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  1. Syzgies, glad to see you have taken the plunge and bought one of these! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us here. I hope to join the Vermicular club sometime this year. We just had a pretty big remodel project at home so need to watch my spending for awhile. All the best, Paul

    M*A*S*H 1970

    Great Story Doc, While I like fireworks, and sorry to say...I would be hanging down by the REK show! His encore song would be “The road goes on forever and the party never ends”. I hope to meet you on the 4th someday in the park, we can talk, fireworks, KK and REK! I have a funny story I will share with you. My wife and I got married in 1986 and went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. While there we went on a sunset food & booze cruise. While on the cruise we met a small group (3) and they asked us where we were from....We told them Wisconsin (very proudly of course!) and they said ......That’s OK.......... we got a laugh out of it...... and they were from Texas and very proud of it! (The feeling I got from them is that somebody has to be from Wisconsin and they were glad it wasn’t them!) During our trip to Texas this last year (my first) we were definitely struck with how folks from Texas are very proud of their state (it shows) and that they are all very patriotic........I really liked this about Texas.............................And you have REK in your backyard to boot!!! All the best, Paul

    M*A*S*H 1970

    Hey Doc, I see you are from Kerrville , Texas. Last year in spring my wife and I and our two adult kids did a vacation in Texas. Started out in San Antonio and made our way to Austin and then took a drive out of Austin on Easter Sunday and stopped in Kerrville and ate at The Humble Fork there in town before taking scenic HWY 16 down towards Bandera. What a Beautiful Ride. Also after returning from our trip I see that one of my favorite Musicians is from Kerrville. None other than Robert Earl Keen!!! I would love to spend a 4th of July in your town to see REK playing in the park there. Saw him late fall in Madison WI and it was a great show. Try to see him whenever he is near by. All the best, Paul
  4. Yes, I skip pineapple and cherries.....use OJ concentrate as I’ve never seen tangerine concentrate in my life and use mustard types I have on hand. Other than that I follow rest of recipe. Usually use a bone in ham but have also done this on spiral cut ham as well. Phins up! Paul
  5. Coolpapabill, looks I'm Planning making the attached recipe with some modifications on Sunday. Last time I made this on the KK it turned out great! all the best, Paul

    New in NC

    Hello om21braz, I’ve been grilling my whole life with Webber charcoal and gas grills. About 2 years ago I purchased a Cookshack PG500 grill. The Memphis you have is the KK of pellet grills! I decided on purchasing 2 KK grills last year ( one for a vacation home and couldn’t be without one at home). To be honest I’ve not used my pellet grill since I got the KK. I’ve not really used it because I’m having too much fun with the KK’s. The big difference is that the KK is extremely tight so you don’t have the airflow / moisture Loss you have in all other grills. One of the coolest things is that not only is the KK versatile in being able to do anything from cold smoking to high temp pizzas but you also have a unique piece of art in your yard. I think you may experience the same thing with your pellet grill as I have, however it’s nice to still have this in your arsenal when your entertaining for large parties etc. I’m getting a bathroom remodel and guy doing the tile work is amazed at the quality and the look of the KK. If you can afford the Memphis I’m thinking that a KK is in your future! Good Luck. PVPAUL
  7. Mac, looks like a Cheeseburger in Paradise! Great photo! As promised I included photos from The Mississippi Pot roast from yesterdays cook. Smoked the Chuck roast for 1.5 hours then placed in the foil tin with the rest of the ingredients and then cooked tightly sealed with foil for about 3.5 hours at 325F. Plated with some mashed potatoes and used some leftover duck fat and duck juice from a Sous Vide Duck Confit recipe and had a side salad that my wife has been making ....that I’ve been craving as of late. FYI, the Mississippi recipe came off of a You Tube video. Wasn’t sure if I would like it but I had this chuck roast burning a hole in my pocket and decided to defrost and give it a try. I was very happy with this recipe and will definitely make this again. Best, Paul
  8. Thanks for the compliments! Today I’m doing a smoked Mississippi Pot roast on the 32” KK. Just threw it on a few minutes ago. Using Lumberjack M-H-C pellets. I’ll take a couple of pics and post them a little later today!
  9. We’ll being sort of locked up these days I decided to spend the day cooking. While the KK was not included in this cook I thought I would still share with the forum. I was speaking with my 90 year old Uncle and he shared with me a simple salsa recipe his mom used to make when he was a kid. Being the proud owner of a pig like Mocajete I decided to make the fresh Salsa like Grandma...Simply a roasted tomato, garlic, banana pepper, green onion, cilantro and salt. Next up was a kettle of home made pork with Mole tamales....probably about 100 of these and in the final pic a plated traditional Mexican fare.......Tamales, Frijoles y arroz!
  10. All, thanks for your replies. Basher I really didn’t have that much variation. What happened is I needed to depart home for about 3 hours. I probably only had the upper vent turned about 2” from the gasket......I was trying not to over shoot my target of 185 and I was OK with it being less as long as coals were still going which they obviously were. After running my errands I came back to a smoker that was only just above 150F (which I was happy with) I then spent the next hour opening the gasket a little more at at time until I got to about 185F. My point is that because I was barely off of the gasket there was very little airflow And with the pump on a medium setting I was thinking I may be creating / pumping more smoke out the vent holes then was was going into the KK as there didn’t seem to be much smoke coming out of the vent. I will take Dennis advise of putting pump on it’s lowest setting moving forward. As for this cook I was using Bear Mountain Alder as I could not locate Lumberjack Alder. I have also recently purchased some bags of Lumberjack Pellets. I noticed these pellets burn rather fast when compared to other brands of pellets I had on hand (Not Lumberjack as I’m new to these). I always clean out the old pellets after each cook so I’m not dealing with ash or moist / wet pellets. I then fill the chamber partially to the level of the vent holes. I have a torch that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the vent holes so I can light them very good. Once I feel the pellets are well lit I then dump additional pellets in the chamber. I may try the idea of the vent pipe screen up for a cleaner smoke. As always I appreciate everyone’s input. Best, Paul
  11. Dennis, Starting to break in my cold smoker some more so I appreciate your tip on using the blower at it’s lowest setting. I was making Salmon candy last week and was trying to smoke at the coolest temp possible while still have coal lit. I was able to smoke starting at about 150F up to 185 (over the course of 4 hours) and the top vent was only slightly off of the gasket, hence very very low air flow. It seemed like I had more smoke coming out of my cold smoker then out of the 21”KK. I had the blower at about 1/2 so I will turn it down in the future once I know the pellets are lit. Question, does anybody try to plug the side vents on the cold smoker once pellets are lit to force more smoke into the KK? Thanks!
  12. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here so I thought I would post a picture of some Salmon Candy that I made yesterday. However I forgot to include a shot of the salmon on the Grill! This was my second attempt at this recipe and it turned out much better than the first. My 1st run was using Steve Raichlen recipe from his “Project Smoke” Cookbook. Followed the recipe pretty close including an 8 hour brine followed by a 2 hour air dry in the fridge and about a 225F smoke for about 2 hours. The end result was lots of Albumin and not the deep smoky salmon color I was looking for. Went back to the drawing board and followed the brine recipe once again and brined for about 16 hours and then air dried in fridge for about 20 hours. Smoked between 150-185 for about 4 hours and then raised temp to about 225 for another 2 hours. This time it was a winner IMHO! Cheers, Paul
  13. Hey Tekobo, thanks for forwarding this article. I agree that the article was not very favorable. I think I will hold off on this for the time being and continue to play with the toys already in my arsenal. Congrats on your new 32” BB!!! And happy early birthday! Paul PS - I’ve never cooked cabrito before but this was cooked up for my dads 50th birthday back in 1992....very tasty!!!
  14. Hello Fellow KK’ers and cooking gadget lovers, I recently came across this product on the web and it intrigued me enough to a post here to see if anyone has invested in this product and what your thoughts are on it. It’s and extremely tight tolerance engineered enameled cast iron Dutch oven cooker which comes with the option of an induction cooker. Looks like Sousvide type of temperature tolerances in an enameled cast iron cooking Dutch oven. They tout waterless cooking ie cooking veggies in it’s own juices etc . I look forward to hearing back from the forum. Cheers, Paul PS - the website is vermicular.us
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