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  1. Either that or this is an excuse to call on Amazon and buy a nice fire pit thing that you can cook over AND keep for starting binchotan fires. We look forward to seeing your results.
  2. It took me weeks to get around to using my rotisserie and here you are, with no drama, using it for your first cook! Looks good. How did it taste?
  3. Congratulations!! How does it feel to finally have your very own KK? To have and to hold, from this day forward.
  4. Great! No books to buy AND your list includes the awesome Chicago South Side thin crust which I love.
  5. tekobo

    Nigerian Suya

    Thanks Pequod. I grabbed a pdf of the recipe for future reference. The thing that makes me laugh is that, even though I had a lifetime of suya eating behind me, I did not know that suya pepper contained nuts until we got into the detail of making it on this forum. All good.
  6. This thread was a good reminder to take my smoker apart and clean it. I have been pretty lazy. I left the smoker attached to the KK for weeks and only detached it to shake out old pellets/crud when necessary. I took it apart and soaked in PBW. Most parts came out completely clean. Just had some residual black stuff on the inside of the tube around the holes where you set the fire. That seems fine to me. Another few weeks of laziness coming up...
  7. Yup, @Braai-Q is fully responsible for me going with Ox Grills and not Solus Grills which was The Husband's original choice. I am so pleased he intervened. We are still at least two weeks away from being able to use the grill with garden renovations only starting next week if we are lucky. Speaking of searing in the KK: I cooked baby octopus, pork tenderloin and lamb rump directly on birch charcoal from Oxford Charcoal. I really like this cooking method. Photo of the in-KK cook is not great but just look at the results.
  8. I hope the burn in went well. The pizza looks awesome!
  9. Congratulations! Burn in followed by pizza is hard core. Good luck, take your time and enjoy the pizzas.
  10. Nice looking sign and cook @Millercd. Welcome!
  11. When I first saw Pequod's pile of chain at the start of this thread I thought, there is no way I am doing that! However, as Mac says, one heavy aluminium disk in a cake tin feels like a neat solution. Thank you, MacQ for asking for clarity and thank you @Syzygies for explaining so carefully.
  12. This made me smile. Understood. I will start my own exploration this weekend. I don't have the right sort of lodge pan and lid but I can get close with a cast iron casserole and a flat skillet. Once I have tried the standard method I can start to explore, sans pot. Please can you settle a difference of opinion between Mac and me? I think your new calcs mean I only need one aluminium disc. You have two because you can but the second appears to be surplus to requirements. Am I right? Or is Macqueenzie? The cake tin was purchased a week ago from here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008ALVN20/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_H58IDb6FVE884 but I need to wait until I get to the US in November to get the aluminium disc, unless I find a similar by product of cutting holes in metal in the UK.
  13. That sounds great. Really versatile to have all those options. Unlike some people we know... Yes please! I really liked the previous picture of our ODK with your 3 KKs. What does your world look like now?
  14. Tee hee. I have actually butchered half a cow before and I recall there being different names for different parts of the tenderloin. This link feels a bit elementary but it does refer to a tenderloin roast: https://www.ehow.com/list_7156751_different-cuts-beef-tenderloin.html
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