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  1. Sounds like a great experience! Definitely a recipe for me to try soon. Looking forward to it!
  2. And I would bet my bottom dollar that you wouldn't say that. 🤪
  3. The brisket burger turned out great. After seven hours cooking I finally gave in and wrapped it. Came out looking mighty fine. No smoke ring but I only used a handful of pellets in the smoke pot. Remind me NOT to try to be fancy by laying my brisket in two different directions. Of course it was difficult to eat. The home made kimchi seemed a fitting accompaniment to the Wagyu. Today we will be eating the left overs with Nigerian jollof rice and fried plantains. Just the right size of brisket for two.
  4. All fantastic looking cooks on this page. The winner for me is...the octopus! And the no-cook winner is the ceviche. Yum!
  5. Thanks Robert, Tony. Simple seasoning definitely feels like the right way to go, as does wrapping. I won't sous vide but dry brining does sound like a good call. Will look up the video that you refer to Tony. I am starting to imagine a very tasty Wagyu brisket burger in my future and that feels good.
  6. Hi. I ordered a Wagyu brisket online without really paying any attention to the weight. It was sold as a 1.6kg piece and is, as you would expect for that weight, skinny and small. Any ideas about how best to cook it? I thought I could treat it like the flat on a larger brisket and turn it into burnt ends but that would seem to be coating the flavour of something that should really taste quite good on its own. Grateful for advice.
  7. You are going to enjoy just playing around with your KK when it arrives. The fun thing is that nothing ever has to stay the same and there is lots to learn and change to suit what you want to do. My preconception, having had a 23 and a 21 originally, was that I had to use the splitter to achieve two zone cooking. Now that I have a 32, and with @BOC's advice, I realise that the fire basket is infinitely "configurable": simply by moving the coals around to just where I want them. There is enough space in the 32's base to create separation without using the splitter if I want that extra flexi
  8. That looks awesome @Basher. I would love to have somewhere like that close to me. That said, having a dry ager of your own spoils you for anyone else’s choices about how long to age and what you age. Hope your reno gets finished soon!
  9. What fun! Welcome Lila. I hope that you and your husband love your new KKs when they arrive.
  10. Nice week day lunch. Galician steak with sweet potato fries and salad.
  11. Dennis, you posted this just as I was finishing my post above. Glad to hear the flipping the half grate is “approved”. Also helpful to be reminded that I could just go indirect on the lower grate over the splitter.
  12. I’m not totally sure what you are talking about but I suspect you are talking about the half grate in the 32. If that is the case then I think I do what you have described by flipping the half grate over and having it on the right hand side of the grill when I want to be able to step down to the lower grate with the basket splitter in place. That said, @BOC opened my eyes to the fact that I don’t have to use the splitter at all and can simply pile my char where I want it. That makes things even more flexible. Sorry if I am not answering the right question but some pics to illustrate the pr
  13. tekobo

    This Little Pig...

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions @Troble. Super helpful. Good to know that flipping the pig was not a big deal. I work out too but I think I might ask for some help if I go that route! I am hosting a friend’s 40th birthday party next week and have a little piggy on order. We are allowed up to 30 in the garden now and it feels like a great opportunity to have a great looking centerpiece like a suckling pig. Will hang it in the dry ager for a few days to help to develop the flavour a little. I hope you found that brisket place in San Antonio and that it was as
  14. Wow! Now there's an awesome sight. Looking forward to the uncrateing.
  15. Cooked the secreto hot and fast yesterday. Was a lot like skirt steak, on steroids. Bought some more immediately. Salt, pepper, a bit of garlic powder and a coating of chilli vinegar. 10 minutes in KK, flipping every 2 minutes. KK was not heat soaked. Ate with chips, salad and a hot tomato sauce. Delicious. There is a Steve Raichlen recipe online that recommends romesco sauce.
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