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  1. I agree. Getting into a relationship with good farmers can get you access to the really good stuff. I really enjoy buying whole (lamb)/half (pig)/quarter (cow) animals because you get a load of cuts you wouldn't normally buy and end up exploring some interesting new recipes. Below is the cutting list for the meat that I should be receiving this week. (CAPS are my response to the farmer's suggestion for cuts). The Husband and I have cut up lambs, pigs and cows at home before but the time and energy required is disproportionate to the pleasure of making decisions on the fly about what cuts you want. So, no help with your request for US sources for meat but I heartily endorse your use of local farmers. + FAT TRIMMINGS FOR ME TO USE TO MAKE DRIPPING
  2. Very nice looking indeed @Basher. Definitely going to try this out.
  3. Looking forward to seeing your cooks and copying them!
  4. First off. What is with that new profile photo of yours @Pequod? Worried about the amount of chest hair on show on a family forum! When I talk about a fraction of cow I am talking in quarters and halves here. i am picking up my forequarter of Dexter in the morning having, finally, fessed up to The Husband about the purchase on the same day as I also agreed on the delivery date for the hindquarter of a dairy cow. We will be eating beef three ways and more for quite a while. I will take a look at @Braai-Q's haul while I am there but his will be going by courier next week. I am hoping he likes it!!!
  5. That's the name of the game! It's great to be able to share local advice and where else but on the KK forum would you meet someone who would say "yes" to a random incoming email asking if they would like a (big) fraction of a cow?
  6. Courtesy of @buzilo, here is a photograph of a loaded 21 in action
  7. You've caught the bug really bad, I can tell! I sometimes think that the wait makes getting a KK all the sweeter. In @tony b's absence (off drinking beer somewhere) I will say: welcome to the OBSESSION!.
  8. Thanks both. I was planning to de-bone the quail and grill it spatchcock style because they are easier to eat that way. When I de-frosted the birds I found that our Italian butcher had neatly parcelled them up with a bay leaf on the front and pancetta all around. Had to change cooking plan. Cooked high up for most of the time and then browned low down. Came out juicy - fluke more than plan I suspect! I really enjoyed the pine nut risotto. A do again, particularly as I bought a kilo bag and was wondering how to use them up! I used one of your suggestions this last Friday @tony b. Instead of the usual balancing of sausage (cotechino) in a pan of water, I cooked them sous-vide using Kenji guidance. They came out great and no messing around with pots and water. Thanks.
  9. This post was really timely for me. I had been fretting about a planned meal of chilli with roasted sweet potatoes. The chilli was going to be ready in good time but I had limited time to get home and get the sweet potatoes cooked the way I normally do them - wrapped in foil with butter and baked. Pressure cooking will be a great solution to that time constraint. Will try this "killer app" and report back. By complete coincidence I went back to a pine nut risotto recipe that I had been planning to try for a while. It turns out that you pressure cook the pine nuts for 15 minutes, drain, add stock, prunes and onions cook a bit more and eat. Delicious. Here are the results with grilled quail.
  10. Lovely new toy and food Mac. And no, no, I will not be tempted, I will not be tempted, I will not be tempted....
  11. Good thinking Batman. Looks good.
  12. It is not surprising that you are so happy with your KK @Jon B.. It is hard to imagine any of the KKs being a disappointment and, alongside a 19 this seems like a great combination. What is surprising is how fast the year has gone! Happy grilling. I imagine we all have that secret hankering for a 42. Not sure if mine will ever be fulfilled but I look forward to your pix when the time comes.
  13. tekobo

    Wagyu Striploin

    Thanks! I can just imagine how tasty that was. Looking at the cross section on your last picture it looked a beautiful texture. It would be wonderful to have a new cooking set up. Instead we have a garden that looks like wasteland (the kitties run round shouting at the missing vegetation) and a promise that the work will start...this week?
  14. tekobo

    Wagyu Striploin

    Great looking steaks @Basher How was the fat after searing? Did it "melt" into the meat or was it still discernible and distinct from the meat?
  15. tekobo

    A late brisket

    Nice brisket and super yummy looking side!
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