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  1. There's a great SF Bay Area butcher (Golden Gate Meat Company) that will dry age for us on request. I've tried dry aging brisket before traditional low & slow. Too far and one can eat the brisket with a spoon, but a few days is wonderful. What I'd use a dry ager for would be sausage. I have perhaps the largest Kaffir lime tree of any of Kasma Loha-unchit's students, and periodically I share leaves and limes. Perhaps the best sausage I've ever tasted was a Thai-inflected sausage offered me in gratitude by one of her students. I can't buy sausage like that.
  2. It's less dramatic in colder weather, lights like a gel. I always include a couple of lumps of wood at the base. I'd use all wood, but it burns down too completely, too quickly. I'd use all charcoal, but as you note it doesn't light as reliably by itself. I buy iso four gallons at a time, transfer to typical drugstore bottles, and use perhaps half a bottle at a time. Enough to make a loud noise and lose arm hair in summer. Don't try this at home? 😎 Solo Stove advises against charcoal, as it burns hotter than wood. Think bronze age. They're fearing that I'll fill my Solo Stove wi
  3. I invented the smoke pot, and I've got all the parts on my yard table for converting my 2009 23" Ultimate to use the KK smoke generator and a BBQ Guru at the same time. All I need is to find the right directions. My wife and I have been together nearly twenty years, but she did worry about my tendency to keep changing my mind on the most sacred things. I'm like a pinball machine that keeps playing even though the kid walked away decades ago. This tendency is very useful in research mathematics, and needs to be managed in life.
  4. Ha! I'd like to think tekobo and I are kindred spirits, though my conversation with Laurie about getting my own dry ager didn't go so well. But I do have a food hacksaw!
  5. I'm unlikely to experiment with the FinaMill, because I don't want to lock into someone else's system for storing spices. This is something I've thought long and hard about. My first recollection of school was teaching my classmates to play Simon Says backwards, and the student teacher leaving in tears. So I don't take direction well. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill -"Skerton Pro"Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill -"Skerton Pro" Recently, our ancient, inexpensive "Pavoni" grinder started to fail. All it really needed was a good cleaning. This however prompted me to buy the new edition of
  6. One of the more descriptive Amazon reviews for Pok Pok Thaan Thai Style Charcoal says "Slight fruitwood flavor, much lighter smoke than mesquite, hickory or oak." It depends how you use it. Those of us hooked on KK extruded coconut lump love it for how it burns with a nearly neutral flavor, so the smoke we taste is the smoke we deliberately add for flavor, using smoking woods. Nevertheless, one friend with keen tastebuds (he has won wine tasting competitions where they permute the same 12 bottles a few hour later) could pick out the coconut. I can even pick out the coconut, but I could se
  7. Fogo Premium Hardwood Lump I just had four bags of various FOGO charcoal delivered, to help protect my hoard of KK coffee charcoal. They're my next favorite source. Pok Pok Thaan Thai Style Charcoal This is extruded like KK coconut, but with a different flavor profile. Expensive but worth a try. I love it, but perhaps I just miss Thailand.
  8. Here is a very old thread where I make Tandoori Chicken from "Tandoor: the Great Indian Barbecue" on my previous ceramic cooker: Tandoori Chicken
  9. On my KK I simply cook on the main grill, perhaps with a drip pan to control flareups. For example, chicken tandoor gets basted with ghee. You could baste my old hiking books in ghee after a spice marinade, and you'd swear that this updated Charlie Chaplin classic dish was best thing you ever ate. Yes, once you see it you won't need anyone else telling you this, it will be your opinion too. It's a real, published in India masterpiece that makes no compromises but is nevertheless easy to execute if one has the spices. It's all about spice and marinade handling.
  10. Steven Raichlen PBS Project Smoke ~ Tandor Lamb On a KK, of course. One can find "Tandoor: the Great Indian Barbecue" used sometimes. It's one of my favorite Indian and BBQ cookbooks.
  11. The double bottom drip pan, and a foil lid, would be perfect for this Yucatan dish (cochinita pibil): In a Bay Area underground oven, chefs are making smoky, earthy pork just like it's done in the Yucatán
  12. That's actually some black cod that cost more than my first car, with green charmoula. Ointment of the Gods, except the olive oil causes flareups. I'm tempted to leave olive oil out of the marinade stage. The fire pit is a Solo Stove Ranger, Frankenstein-paired with a Breeo Outpost 19 adjustable grate, all riding on a Harbor Freight Utility Cart. My neighbor has half a dozen alternatives for BBQ equipment. I could get by for life with just a KK ceramic cooker and a Solo Stove grill. I can set up and light wood chunks and charcoal with iso alcohol in 90 seconds, be back in the house c
  13. My 23" KK was our second ceramic cooker, and my wife bought it. We've fed 80 people at her church pork butt out of it. The 32" does a lot.
  14. So... The thermometer cable port is 1/2" inner diameter. Any reason we're not using that with the KK Hot/Cold Smoke Generator? I never run a thermometer through that hole anymore. I get better results sticking a probe into the mechanical thermometer hole in the lid. As a bonus, I can control high heats for bread without exposing the thermometer cables to excess heat. There is this idea that it's better to run the smoke through the fire. I certainly considered this, designing the original smoke pot. There, I'd made experiments where at high enough temperatures the gas from the smoke p
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