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  1. @tekobo just a couple of questions relating to using the Meat Hangers for the chickens. Did you put a drip pan under the chickens to avoid flare ups / messy clean up? I’m guessing you also own a rotisserie set up. Do you like the ease of the meat hanger over the rotisserie? It looks like the clean up and set up of the meat hanger would simpler. I’ve been on the fence on the meat hanger but may have to pull the trigger soon. All the best, Paul
  2. I’ve been successfully using msr pot for a few years now. There is no red gasket high temp silicone or any other gasket materials. I’ve never had any acrid smoke flavors or smells either. I’m sure the longevity of it is not as good as cast iron. My issue with cast iron is bringing up the cast iron to temperature before placing on coals. It’s a needed separate process in my humble opinion in order for it to work in the KK for low temperature cooks, with low air flow. I’m also hopeful of consistent better results with using the KK cold smoker attachment using wood chips over pellets after watching Dennis’s video on using this attachment. Good luck,
  3. Hey @tekobo your post made me laugh….I too have a hard time comprehending @Syzygies post and find myself reading them over so I can hopefully understand and learn from them!!!! Both of your post made me think of many topics for discussion. I’ll comment on a few of them. Freezing masa / tamale dough. I tried an experiment once where I froze a small quantity of prepared masa for tamales……my results at the time were NOT favorable. If my memory serves me right it seems like the texture was funky / not like it was before and I never went that way and scrapped that idea. Freezing tortillas, I do this often with our family tortilla recipe which uses flour and cornmeal and they are fine this way…not as good as fresh but still very good. I have not done this with homemade masa tortillas but am intrigued to try this knowing you’ve had success with this. Tamales - Fully made tamales freeze well. Our standard family recipe calls for 7lbs of masa and we yield about 100-120 tamales from this. We will vacuum seal these and if you steam them when reheating they are almost as fresh as when coming out of the original kettle. Masa is pretty forgiving so I think there is a pretty good range of viscosity that will still yield good tamales. Many years ago (mid 1970’s) my father went to Mexico to visit family. During the visit we learned a trick that we believe makes our masa lighter / or more fluffy. I will cook a cup of rice in microwave with a higher ratio of water to rice then typical. We also add some beef boullion to the water. Once done we add a little more water and blend this and add this straight into the masa. Don’t tell my family I shared this secret with you!!! I also have a recipe for taking fresh sweet corn, cooking and making this into a masa of sorts for a sweet tamale…..still working on this one but just shows you wide ranges of corn for making masa. Tamale fillings - Yes you can put pretty much anything you want for filling in these. We have done a number of different fillings, but it always seems like the family favorite is pork that is pan fried and cooked in homemade mole sauce. One funny story is that many years ago I was watching an episode of one of Anthony Bourdain’s travel food shows where he is somewhere in Mexico. In the episode (that is somewhat tequila fueled) Anthony is sampling an Iguana tamale….with a tail sticking out of the end of it…..he leans into the camera and quietly says……this is the worst tamale I have ever eaten!!!! Buying me a McLauren Spider……..Ha Ha. Many years ago we had a school / church auction in which we put up a Mexican dinner for a party of 6 that ended up in the voice auction. I was a little apprehensive ……thinking that it would fetch maybe $250 - $500….. I was shocked that we sold it for $1,200 and because it did so well they immediately asked if I would do it again….we ended up selling 2 more at $1,200 so we raised $3,600 for the kids….so to speak! Needless to say I felt very much under pressure to cook a much larger menu than I was originally thinking. No I could not cook up a meal worthy of a McLauren Spider……but hey if you want to send me one I will not turn you down!!! On a bit of a high today, as we had a video call to meet our first grandchild as my daughter lives out of state! Looking forward to meeting her soon!!! All the best, Paul

    Jerk Chicken

    Hey Tony, I was able to source the Pimento wood right from Amazon. It’s pretty pricey but for my smoking pot I don’t use a lot so I pretty much have a 10 years supply…..unless I end up opening up a Jerk Shack!!! Cheers

    Jerk Chicken

    So I did the jerk chicken cook yesterday. The smoke pot filled with Pimento wood, Pimento leaves and allspice berries worked great! I did the marinade as mentioned and I think I need to kick up the seasoning and flavor a bit. Otherwise the texture and cook went very well in spite of the very crappy weather here yesterday!!! I look forward to continuing to work on the marinade and seasoning. Cheers, IMG_4468.mov

    Jerk Chicken

    Bringing back an old thread. I’ve never really made Jerk Chicken and after a trip to Jamaica last month it inspired me to work on making Jerk. In reading through some of the threads here I decided to start with an approach / recipe by @tony b. I’ve picked up some Walkerswood paste and plan to add water and dark rum. I’ve also ordered some pimento wood, leaves and berries (aka allspice) and plan to put into the smoker pot. I’m planning to target 350F indirect until mostly cooked thru and then finishing over direct coal to add char / crust. I’m also thinking of another approach / version in which I would add marinade & SV cook & then freeze so that I can easily finish on a direct grill for a remote Canada fishing trip. I’m looking for some input and suggestions for both of these planned cooks. Also, planning to cook bone in skin on chicken thighs. Ya Mon!
  7. Yes, @Syzygies I’m with @tekobo and would appreciate the SS / spelt recipe! I’m looking to up my bread game. thanks
  8. Hello @Dennis, as mentioned I have 2 KK’s at different addresses. While I have struggled with consistent results using pellets in the cold smoker option I still own 2 cold smokers. My issue has been keeping pellets lit. Some of the suggestions for resolving this is using quality pellets, drying them further in your microwave, tapping on the side of the cold smoker from time to time to knock down ashes and so on. Through all of this I don’t feel like Ive ever had creosote issues causing off smoke / undesirable flavors, however I believe others have mentioned this. As mentioned in previous post I plan to start using wood chips over pellets in the cold smoker. The cold smoker option comes with an aquarium pump, not sure I understand your comment about tying up a plug. KK’s come with a port for the cold smoker and also have a plug to support fans like the BBQ guru for controlling temperature. My experience with the 475ml smoking pot is you’ll get a lot of smoke for 2-3 hours. If you are looking for longer smoking time capicity then the cold smoker will give you this. I’m happy with both smoking options. The Turkey Pastrami recipe is from Food Network/ Guy Fieri. All the best,
  9. Hello @Dennis, my typical procedure is to use a torch to start coals in the center to about the size of a grapefruit. I’ll add the grates (these are a big heat sink too). Close the lid and open the vents wide on both the top and bottom. Once I get close to the target temp I’ll close up the vents to achieve the target temperature. Once here I then take the grate off and place the smoke pot directly in the center of the coals and put the grate back on. Then I work on the grilling protein (about 10 -20 minutes) and by then the smoke pot is doing its job. I really don’t worry about the volatiles like @tony b describes. For me the smoke pot you are buying last about 2 hours. Please note that I will also employ the KK cold smoker as well as this smoke will last longer. I’ve struggled with consistent results with the cold smoker using pellets and after watching KK Dennis video on using the cold smoker with wood chips I’m doing this now instead of pellet. I’ve only done one smoke so far with wood chips and this already seemed to work better over the pellets. I just did Turkey pastrami on the KK using this smoking technique and it turned out wonderful. Definitely a keeper recipe. Good luck and hope to see picks from you using the smoking pot etc. All the best,
  10. Hello @Dennis, I’ve always used pellets with this but you could use wood chips also. The SS sink screen prevents pellets from blocking the holes thus allowing for air flow / smoke. FYI, we have good friends / neighbors in Northern WI who are snowbirds in Port St Lucie . Last year we visited them …very nice area! for reference I’ve attached a picture of SS sink screen.
  11. I have two KK’s, one with teak side tables and one with SS side tables, I recommend SS ones, easier to clean / maintain.
  12. I like this one. Drill 3 holes about .125” on the bottom. Go to hardware store and pick up a stainless steel sink strainer, fits very well in the 475ml pot in the picture. I have two of these. I’ve struggled with the cast iron version of the smoke pot! good luck
  13. @dstr8 below are tips from “Masa” book. To be honest I get “puff” but not a full puff of the whole diameter of the tortilla…..like you see in the photos! They still taste great. good luck, Tortilla Puff tips Maybe putt Masa in Mixer for 3 to 5 minutes. Let rest at least 30 minutes covered Proper Moisture - Make a ball and flatten with hands- edges should not crack. Compression - Press tortilla and turn 180 degrees (Already do this). If too thick it will not puff. If too thin it will not puff. Comal temp - Should be at least 400 F and up to 650F. Flip tortillas 3 times. Quickly for the first to flips and the Puff usually occurs on the 3rd flip
  14. That is a Beautiful spread @tekobo!!!! I know I would have been blown away if I was a guest………and I have an intimate knowledge of all of the hard work & love that went into that……….I’m sure your Fiesta will go down in the archives for you and your guest as the best NYE dinner ever!!! Congratulations!!!
  15. So yesterday was our early NYE gathering with some close friends and their kids and my family so we had a total of 13 of us. A pic of my sweetie helping to press tortillas outside in about 34 F weather…pretty mild end of December evening here in SE WI. A couple pics of the taco spread and one finished taco…..I thought they turned out great but then I’m tooting my ow horn I guess. Our friends sister was a professional in the food industry with a high skill set in confectionary / baking. This is a pic of a coconut cake……..many years ago my wife and I enjoyed going to a Chicago restaurant called “Heaven on Seven” a New Orleans themed restaurant that make an excellent coconut cake. This cake was as good as the cake or better than we used to get at Heaven on Seven! Today we are taking it easy before we head to Mexico where other good people can make great tacos for us!!! Good luck @tekobo and Happy New Year to all the good folks here on the KK Forum,
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