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  1. Trouble, thanks for sending this over. I clicked on the link and ordered the Permatex which is due to arrive on Friday. I don't do much high temperature cooking but appreciate this information, makes sense. Thank you all for your help on this, Paul
  2. Thanks 5698k, I will give the Dixie plate a try. I did get out the old one successfully and cleaned up the area where gasket seats and confirmed the extra gasket included with grill is correct size. Now it’s off to the hardware store for some high temp silicone adhesive and Dixie plates. thanks
  3. The current gasket needs replacing for sure. I did find a thread started in June of 2010 by ThreeDJ16 which had some new postings added to it as recently as March of this year. Unfortunately I was not able to open the photos from the original post but I think I have this figured out. One question I have is to confirm that the extra gasket included with the KK is already properly sized and therefore does not require trimming etc? I believe going back to 2010 the fiber gasket was just a length of rope (so to speak) and therefore had to be measured and cut to size. The one's included now are already a circle, ends fused together. Other than that I believe I just need to thoroughly clean out the old one and and clean out the recessed area thoroughly and apply high temperature silicon (Permatex) and apply a weight evenly, and carefully apply pressure and let it set up for about 24 hours. Any additional suggestions / comments welcome. All the best, Paul If anyone can please confirm that would be great. Thanks, Paul
  4. Hello All, I need to replace the fiber gasket (for top damper) and looking for advise / instructions on how to do this? Looking for how to remove old one and how to best replace the new one. Good news is Dennis always includes this as a spare part so I have the gasket on hand. Thanks! Paul
  5. Oscar, thank you very much for the clarification and the great Videos. I didn’t have a chance to watch your video before my initial response to this thread. I’ve now watched both and am finding this information very helpful. I plan on subscribing to your YouTube channel. Cheers
  6. I guess I’m confused on whether newer KK’s even need a burn in due the changing of materials Dennis is using to build KK’s now. It would be great to get clarification on this.
  7. Yes, I was told to use them as landscape pavers! I use foil as a deflector and to catch juices / oils from the cook! Good Luck Gloria!
  8. So early in my Learning process my briskets were never done on time and you cannot rush it. I watched a YouTube video put out by Meatchurch titled “Overnight Brisket”. Essentially they were saying start your brisket in the evening at 190 F and cook overnight and then raise the temp in the morning. I did this any my brisket was still not done on time. I’ve since settled on cooking about a 15lb full packer brisket that I’ve been trimming about 1-2lbs off. I’m starting it in the evening at about 225F target and then raising the temp to about 275F in the morning and then wrapping with butcher paper when I hit the 160-170F range. Cooking until it’s done and then foil, towel, and cooler technique. So far I’ve had two successful cooks in a row so planning to stick with this technique. Also, a few years ago I went too the Salt Lick in Texas and was very happy with their brisket and ended up buying their dry rub which I really love on the brisket! I’ve also been making this size brisket for small gatherings and saving the flat for making brisket chili. I also vacuum the leftover brisket in sections and then freeze / reheat via sous vide which I’ve also been very happy with. Congrats on your cook! Paul
  9. Hello All, I just wanted to follow up on my 1st run at Nixtamalization.....making masa and tortillas. My Masa starter kit from Masienda arrived about 10 days ago and my Premier wet grinder arrived earlier this week. All and all I would say it was a success...did the nixtamalization process last night and started out just making 1 lb of heirloom corn and taking notes. The grinding process went pretty good...did it in two batches and ended up adding about 1.25 cups of water. I believed the end consistency coming out to the machine was good (not too much moisture) so initially I did not add any dry masa back into the mixture. When I started using the tortilla press I was not able to handle the tortilla without it breaking up on me. Based on this I decided to add dry masa (from Masienda) back into the masa mixture. I ended up adding 6 TBS and after that the tortillas held together...but they were still pretty fragile. I was able to get some "puff" but not as good as I hoped! Maybe more dry masa next time??? I also learned to not press to hard on the Masienda tortilla press as they would get too thin. For dinner I made two fresh salsa's using a Mocajete, guacamole and some Mexican street style corn. Earlier this week I smoked up a 6lb rack of beef plate ribs. I decided to warm up these leftovers via sous vide to about 100F and was able to cut up the meat and cut off some of the fat which I rendered down and then pan fried the cut up rib meat until it was crispy! All and all it turned out very good! The Cerveza in the pic is a homebrew Hazy IPA. I look forward to my continuing education in the art of Nixtamalization! Thanks @syzygies !!! Paul
  10. All, I want to thank you for your input. I plan to give my power washer a try and to also do some shopping to look into some of the tray / tub suggestions on this post. All the best, Paul
  11. So as Tekobo would say I jumped down this rabbit hole today. I ordered to two cookbooks suggested above and the from Masienda I ordered the Nixtamal starter kit complete with tortilla press (along with white and blue masa flour). I decided to hold off on the Masa hand mill at this time. Tekobo, I understand that you ordered the Premier 1.5 liter table top wet grinder and look forward to your feedback. @Syzygies I believe from your original post that you already procured the Premier 1.5 liter wet grinder. Are you able to confirm that you are happy with this product? I'm excited to start making heirloom tortillas for many of my mexican dishes, masa for tamales and pozole from the heirloom corn! @syzygies .....thanks again for posting this information on the website. I also decided to look at the Rancho Gordo and find their Heirloom beans fascinating and I'm sure it won't be long before an order is placed for these as well! Cheers
  12. Hey Syzygies, thanks all your information in your original post on this thread. I glanced at it a few times but dug in today and wow you may have set me in motion with making fresh masa for tortillas and tamales. Since I was a kid I helped my dad make tamales. I remember going to the tortilla factory as a kid and buying the masa fresh. Now the idea of making fresh masa using heirloom corn has me stoked to go ahead and purchase the ingredients and equipment. I like the idea of taking our family tamale recipe to the next level. We have a Metate in our home but it serves mainly as a decoration these days. I like the idea of the wet grinder you have in your post. We have a family tortilla recipe that uses flour and cornmeal and we hand roll our tortillas, however I do love corn tortillas as well so this has me excited as well. One of the other recent threads on the forum was for Tacos al Pastor and plan on picking up the Trompo King to assist me here. All the best, Paul
  13. I'm just curious if anyone out here has found an easily available shallow tray / tub that accommodates the grates for the 32" BB for cleaning? Being a homebrewer I'm familiar with Five Star PBW and use this for cleaning but am having a hard time finding a suitable dedicated shallow tray for soaking and cleaning grates. Any help / links to available trays is appreciated. Thanks, Paul
  14. Basher, yes I would take lessons from supplier for sure, just not available during this time due to CV. They do have online cookbook, guidelines that I plan to download in anticipation of getting my oven up and running in May. The one we have on order is a "Wolf" brand which offers free cooking demonstrations along with all different types of food cooked on all of their products and they even served up wine. It was very nice and I would recommend to anybody considering Wolf appliances....obviously once CV is better. Yep Mac, I bet with all of those beautiful veggies you grow the steam oven would be desirable! Best, Paul
  15. Hello Fellow KK owners, we are in the process of a kitchen remodel and have decided to include a Steam Convection oven as part of our project. I'm very excited to add this capability and have watched some youtube videos on it's capabilites. I'm curious to see if any of you here in the forum already own this technology and where and how you like to use this technology when cooking. Techniques / styles / recipes etc. All the best, Paul
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