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  1. A very impressive selection Tony. I hope they mature nicely through the winter. It's funny that tolerance thing. I find my tastebuds can take more heat over time but my tummy's resistance to attack is a more reliable measure of what I should and should not eat!
  2. tekobo

    Nigerian Suya

    No need to import any more tequila Tyrus. We have such a large store of booze at home that I tell my husband that he has either bought enough to last us until we die or to kill us!
  3. tekobo

    Funky Old Cow

    I quite like having a bit of chew! Wouldn't go longer on an ordinary steak but looking forward to experimenting with time and temp on a thick forerib chop. I used the following site for guidance: https://www.seriouseats.com/2015/06/food-lab-complete-guide-to-sous-vide-steak.html#tempchart1
  4. tekobo

    Bream for dinner

    A great way to fish in KK @Aussie Ora. One to copy for sure! Maybe not the eyeball bit though!!
  5. tekobo

    Funky Old Cow

    Thanks for all your kind comments and for suggesting it in the first place @tony b. Yes, @Bruce Pearson, I would do it again. Probably with a thicker steak. I think I got the same texture that I like from a blue steak but was easier to chew.
  6. tekobo

    Nigerian Suya

    Thanks Mac. Just checking - are prawns/shrimps on your list of non-preferred seafood? Sounds like lots of fun. One of our friends said our taco evening was a bit surreal for him. There we were, talking about Brexit, listening to mariachi music while eating Nigerian-Mexican food. He left a little less worried about Brexit but I think that was more down to the margaritas than our conversation!
  7. tekobo

    Funky Old Cow

    I simply couldn't get my head around why one would sous vide a steak. I like my steak blue and the KK cooks it perfectly well, at high heat, in 3 minutes max. Why mess around with vacuum packing and sitting around in a water bath? Well, I was intrigued by @tony b's suggestion that I try to "confit" a dairy cow steak in its own fat. So I tried it. Marinaded the meat for a few hours in oil, salt and tarragon. Put some cold cow fat into each vacuum bag. Now, how to avoid over cooking the steaks? I went for 45C for 1.25 hrs. Then I chilled them back down in the fridge before introducing them to the KK for just under 2 minutes. The result was messy but sublime.
  8. tekobo

    Nigerian Suya

    Fish tacos v shrimp tacos? It's a draw! The Husband brought back a whole stack of corn tortillas from Houston on Saturday morning. Had friends round to try, in quick succession, shrimp and then fish and then beef tacos. No photos at table but KK shots below. I left some suya pepper on the table for people to help themselves to additional. Had to restrain Spanish friend from sprinkling too liberally until he had judged the level of chilli! All good. I marinaded the prawns lime zest, suya pepper and oil for a couple of hours. Real quick cook in KK. Soaked wooden skewers were fine. My fingers were not! Marinaded sea bass steaks in lime juice and Texan friend's chipotle spice mix and oil. I oiled the grill between cooks and found that jiggling the fish a little with tongs before trying to turn meant that I managed to keep the skin on most of them. Added suya pepper at table once flaked. All the usual fixings - salad, chipotle mayonnaise, avocado, roast tomato salsa and some mature red Leicester cheese. The cheese was picked so it was the same colour as Monterey Jack but I suspect they taste very different. Accompanied by margaritas. A good night was had by all.
  9. tekobo

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Lovely crispy skin on those wings Mac. Yum!
  10. tekobo

    A proper home for the kk

    That looks like a lot of fun. Hard work, I'm sure, but what a result. Everything right where you want it. Looking forward to seeing it fully commissioned.
  11. tekobo

    Fresh Milled Fun

    Mouthwatering view, ears n' all.
  12. tekobo

    How many Briskets on a 42" SBB

    Thanks for the full description @Lannoos. I am super impressed, particularly by the fact that you were able to retain the Jiggle. Awesome!
  13. tekobo

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Nice looking chook and veg @Aussie Ora
  14. tekobo

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    That looks good Mac. Was the steak sous vide? If so, what time and temp did you use for the sous vide element?
  15. tekobo

    Funky Old Cow

    Now THAT is a fantastic idea. I have looked up sous vide confit and have found a few duck recipes. Definitely going to try this. And soon. The only problem is that The Husband is in Houston this week and is due to bring back some corn tortillas. Sous vide steak or fish tacos or sous vide steak or fish tacos? I think we will find a way to fit both into a short weekend!