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  1. kennyrayandersen

    Farmer John Ribs in Bali ;-)

    I use a really nice rub from a BBQ place that has been in business here in Ft. Worth for more than 50 years. The name of the place in Angelo's. It used to be REALLY good -- the best really. Lately, not so much, and that for another story. What I was going to say was that their rub is killer, but several years ago, I made a batch of ribs with it and they were SALTY. I finally read the ribs package a little closer and noticed that they were packaged in saline. Furthermore I came to realize that ALL of the ribs sold in these vacuum packs are now packaged in saline so I then determined I could no longer use my favorite rub! I've since come up with a good recipe to use on ribs (which I still had to reduce the amount of salt it calls for!), but still lament that I cannot use my favorite rub on the 'regular' ribs. Fortunately, the 'chicken and pork' rub still works on chicken, and the beef rub still works very well on the beef! Too much salt is too much salt! It is what it is!
  2. kennyrayandersen

    Thinking of upgrading?

    WOW Ceramic Chef; if what you are saying is true -- that the improvements are that big, and I'm already sooo good... well, I can only imagine!
  3. kennyrayandersen

    First Cast 42" SBB

    Hey Dennis, if you need a little help running some numbers for springs or something drop me a line. It won't cost you anything -- I'll do it for fun! I'm a mechanical engineer and I do structural analysis of flight vehicles. I'm guessingbthere isn't anything on a BBQ that I couldn't handle. Cheers, Kenny
  4. kennyrayandersen

    23&32" from Steven Raichlen's BBQ U available

    Dennis, Tried to send you a message -- did that go through? I'm new to the forum and can't seem to use the regular PM tool. I'd be interested in getting some more details. Cheers, Kenny
  5. Hey Dennis,

    I'm new to the forum and actually looking for a used kamoto, but I saw that you might have a couple of demo units for sale and I thought I'd check with you on the pricing to see whether that might be a viable option for me. If you could send me the details and options with the pricing I would appreciate it.

    Cheers Kenny

  6. kennyrayandersen

    Thinking of upgrading?

    I've got a decent Oklahoma Joe's smoker that I can satisfy my general lust for BBQ. In fact I just cooked the best brisket I've probably ever eaten anywhere, any time. So I'm not in a huge hurry. I've been intrigued by the kamado cookers for some time and would like to go in that direction to try them out. OK, so why don't I get a cheap one to start? I appreciate quality and functionality -- I guess it's the mechanical engineer coming out in me! Anyway, engineers don't make that much money, are frugal and aren't into borrowing money; so, I can be a bit patient. I waited 6 monthsn to find the car I wanted for my wife (and bought it half way across the country!), and I waited 30 years to buy the car I wanted and had it shipped over from the UK! I can wait for a smoker...
  7. kennyrayandersen

    "Degree Days" rule for BBQ?

    OK, I'm a mechanical engineer working as a structural analyst, just so you know where I'm coming from. Ive been BBQing for a decade or so, albeit with a traditional smoker. I love a good equation just as much as the next guy, but it seems to me that in the end, because there are so many variables, that you could only ever end up with something that would give you a range of cooking times. And in the end your personal fuzzy logic is probably pretty good at getting you 90% there anyway and either the temperature probe or the poke test gets you the other 10%! Those general cooking times are probably already available on the internets with a little searching.
  8. kennyrayandersen

    Thinking of upgrading?

    Are you thinking of upgrading, hard up for cash, not using your Komodo like you thought you would, or just aren't using your extra 2nd Komodo for those extra big parties you are not having because you lack enough friends? Let me help you! I'm looking for a gently used Komodo Komada and will make a fair offer for one. I know you have been eyeing that new Big Bad Komodo that will swallow a suckling pig whole! Give in to the dark side! Don't make me cave in and buy a new one! I have no shame -- I don't mind that you picked YOUR favorite color, or that it's pre-used! And I make this promise: I will love it like you did and I will care for it like it was always my own! Cheers, Kenny
  9. kennyrayandersen

    Selling Mine.. Sob

    Thanks, The reason I ask is that my plan is to try and find someone who is upgrading or having a similar situation as yours and see if I can't wrest their old one from them! I suspect they don't go up for sale on the secondary market often, but I'll see if I can't give that a whirl first and see where it goes.
  10. kennyrayandersen

    Selling Mine.. Sob

    Did you rnd up selling it yet? Would you mind sharing your final sell price on the KK?
  11. kennyrayandersen

    Something seriously wrong with my 10yr old KK

    I would just like to say excellent job matching the house paint to the KK! That's not an easy task!