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  1. Wow. A Maine Coon. Hopefully she will realise she can’t fit in there once she is grown otherwise you will have one stuck kitty! Or one upturned KK.
  2. @Lance unless you are in a hurry I would wait the time it takes to get the money together and get a 32 if that is what you want and need. I like the 22TT but it is seriously heavy and you won’t be able to move it when you position it. My preference would be a 23 over a 22TT for that reason. All that said, go with your heart. A KK is a thing of joy and beauty, whatever the size.
  3. My husband usually laughs at your terrible jokes @Poochie. He did not laugh at this one though. He was distracted by the need to explain to me that a baby deer is a fawn and not a doe. Oh well, you can’t win ‘em all.
  4. I had never heard of a dough sheeter before @David Chang started this thread. Today we were walking round the back streets of Chioggia in Italy and I saw a dough sheeter in action. The boys were happy to oblige with a photograph. 🤪
  5. That sounds really interesting @Basher. I must learn more about this. When I first heard about the zero carbon cow I thought it was just a gimmick to assuage meat eaters' guilt. It would be v good if it isn't a gimmick and does genuinely compensate for the impact of animal husbandry.
  6. @Emmanuil. When I burned in my KKs I a) wiped off what I could while the KK was warm, b) did not apply grout while it was warm and c) thinly covered the white residue over with grout. Like you, I marked the locations where there was venting so that I could return to them when the KK was cool. If you want to know more, search the forum for both words: white residue and you should come up with more information as to why the above works and more.
  7. Oooh, now that's very exciting @Basher. It will be interesting to see how your meat develops over time as you start to cross breed. My most recent purchase of (dead) cow was from a farm that is trying to deliver a "zero carbon" beef. They manage the inputs and land in such a way as to offset the environmental impact of raising the cows. The good news for me was that the meat tasted great too. They are not carbon neutral yet but it is a good ambition.
  8. I am looking forward to seeing how Dennis develops this. I remember rigging up hooks and chains in different configurations to cold smoke bacon and goose breast in the past. This contraption has a number of additional uses per my previous post. Will sit tight and wait and see what happens with the notch/multi hook debate.
  9. Hi @jeffshoaf. @Wingman505 asked a similar question a while ago. Some answers here, but we don’t know what he ended up buying:
  10. From what I understand @David Chang, it is the duration of the curing period that determines whether you eat the cured meat raw or not and not which salt you use. The difference in the salts is that No 2 will help keep you safe in a longer cure but, if you use No 2 in a shorter cure you are still dealing with the fact that you would normally cook meat that was cured for a shorter time. All that said, I have made short cured finnochio in the past where the meat was still soft and some may have been afraid to eat it raw but knowing that the Italians eat it and don’t die gave me the confidence to eat it too.
  11. Now that is taking ingredient sourcing to a whole new level @Basher! Awesome.
  12. Sorry to hear your reno's are taking sooo much longer than expected @Basher. Here is hoping that you get there soon. As for acquiring a farm - tell us more!!!
  13. We were out on our first night back in Padova, Italy yesterday and came across this sign in on of our favourite bars. Thought of you @Basher I hope your renovations are going well.
  14. That looks great @LedHed! Looking forward to getting hold of a meat hanger and trying that out.
  15. Tee hee. Good to see the KK shopping channel is working as well as ever!
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