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  1. Hey there @Wilsonj. Your post made me laugh. "I'll just have to settle for a KK". Ha. That is one way to get an expensive purchase past your family. And then you casually slip in the fact that you have upgraded to a 32. Awesome. Way to go. It is going to be SUCH fun when you finally get your hands on it.
  2. It's a draw. The Husband prefers the speck, stracciatella, fig and balsamic pizza and I prefer the crudo and stracciatella pizza. I am not keen on round food touching square food and that is what the sweetness of fig next to smoked bacon feels like to me. One of our Padovadan friends knows Dario Cecchini, the Tuscan butcher who was featured on Netflix. Apparently Dario is a very nice person and it is a pleasure to visit his restaurant in Panzano. We had the Cecchini experience here in Padova yesterday. Our friend ordered a box of goodies from the Panzono store and we had the opport
  3. That's really good storage @Tyrus. I am jealous here. I have to crawl into an old coal cellar under our house to retrieve the wood for our solo stove. And what a fire you have there. You must have laughed out loud you read my post, trying to persuade you to buy a solo stove. Your dog looks super fit. What's his name? I remember you saying you used to have a dog called Tyrus.
  4. Welcome to the UK KK owner's group @RokDok. I don't think that is premature. The fact that Mrs RokDok found the KK site is a big bonus. I see a 32KK in your future. All that remains is the colour and pebble/tile decision. Here, I will go back to waiting for my replacement KKs having sold my first two about a month ago. Coincidentally The Husband and I are also looking at fabrics and choosing a new sofa. Have fun, the sofa could well be the gateway drug that gets you your KK.
  5. Hey there @Wilsonj. This series of posts includes different people's methods for lighting charcoal and links to the kit that they use:
  6. Hey there @buzilo, we will be sad to see you leave the fold. Your KK looks nice. Too far away for me though. You may want to show some inside photos and some of the back too. Are you advertising elsewhere too? I think others in the US have used craigslist. Good luck!!
  7. Welcome @Wilsonj. As someone who has been through the waiting cycle for her first KK, i can tell you it is well worth the wait. I've never had a gasser and so cannot comment on the difference in the way the food tastes. I can certainly say that the "effort" of lighting charcoal is made less so by the excellent engineering of the KK (max airflow through the coals when you open up the vents) and by the techniques that I learned on this forum (MaPP torch and mini leaf blower to get the fire going). Welcome, again.
  8. Today we returned to the bar and were introduced to a new variant that we were told was even better: stracciatella, speck, figs and balsamic vinegar. We had to try both, side by side to see what we thought. They were both good. May have to go back to check again tomorrow.
  9. We have learned the hard way that pilgrimages don't always work. We drove all the way to Slovenia to visit the Hisa Franko restaurant that was showcased on Netflix. It was lovely to walk around their garden before dinner and the dinner itself was nice enough. However, the Netflix show gets you behind the scenes and makes you think they are your friend. In reality, the chef is not visible, sometimes is not even there and is definitely not waiting to cosy up to you to retell their life story. Shucks.
  10. You do not know how right you are @Basher. The Husband and I love the Chef's Table series and we savour each episode. He came into the kitchen the other day in a state of high excitement. I guessed right that the exciting email he had received was to say that there was a new series of Chef's Table coming. What I couldn't guess was the fact that it is about BBQ. Much rejoicing. Will watch on return to the UK. Thank you for reminding me of the excitement to come. A couple of things for you. Lennox Hastie has an interesting book called Finding Fire that you might want to get if you e
  11. Lots of lovely looking food and techniques. Liking @k2krunk's quail on the top rack, @Troble's lamb on the roti and @Basher's heroics with the rib racks. Bravo. Not commenting on @MacKenzie's two cook gravy poutine - it sounds too tasty to be true!
  12. Be careful what you wish for. We are super happy to see our friends and to be enjoying a relaxed time in this lovely town. However, with that enjoyment comes a concern that we could be vectors for disease, picked up on the plane here or as we wander round our old haunts. We are taking precautions but I certainly feel the weight of responsibility. Having said that, I don't think I will ever forget the sheer happiness of standing outdoors eating that pizza off a window ledge with drops of cold cheese that I missed dropping on the ground by my feet.
  13. @alimac23 it seems like no time at all since we were congratulating you on the birth of your daughter and here she is, eating chicken wings already! How time flies. Appears she has great taste. Welcome to the house of yum!
  14. Sorry about the slightly out of focus picture. I was so excited after eating my first piece. We finally made it back to Padova in Italy yesterday. For our first bite to eat The Husband chose one of his favourite bars. I was less impressed and was planning to say "I told you so" after we chomped our way through some sub standard polpette. And then the mini pizza that we had ordered arrived. The bar tender had recommended it. Wow. Wonderful, hot pizza base topped with cold stracciatella and crudo. Sooooo happy to be back.
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