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  1. tekobo

    Waygu Beef?

    I've eaten wagyu in Japan and really enjoyed it but have no desire to hunt it down and eat it again. The thing I have found with meat is that the breed and how the meat has been hung and aged makes so much difference. If I were you I would try wagyu once and then move on. Explore what's available from specialised farms and butchers. There so much to learn and enjoy.
  2. Hey Tony. I sometimes struggle with halloumi sticking to the grates. Seems to need high heat AND needs some oiling. Is that your experience?
  3. You jest @Tyrus but I did actually ask a poultry supplier for chicken blood once. Not for me mind, but for my father-in-law who wanted to make coq au vin. They never responded to my email. I waited a couple of years before I approached them again and made no mention of blood ever again. They answer all my emails now. The lesson? Don't scare folk with weird s**t on your first encounter. Save it for the second or third.
  4. Hi @John T. Having never cooked duck breast this way before I wasn't prepared for the amount of fat that was rendered into the pan. I already had sides and sauce fixed for that day and so I did not take advantage of the lovely fat that came off the duck. Thanks for the tips. Next time! I worked in Yorkshire for about 13 years, flying up every week. Even the mention of Yorkshire makes me nostalgic. Different world now though. Less zooming and more Zooming. Mark and I sat smugly on our (now not so) new sofa and laughed at your description of life in the RD household. I h
  5. I try to avoid commenting on individual cooks in this thread because it seems like you are disregarding the other cooks that have been posted. All lovely cooks since this morning but I have to say...I adore the look of those giant pork chops @jonj! Happy Straya day when it comes @Basher. Thanks for the reminder, it is also a Sydney friend's birthday so I shall get on the blower on Tues.
  6. Thank you all. Thought I would share something I should have discovered way sooner than I did. Hey @Braai-Q, you should have told me before now!!! Yes, I dry age the duck breasts for about a week before cooking. The flesh side looks scarily like leather by the end of the process but it comes out great when cooked. The best bit about dry aging is the skin. It is lovely and dry and that makes it easy to make the fine hatching which helps render the fat. @RokDok, the idea of doing duck legs this way has potential but given the leg has less fat you may not get the benefit of the mel
  7. Here are a few dancing girls to keep the rain away. Have fun. Try to get some pics!
  8. Simple proof of the value of a sharp knife. The Husband is responsible for fish prep round here and he and I were delighted with how cleanly this fillet of brill came off yesterday. O
  9. My husband, also known as @Sharky, is in the middle learning his way around this piece of kit as I type. The whetstones are sitting in a bowl of water and he also moistens the whetstone that is in use at intervals. I read your post out to him @Syzygies. He has some thoughts and says he will post later. I think he is having too much fun to stop now. I started this journey because @5698k's post about the TSPROF was the next one up when I logged back on to the forum that day. It caught my imagination and I passed the details on to The Husband who dived head first into the rabbit hole
  10. Our food discovery of 2020 was just how much we like duck breast. While I was KK-less over the summer I found that cooking duck breast over my Solo Bonfire stove worked very well. There was limited smoke and what smoke there was stayed outdoors. The fat collecting channel also felt like a great innovation. It was so good that I thought this would be my go to method for all time. Then my 16" KK arrived and I tried the duck breast out in there with good results. This week I thought I would look up alternative recipes for duck breasts and, alongside a great recipe
  11. I am very pleased to have benefitted from your collective experience on this thread. After a couple of days of research and debate here we dived in and bought the TSPROF K03 sharpening system. The constraints on length of blade with the cheaper options and the fact that this system can also be used to sharpen our secateurs, chisels and my sewing scissors clinched it for us. The kit arrived in a neat box yesterday and The Husband got it out to use immediately. My crude assessment is that "all" that this does is a) helps you to choose the angle at which you will sharpen your knife and b)
  12. Yes! The information that is available is just amazing isn't it? Good to manage your expectations with four weeks of contingency but I know that in your heart of hearts you are hoping your KK will make it to you in less time. Me too! Looking forward to seeing that gorgeous vibrant blue KK in situ.
  13. Tee hee. I feel like an interloper in this knife conversation but I have returned for a few reasons: 1. To thank @troble for starting this thread 2. To say that I woke up especially happy this morning. For a few years I have been dogmatic about using my two go-to knives and nothing else. It was great to be free of clutter but now I have decided that I will go into our knife store and pick out one to be a guest knife each month. We have some we bought in Japan and some that we bought direct from a knife maker in India. It will be fun to discover their various characteristics.
  14. Awesome. When you send your son over the seas to the UK when all of this COVID stuff is over, we would be very happy to have him stay and practice his skills on us!
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