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  1. Yes it is sold.. As to price I did make some concession to the distance it had to be shipped but got a very fair price, As to exact price.. that would be up to the guy who bought it to disclose. If he sees this and responds it is up to him
  2. Unfortunately it is a multi story coop building and local regs prohibit even on outside balconies
  3. Thanks.. Very sorry to see it go
  4. Have about a 10 year old green tile Komodo .. Bought from Dennis back when he started.. Has Guru port . Rotisserie Basket and drive. One leg inside heat shield broken off but irrelevant as I just stand the heat shield half on it where it is broken.. No issue. Cooks perfectly.. Located Tilghman,Md. Moving and no where to put it Asking $1,800 your pick up PM ,email or respond in thread
  5. Hi Dennis,

    was wondering if you saw my question sent through the web site re your thoughts on selling my cooker.

    rory orkin

    1. DennisLinkletter


      did not see it will look.. did  my staff answer you?


    2. rorkin


      Don't believe so

  6. Re: On the Fence...Need Advice! I use it for low and slow and an a steak sear and dwell from time to time, Plan to use it for pizza.All I can say is that I would do it again. Cost and value are two different things. There is plenty of championship barbeque that is cooked on setups a lot cheaper as well as a lot more expensive.. BUT you wont find another one that looks as good as this one. If you want a piece of art that can grill and Q.. Then for me.. There is the value P.S. It does not take any longer to get charcoal up to temperature in the KK than any other grill short of a Gas grill If you use a chimney, you can get a roaring fire in about 15 min
  7. Re: My Steak Technique Tried this tonight.. Beef came out perfectly.. I kept the salt on for 40 Min and felt that it was still too salty.. Don't know how it affected tenderness.. It could have as I used a sirloin. Don't know if I would do the salt part again
  8. Re: Whatcha think? OTB Shaped Heat Deflector ah !1 I had not seen that one
  9. Re: Whatcha think? OTB Shaped Heat Deflector ???? Yes .. I was agreeing with its superiority to the round one. don't understand your question
  10. Re: Whatcha think? OTB Shaped Heat Deflector Yes on the heat deflector as I find when I cook a full load of ribs, I have to be careful about burning around the edges .More form fitting deflector might help that.. As to the baking stone.. Depends on what you make but people make round pizza and bread so I think the extra real estate would go unused except for perhaps a bunch of small items being baked.. FWIW
  11. Re: Rough draft of the Roti Drip pan Why not water ??
  12. Re: Rough draft of the Roti Drip pan Agree on the fat burning issue.. I even place small spacers under the drip pan even with the heat deflector in place to get it off of the hot surface.
  13. Re: Has anyone tried a salt crusted prime rib ?? Apology appreciated but Not necesassary.. We are all on the same team here Happy holiday to all
  14. Re: Has anyone tried a salt crusted prime rib ?? Was not meant as a shot at you
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