz, I like your smoking options......however I decided to order the 2qt CI Dutch over with lid today from Amazon @ $22 delivered. Should arrive early next week. Now I’ll just need to go to the hardware store and pick up a drill bit that will cut through this. Thanks to all for your help on this!
  9. Jonj, wow, that rib roast looks incredible! I appreciate the cook info and plan to use this as my guide lines for my cook! All the best, Paul
  10. Hello All, being a newbie here I was hoping some of you more experienced KK users could post a “Pros & Cons” and / or “How to” for the various different types of wood forms such as pellets, chips, chunks as well as techniques, such as word forms placed directly into charcoal, smoking pot, KK hot/cold smoke generator etc for introducing smoke into my cooking. For example I currently have an Amazin pellet tube smoker and quickly learned that it’s really not compatible with the KK due to the very low air flow. I’m looking for options and techniques that are proven and work right now without owning the KK smoke generator(but would also appreciate your opinion of the KK smoke generator). I may find that I will purchase one but would like to start experimenting without one for the near term future. All the best, Paul
  11. Hello All, my WiFi went down for a few days so I’ve been delinquent in responding sooner. Yes it has been fun and feel like I still have a big learning curve ahead of me learning how to use the KK. It seems like the air flow is so low that my attempts at using the “Amazin pellet tube” isn’t really working. When trying to do 225 F cooks it almost seems like there isn’t hardly any air flow at all....like the KK is just holding residual temp etc. I’ve been using royal oak lump which seems like it has lots of small pieces so I’m concerned that it may be blocking the air flow a bit. So far I’ve cooked Pork Belly burnt ends twice and the second time (today) they were very good. About 3 hours low and slow and there another hour sauced up in the disposable foil pan....like meat candy!!! I’ve done some Ribs without foil and I think I’m starting to like them with more bite to the bone.... did a spatched cooked chicken two days ago and while it turned out very good it didn’t completely blow me away....hopefully my expectations aren’t too high. Needless to say I’m still very stoked with learning how to use this amazing grill. Thank you all for your comments. Tekobo, I tried two different variations on the “pork belly burnt ends” with the first recipe based on a You Tube video from FOGO charcoal people and the one today from Vindulge. Tomorrow I’m planning on making a Prime Rib roast Bone In and looking for any suggestions on temp / technique for making this piece of meat. Thanks again! Paul
  12. Hello All, I’m pleased to say that Christmas arrived on June 5th this year! Attached are some photos of the move and unpacking. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot as it was just the truck driver, a friend of mine and myself.....so no one to really work the camera. All and all the experience of unloading and putting into position went as planned with no hiccups. Now the fun part of cooking on “PVG” (Puravida Grill). I’ve also enclosed a pic of my 1st cook which was burnt ends made from Pork Belly! Oh yea, and a couple of my pups cooling off in the lake! Thanks to all on the forum who share their experiences and knowledge which definitely made the move easier! All the best, Paul
  13. Tony, a big congrats to you on your Homebrew competition! That would be great to win the next level and have your recipe made by a brewery and have on tap! Keep us posted as we may have to do a road trip to have some of this beer!!! Alimac23, your Pork Belly Bao buns look fantastic!!!! I’m going to really need to kick up my game in order to feel worthy of posting my cooks on this website!!! I just found out that my grill finally cleared customs and should be shipping out today from California. I hope to have by next week and look forward to posting pictures. All the best, Paul
  14. Tony, I likely will not attend as I’m booked this summer, however I will set up a tickler about next year and hopefully I will attend this one, especially if it’s somewhat close to home. I wanted to mention that I saw some of your other post here on the forum. On one you mentioned that you like some of the products from Dizzy Pig. What are your favorites from these guys as I was thinking about placing an order? Also saw your post on making fermented hot sauce.....this is something I’ve never though of but am interested. I make and can hot sauce every year, both a red base and also a green (Tomatillo) however have never tried fermented. Along these lines have you next every had “Marie Sharps” from Belize? We stumbled upon this while on vacation in Belize a number of years ago. They have an habanero which uses carrots in the base....it’s pretty hot but I use it sparingly and it has great flavor.....I’m not a big fan of Tabasco and some of the other big names but do like Maries. They also have what they call an “Exotic Sauce” that is more sweet which we like. When we end up doing a fish fry we like to break out an arsenal of different pepper sauces and top off the fish nuggets with this stuff. Cheers, Paul
  15. Hello Jonj, I think I need to clarify my comment regarding “Midwestern” folks preferring “FOTB” ribs. About 7 years ago I attended a local BBQ and brew outing in which they had about 6 to 10 BBQ folks providing their BBQ. This included a “Vote” (pretty unofficial) on which BBQ place was the favorite. Afterwards I was talking with the outfit that won and confirmed with them that they “steam” their ribs prior to smoking / grilling. Based on this and other friends likes etc I somewhat formulated this opinion. I understand this is “stereotyping” and probably not really accurate and probably not politically correct (however I don’t always like to be politically correct.....like I love the movie Blazing Saddles!) I apologize too all you folks out here from the Midwest that prefer their ribs competition style!!! Cheers, Paul
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