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  1. That looks great Mac. That is one loaded nacho dish!
  2. I like your recipes! Please post when you have refined. We don't get your lovely Californian peaches out here but I will look out for some good Mediterranean ones as the season progresses.
  3. Hi @jruddy. It looks like you are pretty much set. The two things that revolutionised my fire lighting were a MAPP torch and a small leaf blower. There are threads elsewhere on the forum about the type of leaf blower available in the US if you are interested.
  4. Having examined the smoker properly I now know that my proposal, as set out above, was flawed. The tube that fits into the KK means you cannot "slip the smoker off" without undoing the bolts (see picture below). I am now more relaxed about all of this. I load the smoker with just the amount of pellets that I think I need, they burn out and I leave the smoker to cool before unbolting from the KK.
  5. Hi Paul. The Husband has returned from his foraging, sorry business, trip to NYC and he came back with these. Are they the right sort to be using for your tortilla recipe? I think they are, from your description.
  6. Welcome @jruddy. It sounds like you are all set for your KK adventure. It is fun using different cooking methods. What accessories did you order?
  7. @Steve M,the Husband saw a picture of your set up on Dennis' instagram feed and wanted to know more about the Evo and the drawers that you have underneath it. I showed him your series of posts about the build. Serious ODK envy ensued.
  8. I was rehearsing lighting the KK as I sat on the train home on Friday night. Home safely and one hour or so later...heaven.
  9. I love that. Having a connection with someone who lived in your house all/most of his life must have been interesting. I often wonder about the people who lived in our house and what their lives would have been like. Yay! What colour is it and what are the bells and whistles?
  10. Tee hee. I knew there was something I had forgotten. I have not sealed the lid on the smoke pot with paste for a long time. The lid is good and heavy and fits well so I rely on that for sealing. I have to admit that I have not checked for leakage once it has got going so I don't know if I am undermining the effectiveness of the smoke pot significantly by not adding the extra seal. I remember @Syzygies saying that he found applying the seal was good work for hands that might otherwise be idle. Decided my hands would be better occupied with a drink.
  11. Wow. I had never heard of estrattu. Just did a search on the net and found a few interesting descriptions including this thoughtful one : https://honest-food.net/essence-of-tomato-strattu-estratto-conserva/ and another that describes a tomato heavy hitter: https://www.ciaoitalia.com/my_weblog/2010/09/tomato-paste-with-attitude. I am not sure that I will ever have the tomatoes, sun, time and patience required to achieve these results but, just in case, can you share your method @Syzygies?
  12. I hope it works for you Paul. For more information see the attached post and linked posts from @Syzygies. He talks about pre-heating on a Weber in one of the linked posts and I am sure he will chime in if any of the advice that I have given is wrong.
  13. Hi @PVPAUL. I had trouble with the smoking pot initially but I have since used it successfully and consistently at low temperatures. I heat up the empty pot on a gas ring in the kitchen and then put in on the fire in the KK and add in my chips, taking care not to block the exit holes. That has worked every time for me. Now that I have the hot/cold smoker I don't think I will need to use the smoke pot unless I am using chips that don't work well in the smoker.
  14. I have seen the warnings about eating too much cured meat on account of ingesting too much sodium nitrate. I have not paid much attention on the basis that I don't eat all that much cured meat. That is if I don't count all the bacon I make and the Italian charcuterie that I buy. This article is interesting and seems to suggest that if you eat more veg with your bacon you should be fine! https://firsthandfoods.com/2017/12/06/nitrate-free-bacon-myth-or-reality/
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