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  1. Hey there Bruce. At least one person has reviewed the MEATER block on the forum and they were happy with it. I am very keen to get hold of one because the MEATER is the only thermometer I use (for simplicity and lack of wires) and I would like not to have to rig up two phones to get the signal into my house. The only problem is how long it will take them to deliver. I am still waiting for mine, a year and a half on. It would be good to hear from others who have also ordered the block.
  2. OK. Good news, Keith did respond. He said his website is under re-construction but you can get in touch with him direct to buy. His contact email is on the website and the details of the products are back on there: http://octoforks.com
  3. You are so funny Mac. Your next challenge, if you will accept it, is to try out a robust fish like a red mullet. They are soooo tasty (and fishy!) when grilled. The other option is to pat yourself on the back go back to cooking things that you actually like.
  4. Hi David. I just took a look and the Octoforks site is there but there don't seem to be any products advertised for sale. I dropped Keith, the owner, an email but given it is at his octoforks address that may well have been a waste of time. Will revert if I hear anything. Having said that, although Octoforks are really helpful for some non-standard roti cooks they are not essential and many people don't have them.
  5. Phew. Pleased to hear the we have not missed the big reveal @Braai-Q. As for the pebble v tile debate? Let's see what @SSgt93 goes for when he gets his second KK.
  6. I concur that pebbles are good BUT, scientific proof is required. The Husband vetoed one of my choices - one KK in black tile and one in black pebble. I now wish that I had stood my ground. Someone else will have to do that test. And deal with the wrath from the losers. I am concerned that your reference to "recently" implies that you have sneaked a new KK into your ODK without proper scrutiny. I hope, for your sake, that is not the case.
  7. Congratulations. Thea May looks so peaceful. I like the way you said "first daughter". Here is to many more - boys and girls!
  8. Tee hee. Yes, the Southampton Costco does stock tomahawks and I was tempted to join and drive over to see if they have them on offer. Then I remembered the amount of meat I already have, stockpiled in my freezer. Decided against. I just searched for grits on the Costco UK website and it came up with a big bag of horticultural grit so I might be out of luck there.
  9. I am ignoring all references to third degree burns and hope that you do try your version of this dish sometime. It is really cooked "to taste" and is very tasty. Smoked rice is definitely something I want to explore more. As for grits... I have never tried them but my local Texan friend has some, I think. Will see if she is willing to share in return for a taste of @tony b's recipe. Failing that, an American friend with a card took me to the Costco in Southampton a few weeks ago. It seemed to be an outpost of America so I expect they sell grits there. Thanks @MacKenzie. I was resisting an early lunch but now that I have seen the picture again I think I might go for the last of the leftovers...now!
  10. Way to go Paul! Looking like PVG is going to serve you well. Those porky burnt ends look delicious. Care to share the recipe and method? Yum.
  11. Hey Tyrus, it was safe. Not too hot. This time. Just want to lull you and your screen into a false sense of security.
  12. So, was this steak one of the Piedmontese animals? Or do we have that pleasure to come?
  13. Yes @rick, I will keep the bark on any trimmings from fruit trees. One of Lumberjack's selling points is that they keep the bark on so, like Tony, I'm going with the pros.
  14. Nigerian Jollof Rice with Chicken and Dodo This is a typical Yoruba party dish in Nigeria. I cooked as much of it as I could in the KK and I am very pleased to report that it tasted great, just like home. A quick run through the component parts. Jollof rice at parties is typically cooked over a wood fire so I simulated the effect by smoking some washed, raw rice before cooking it in my donabe rice cooker. I fried some finely chopped onions in goose fat, fried the smoked rice and then cooked the rice with half water and half smooth tomato sauce. The tomato sauce can be cooked with any spices you like but make sure it has a lot of chilli in - always use a bit more than you think you can stand and it might be close to being right. The rice was fluffy and tasty. A bit more smoke (hoping to have pellets for my Dennis smoker soon) and a bit more salt next time. Smothered some chicken in cooked down onion, tomato and sweet peppers and added some chllis for good measure. At a Nigerian party the chicken would have been deep fried before going into the sauce. Next time I will brown on the KK before the sauce stage. If you have read this far I am guessing it is because you want to know how I came to be cooking an extinct bird. Dodo is what we call fried plantain and has nowt to do with the other dodos. The ripeness of the plantain is important. Green ones won't cut it. The riper they are, the sweeter they taste. The Ivoriennes go so far as to get them to a soft, almost rotting stage before deep frying and slathering in hot sauce as a road side snack. They call it aloco. We don't go that far. Here are some semi soft plantains. Here they are, chopped party style. I guess they go further if cubed this way. When deep fried they absorb a fair bit of fat but come out very tasty. My father prefers them cut on the slant with less surface area exposed to the fat. I was going to give you a triumphant view of my new rotisserie "air fryer" but the less said about that debacle the better. The picture at the start of this thread shows the cubed dodo, deep fried in my IDK. I will continue my experiments with the roti in secret.
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