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  1. Ahhh. I see what you are saying @Poochie. You are right, if you quote someone and respond to their post, your response can end up miles away from their original post if other people have posted in the meantime. You say that they will then have to read through all the intervening posts before they get to your response. They won't. If they have notifications set, they will get a notification that someone has commented on one of their posts and, if they click on the notification they'll get taken straight to the comment that has been made.
  2. Fish on the 16TT tonight. Forgot to take pictures of the carrots on the grill but here they are plated with the fish and a spinach and borlotti salad. Made use of the hot KK to cook the sides for tomorrow's dinner. Slow roasted, assorted vegetables from the allotment. Can't wait for dinner tomorrow!
  3. That sounds like an interesting and potentially very simple solution @GT4426. Can you post photos to show how it goes together?
  4. I'll hold you to that!!
  5. @Troble I can just taste that tuna, slippery sliding down and then licking the soy sauce of my lips. Must get me some!
  6. The pizzas look great and it is lovely to be introduced to your new toy @jeffshoaf. I have found that, even though I proof my bread dough in a temperature controlled proofer, it does behave differently in the summer to in the winter. I have reduced hydration by 10% and shortened the proving times to overcome that. I don't remember where in the US you live but would be interested in knowing if the handling of your dough changes with the seasons. I too buy my flour in bulk and had beginner's luck with the first batch and then lost two loads of 00 flour to weevils. I now store my 00 and plain bread flour in the freezer and the cold flour acts as a nice counter balance to the warmth of my fresh milled whole grain when I mix the two. Now there's a toy for you - do you have a flour mill already or is that on your Christmas list?
  7. That looks great @jonj. I agree, it is a very tasty recipe. Thank you to @Troble, again. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’•
  8. For holding a cowboy's ponytail in place?
  9. 😱 I know that no KK feeling. Not a good place to be. Hurrah! Look forward to seeing it in situ when you are all sorted. I am still enjoying my 3 KK combo.
  10. Hi there @Mcjudsten. I saw your recent cook in your 16 (yummy looking by the way) and remembered this post. What does your set up look like and how are you enjoying the combo of a 42 and 16?
  11. Nice cooks Mac! Here had a nice evening, rediscovering the fun of cooking on my Brawny Bambino aka 16TT. Started with homegrown sweetcorn, cooked in their husks. It was super delicious. No seasoning or butter. Just naked out of the husk. Then I blackened some peppers for a pepper pesto that I'll be making tomorrow. The human scale of the 16 is great, I just turned the peppers with my fingers. And now for a sight that Mac will hate. My dry ager is full of fish. Salt cod from Spain and, at the bottom, tonight's dinner. Rainbow trout fillets left in for half a day to dry the skin out. I oiled the grates and sprayed the fish with oil before cooking. Very pleased with the results. The fish was basted with a soy sauce and mirin mixture and the finished product reminded me of a less intense version of the grilled eel that the Japanese serve. Yum.
  12. tekobo

    This Little Pig...

    Woo hoo! You catch me coming off Dennis' website and telling myself that I really do not need a 42. Happy for you. Sorry, no pictures of pigs in a 42 but looking forward to seeing yours!
  13. tekobo


    Aha. Very exciting to see some actual Dennis cocochar, thanks @johnnymnemonic. This is the stuff that I use: https://proqsmokers.co.uk/products/proq-coconut-shell-briquettes. It is excellent, no crumbling after the cook, slow burning and very efficient. That reminds me - I'm running low. Will put in an order in case they get a shortage. No KK person likes to be without their favourite fuel.
  14. Ha. I had to go back and watch to the vid to see what I said. Thank you @Syzygies for watching to the end and providing the timing range so I could find it quickly. Shame. I didn't do my bit for gender equality. I normally say "Bob's your uncle and Matilda's your Tante. Next time.πŸ€—
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