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  1. I don't think anyone can catch up to @ckreef in that department! I just sold my 23 KK for sure yesterday so both Milk and Meat have new prospective homes. I am encouraging my friends to take them soon so that they catch the KK bug and carry their enthusiasm through the winter. If they don't collect in time I could end up with a 19TT, 21, 23 and 32. What a line up that would be!
  2. Hi there Adam. I have a 21, have sold it and was thinking of buying a 22TT because I always liked the look of them and I wanted to have it alongside a new 32. We looked at the weight of the 22TT and decided that it didn't make any sense at all for us because we don't plan to build it into a set of units AND it will be very difficult to move every time we want to reposition it. So unless the look of the 22TT is what you need for your ODK design I would go with your wife's view and go for the 21. I don't believe that there is any difference in price for different colours as long as you pick a colour that Dennis has available. Worth a chat with him. I have been looking at his instagram feed to see the different colours that he has used in the past. Not all will be available but it is a good place to look to see the range.
  3. Thanks to Tony, I've tried these a few times and they never fail. Today's attempt: Super delicious with good bread to mop up the juices Lessons learned: resting the shells in salt is a great way to keep them stable in the cooker and in transit to the table. Next time I will cook them on the high grate so that they get more of the heat from the dome to crisp up the cheese.
  4. The big joint in the picture above went into the dry ager on 19 May. We took it out to eat on Thursday 9 July. Friends said it was the best steak they had ever eaten. We followed the cooking method used by Casa Julian in Tolosa. First broke the meat out of the fat and cut into steaks. Salted heavily on one side and cooked for about ten minutes Turned over and salted the other side after I took this photo. As you can see, the fat tray at the front was full by the time I had cooked both sides for a total of about 25 minutes. I ended up shifting the coals to the right to cook the third cow chop. Here is it cooked And this is the only picture of it cut. We were all too busy eating to take photos. No resting time at all and juices held perfectly in the matrix of meat. Yum.
  5. My old post higher up in this thread illustrates the "problem" that I had. I wanted to be able to slide the hot/cold smoker off the KK without having to undo the bolts. I came to the conclusion that was not possible. Until now. Dear Dennis came to my (our) rescue and sent me the new parts on the left in the photo below. I replaced the part on my hot/cold smoker and now have this really elegant solution. IMG_7693.mov I love @DennisLinkletter
  6. tekobo

    Robb Report

    Interesting line up. I'm biased but the KK looked prettiest and was the best value of the lot.
  7. I think it looks lovely as a TT @Paul and I was thinking 19TT. However, unless The Husband has a brain transplant, that colour won't be sitting in our garden any time soon. Hope to alight on one that sparks joy in both of us, soon.
  8. Oooh. Don't tempt me Paul! I was thinking of sneaking in a little 16" as a wild card extra in the most outrageous colour available but I know that will NOT meet with approval here. The colour I am thinking of is the vibrant blue in this link: https://komodokamado.com/collections/19-lil-isla-table-top/products/19-hi-cap-table-top-vibrant-blue-e5250a-eta-late-feb It doesn't help that The Husband hates this colour.
  9. Thanks. Very interesting, @Tucker. You had all the colours you wanted, I guess, and tile and pebble and you ended up with two in the same colour in pebble. Two the same is an elegant look. I was wanting the smaller KK to be in a brighter, jewel like colour. Will reflect on whether that is still the right way to go. Agreed Mac. In the garden there is a range of colours to tie in with so I think it will come down to the way we want the space to feel. Compromise. Now there is a word. The Husband and I had/have a rule that has not been tested much lately. If one of us disliked something, the other had to drop that option and we had to work at it until we found something that we both loved. Just liking or giving in was not allowed. So, if we are not to compromise on colour there is a bit more agonising to do. Olive gold is out in front but Tucker's input has put a couple more options that we might both love on the table. Thanks all!
  10. I too am trying to make a two KK colour decision and it was interesting to stumble across this thread. The funniest thing is that, after all the debate, Halfsmoke aka @Pequod ended up with both in the only colour that The Husband and I both like - olive gold pebble. I do want to ring the changes with two KKs in two different colours but I can't quite get to the right conclusion. Of the KKs in the pictures above I like the last pairing best even though it won't work as well in my setting. So...here goes. Grateful for opinions. Considering: 19TT autumn gold flake tile, 32BB dark autumn nebula (or even chocolate if available) tile 19TT bright bright blue pebble, 32 BB dark cobalt blue pebble olive gold pebble on both (we had wanted a cream pebble on one but the cream is no longer available) terra blue tile with lots more terra than blue and deep cobalt blue tile I think that is it. With such a small range you would think I/we could have made a decision by now but I care about this more than the colour of any car that I have bought. Maybe I should just move in with the folks with the KKs in the last picture above.
  11. Welcome to the cobalt blue pebble party! That company's description of measuring a suckling pig reminds me of when I wanted to measure our cats for some long forgotten reason. The Husband pointed out that they have variable geometry and wished me luck. I guess it will be easy to cut it up if it doesn't fit but at 13" long you shouldn't have any trouble at all. My little joint was actually cooked on my 21 and, as you can see, there was lots of room to spare.
  12. Hi @Luke. Funnily enough I have a combination of a 23KK and a suckling pig at the moment. I didn't go for it whole. The piggy weighed about 10kg and the main loin piece in the middle is about 16"/40.5cm long. Main reason for not attempting it whole is because we cannot gather in the numbers required to eat it. Good luck. Hopefully someone who has attempted a whole one will come along with more detail. Here is how mine was butchered. We have had two legs so far and they have been delicious.
  13. I remember smiling when you said you were happy to be ditching your pile of chain @Pequod. Mainly because @Syzygies turned us on to this aluminium disc innovation before I got around to buying any chain. This is definitely a fun and consistent way to create steam in a KK and is one of the reasons that I am looking to buy a 32. It is a lot more fiddly, trying to get the ice in when you have to have the aluminium assembly directly under your grate with the bread on. I am hoping to be able to offset the two in the 32. One thing not to do - don't place the aluminium pan on the bars of your fire basket. You melt through the pan eventually. Don't ask me how I know that. 🙄
  14. That looks great @Steve M. Mouth watering!
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