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  1. I keep coming back to this picture. Just the right level of cooking for me. Soft bread and some wasabi mayonnaise. Heaven.
  2. I tried out a boned and rolled suckling pig on Sunday evening. There was much less smoke than normal and I managed to get good, crackly skin. Definitely a good way to do rotisserie of fatty meats on a KK. The black marks on the outside of the meat came from the wet stuffing that leaked from the inside of the piggy roll. Part of an Indonesian style meal. \ Gratuitous shot of my current obsession - madeleines.
  3. Be radical - start your own thread. Fire, fire!
  4. Tee hee. Yes, smokin’ hot Aussie! The recipe/method I was following said to slice them. Reason was to maximize the smoke flavour as you suggest. https://www.chilipeppermadness.com/preserving-chili-peppers/how-to-smoke-chili-peppers/
  5. I wanted one too. It was a beautiful red one on a stand in a cheese shop in Brighton. We soon tempered our expectations when we investigated the pricing. That said, we are off on a road trip to Italy later this year. You never know, a beautiful bargain may await. Ha ha. I think the guy or gal in the deli can do that job pretty well without you having to shell out at all!
  6. Smoked some Scotch Bonnet peppers in the KK. Low temp, about 100C with maple pellets in the hot/cold smoker attachment. I put them in my dehydrator afterwards and plan to grind them in small batches for some good smoked chilli flavour. The singed peppers at the top came as a result of overcorrecting and letting the temps get away from me for a short while. That said, opening up the top hat helped the smoke pull better through the hot/cold smoker and it stayed lit for all of the cook after that.
  7. Hi there @Durangutan. It would be great to hear and see more about your cooks on fire pits. I love the unpredictability of cooking over fire and, happily, even KKs remind you that you are not fully in control. The mix of variables: the coal you choose, where you light the fire, how you set your top cap and bottom openings, what the weather is like, how impatient you are, what you are cooking etc all make.a difference and any of those variables being a bit different to last time means you need to keep in touch with your cook to get the best results. Getting to know and love fire is such good fun.
  8. He came by to measure up and then delivered the finished product. It fit first time, no problems.
  9. I couldn’t resist the football reference @Tyrus. My Eagles’ presence in the playoffs is even more unexpected. It has been quite the season so far. I look forward to every weekend. “Any given Sunday” is so true.
  10. Isn't that always the way? 🤗 I agree, having a slicer means that you can buy hunks of cured meat or make bacon and get it sliced exactly to your liking. I love ours but feel we do not get as much use out of it as we should. The fact that it does not fit on the counter means that it is not easily accessible and cleaning it up after each use is a bit of a bind. That said, having my irregular shaped loaves sliced and tamed by this machine makes them look almost professional and that can't be bad.
  11. Yup, Dennis' photo with the stainless steel version looks like it was taken in a 32. These are a couple of photos of the one we had made out of mild steel. This was when it first arrived and we put it into the KK to try it for size. Nothing fancy but it does the job.
  12. So, I dropped Dennis a note yesterday to apologise for stirring up interest in the event that he wasn't actually going to go with this accessory. He says he is but he hasn't yet sorted price or confirmed whether any have been produced for sale yet. In the meantime here is a photo of his version (rather more sophisticated than mine) for you to drool over. I am happy with mine because it was relatively cheap and I got it made locally but I remember messaging Dennis to say that it was a game changer for me when I used it.
  13. Thanks @Troble Will drop you a note.
  14. Super cool @Troble. You’ve reminded me to get back on to my husband about sorting some solar panels for our roof. I might tap you up on PM for some professional advice if you don’t mind. I remember that you kitted your house out a year or two ago and it would be good to know more about how that is working out.
  15. I read this out to my husband. He half laughed and half groaned. Divorce may be in order. Gotta train him not to find @Poochie’s jokes funny.
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