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  1. tekobo

    This Little Pig...

    ...made it as far as my house. I’ve looked at previous KK whole pig cooks and I see that most people cook them on the main grate. This little piggy fits nicely on the 32. However, I would like an all round crispy skin and so am planning to try the rotisserie cradle. It fits nicely. Planning to cook this pig tomorrow. It’s a discounted present from the farm that I have been buying from and sharing with friends all through lockdown. Planning to have friends come and pick up a pig sandwich tomorrow afternoon when it is ready. Two by two so we do not violate
  2. Naaa. I made it sound more complicated than it actually was. I just sat the pan on the grate handles. Cleaned up just fine @tony b using the soak overnight in dishwasher liquid with hot water. Yes, it did take a scrub and some elbow grease. I promise to compare with using PBW next time. Yup, the temperature did drop. I used all charcoal for the chicken cook and filled the whole 32 basket for the very first time. Burned through most of it - unusual for me. When I come to do the suckling pig cook I might go for coco shell briquettes to be sure that the fire lasts for the whole
  3. Good trick - find something more expensive to buy first. I'm on to you. This is just a precursor to convincing Mrs S that a 42 is not too expensive after all. That said, beautiful truck. I love the idea of being able to chuck things in the back of a truck and go. Congratulations.
  4. Really beautiful piece of kit @Basher. Good luck with your mission to convince your wife that you were fine to go shopping without the final OK from her. I like the words on your wall. Prepare for a bit of "we do REALLY LOUD".
  5. Woo hoo! I just looked up the Stag @Basher. Great choice. Are you able to set it up now or do you have to wait for some reno to be completed?
  6. Learned that motto at your knee Mac! Keep going and it will turn out right at the end. Yummy looking pizza.
  7. Hey Troble. I put the double drip pan on top of the sticky up bars that you use to lift the fire basket. It turns out my KKs are on a slope and so the right hand side was a lot hotter and drier. The pan is soaking at the moment. Will see how well it cleans up.
  8. What gorgeous food and what a beautifully laid tabl @PVPAUL. Thank you for the tips and I look forward to following you on this journey.
  9. So, here is the recipe that I used to make crumbly semi cured sausage: https://www.thespruceeats.com/finocchiona-tuscan-fennel-salami-2018497. Well, it was a combination of that recipe and this method: https://wedlinydomowe.pl/en/viewtopic.php?t=7265 with curing lasting about 4 weeks instead of 4 months. A different texture and taste experience.
  10. Oooh. I think I would be interested in your classmate’s Thai sausage. I have some kaffir lime leaves too although my plant has never produced fruit and is less than 4’ tall. Here our favourite sausages are very simple. Pork and sage wins hands down for fresh sausage and I like to make a semi cured sausage that is half way between fresh sausage and fully cured salami. Will hunt out the recipe. We tasted it once in a bar in italy and could not find it to buy. That’s the sort of thing that is worth making, in my opinion.
  11. Nope, just normal UK size chickens in my 32. No 42, or goat, here yet.
  12. Acting on @Syzygies' advice, I have tried isopropyl alchohol as a fire starter in my Solo stove. It is pretty dramatic but doesn't always have a lasting effect and the fire often goes out. What I have now found is an even better use for the alchohol. No, I don't drink it. I soak part burned coals in the alchohol and use them to start the fire in my KKs. Wow. So simple. I drop a few soaked coals in to the centre of the KK when I am ready to light it. Apply fire, wind open vents and go away. Come back and the fire is always reliably alight in no time at all. No odour or impact on taste
  13. I set up to use the rotisserie today. I wanted to use the double drip pan to avoid flare ups but found that it would not fit underneath the cradle rotisserie - handle clash. I swapped for the rod rotisserie but was worried because the last time I used it, it managed to "unwind" the adjustable point on the left hand side and got jammed in the KK because it was too long to get out. On that occasion I cut the chicken off the rod and unscrewed the end of the rod when everything cooled down. Today I made sure the nut was tight and then I watched when it started to rotate. Someti
  14. The good news for me is that I am The wife and so didn't have to seek a wife's permission in order to get a dry ager. I did have to give up a standing freezer to make room for the dry ager but that was The Husband's only condition of purchase. Maybe you guys will need to figure out something you can "give up" in exchange for getting an ager. I tell you, it is worth it! Now that the long aging piece of beef is out of the ager I might change the temp and humidity to cure some salamis for a few weeks. @S and @M - glad to count you as members of the hacksaw club. Absolutely essential f
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