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  1. Beautiful baguettes @David Chang. My favourite. What do you do with them with you have them in quantities such as this? Freeze? Gift? Gorge? I vote for gorging.
  2. I am taking it slow, reading the instructions for a change. They recommend a trial run without any jars, just to get used to how pressure canning works. Taking the canner up to pressure and then releasing it went fine but I was shocked to see that the inside of the pan, where it was in contact with water, was black after that first run. The instructions say that there will be discoloration but I was not expecting a ring of black in the bottom of the pan! Having looked online, it appears that aluminium pans do go black when heated and it's nothing to be worried about. Of course, if the internet is wrong and someone thinks this is an issue please tell me. Apart from that I am happy with progress and even happier that I selected a model that is compatible with my induction hob. It makes regulation of temperature and pressure so much easier.
  3. Congratulations @DennisLinkletter! You were right to mobilise us. Well done and I hope this helps to introduce more people to your amazing product. It makes me weep when I see people, including Michelin star chefs, wasting their money on inferior kamados.
  4. What a beauty. Welcome to the KK family @moebutt!
  5. Pressure canner arrived from the US today by the magic(?) of Amazon. Will read the instructions carefully before I dive in.
  6. Good looking clams @Tyrus. I would normally be a purist and want to eat them with minimum additions but I suspect that, at this size, they are intimidating "au naturel" and on the flip side they are large enough to stand up to the added flavours. If only there was a way to taste cooks online!
  7. Yes, to pour on the chicken and brat kartoffeln that went with it. That is the most delicious chicken fat you will ever eat!
  8. I feel bad ignoring Birbal kumar's kind message but, given it is his first message on the forum and in response to a very old post, I wonder if he is a real person or a spam product. Birbal, I look forward to hearing more from you about grilling and your KK/plans for one.
  9. I don't think I could have carried the coins required to buy that beauty. Everything is bigger in the US. My allotment neighbours would look at me in horror if I tried to reverse that down the dirt track to my plot!
  10. I realise now that I should have said I was freaked by savoury porridge not savoury grits. Will take the leap soon, I promise!
  11. Hey @Pequod. Breakfast grits with egg? Blew my mind. But why not? I have just started making breakfast smoothies with tomatoes and today's with tomato, a chilli, basil, salt and flaxseed actually tasted nice. I think savoury smoothies are the way to go and will try savoury grits too soon. Thanks!
  12. I remember your recipe from here: And a bit lower down in the thread I actually made the recipe and said I enjoyed it. I think I was telling the truth at the time but a few bowls of polenta later I am back in the not keen corner...
  13. I am so pleased my memory served me right on this one. The recommendation came from @amusedtodeath in 2018 But ever before I joined the forum I see that @MacKenzie had already blazed the trail here in 2016: It's a great little device and mine folds flat for storage. Hey @Tyrus I have clean grates and a dirty car. I like it that way round.
  14. I know it is sacrilege but I can't get on with shrimp and grits even though my Texan friend swears they are delicious. Grits bread may well be the way to go with my grits supply.
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