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  1. tekobo

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Great videos @Steve M. I need no more convincing. It is lunchtime - now!
  2. tekobo

    Konro SS Grate

    Saving the pennies, that's how we get to afford a KK. And I am so glad we could.
  3. tekobo

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Yum @MacKenzie. I fried kidneys for my breakfast today and, in a departure from normal practice, made a coconut milk sauce. If only there was a way to teleport your bread to meet my kidneys. Match made in heaven. For me anyway...
  4. tekobo

    A Diamond in the rough

    I am genuinely jealous @Tyrus. I love a good bit of galvanised metal. Just think of all the drink you could keep cool in there. Looking forward to seeing it all spruced up. Not too much mind.
  5. tekobo

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Tee hee. You are allowed a mental lapse Mac, if you can make ketchup look so lush! (Note: no mention of chicken breast, meat that I love so much not).
  6. tekobo

    I just ate a Sh#t burger

    This made me laugh. A lot. And this made me smile. Beautiful KK, great colour. Glad you moved up a size.
  7. That looks seriously yummy @ckreef
  8. tekobo

    Bacon turned out great

    That bacon looks lovely @Aussie Ora
  9. tekobo


    Loving the grill to sauce pot to sub versatility @Tyrus. Is that a new pot I see before me???
  10. tekobo

    Game Day - Smokin'!

    The brisket all got eaten @Tyrus. The Husband said it was my best yet. It had been so long since I had last cooked brisket that I forgot about separating the flat from the point. School girl error. It made for a slightly messy direction change partway through cutting the meat up. Nobody seemed to care, they were more focussed on getting their share of burnt ends.
  11. tekobo

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Lovely, that looks like a text book brisket @KismetKamado
  12. tekobo

    Game Day - Smokin'!

    Good food, good friends and a very unusual game. Good to see the defences asserting their dominance but a shame to see Goff fall apart so badly. Oh well, I did win my bet on how many of us would be up to see the end at 3am. Looking forward to another roller coaster season in 2019/20.
  13. tekobo

    Game Day - Smokin'!

    Ooooh. Sounds exciting. Here we just have 8 coming for pre-Super Bowl brisket and I will be surprised if more than 3 of us last the distance to 3 am. Brisket had a nice wobble when it came off the KK. Now sitting, waiting for its moment, wrapped in butcher paper. No Pats hating going on here @Tyrus, just some good old California love. Hoping you will take on my bet as I am running low on rub here.
  14. This is what it means to have been a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles for 25 years. I will be wearing this T-shirt until someone else wins the Lombardi tonight. As for tonight? The brisket is on and smokin'! Off to sleep. It is going to take some stamina to stay awake until the 2-3am finish here. I know the GOAT is great. I honour Mr Bellichick. BUT... I am emotionally drawn to Mr McVey and his crew. Donald, bad Mr Suh, Goff, Gurley, Anderson. Go RAMS!
  15. tekobo

    Still Amazed

    Good looking butt.