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  1. Syzygies


    I generally light charcoal with a propane weed burner. I learned this watching Jiarby light up at a competition long ago, with a rig that crossed Ghostbusters with Commando. If propane isn't doing it for people, try MAPP gas. It burns hotter. For sweating copper pipes, it's like landing a jet rather than a prop plane. I don't get enough practice (I'm a dilettante at every handyman skill) so I stick to propane, which works well enough on every Fogo charcoal I've tried. As I learned from Dennis, fires need air more than heat, once they're lit. There's the trusty hair dryer. I prefer a leaf blower. You could need goggles; what's that barbecue saying? "If you ain't glowing, you ain't blowing!" M18 FUEL Blower Kit
  2. Syzygies


    Not my experience, shipping to California. Shipping five reams of laser printer paper to New York City? Good luck with that. It often takes three or four tries. I consider this an AI probe, does Amazon or Staples have any self-awareness? As far as I can tell, neither can fog the proverbial mirror.
  3. Syzygies

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Heavy winds and rain expected, sun showers as I worked. Brisket tonight rain or shine, so I finally set up a tarp for my KK. I should have done this long ago.
  4. Syzygies


    Friends don't let friends equate Fogo with their house brand bags, then believe reviews that Rockwood is better. Fogo carries many charcoals, all with a cleaner flavor than Rockwood or Lazzari. In ascending order: Lazzari Hardwood Lump - meh, and half the bag is useless crumbs Rockwood - better, inferior to any Fogo charcoal, "dirtier" taste Fogo Cuban Marabu - hint of swimming pool but cleaner taste than Rockwood Fogo Super Premium - a favorite, large lumps don't bother me Fogo Argentinian Quebracho - my favorite Fogo Komodo Kamado Coffee Lump - best lump ever, not available The KK coffee convinced me that charcoal could be transcendent, worth any price, life is too short to compromise. Then I couldn't get more. Fogo is the only supplier that can approximate the same thrill for me. Get a basket splitter, to conserve on fuel, the splitter will pay for itself. Grilled fish with Moroccan red charmoula is spectacular over good charcoal. I order Fogo charcoal directly from Fogo. Free shipping, and it comes quickly.
  5. Syzygies

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    MacKenzie, you're killing me here. We're surviving on fried rice to use up leftover ribs.
  6. Syzygies

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

  7. Syzygies

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    My double bottom "trumpet mute" came. What was I waiting for!?
  8. Syzygies

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Dennis got off his plane, and fixed the forum before going to bed.
  9. Such a difficult size. Too much for one, not enough for two...
  10. Syzygies

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Leftover short ribs for breakfast. Bacon, hold my beer!
  11. Syzygies

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Beef short ribs, after two and four hours. I'm again following Austin Franklin's Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto. Just as one has BBQ stalls, one has intellectual stalls. I had plateaued, in part struggling with the instabilities caused by an aging gasket. A new D-gasket made my KK run better than it ever had before, and I'm relearning how to cook from scratch, to break out of my stall. Of course, one never learns from scratch, but in my line of work one needs to stay in practice tearing down assumptions. Austin Franklin cooks beef ribs at 285 F in a 1,000 gallon propane tank converted to an offset firebox smoker. I'm finding that everything cooks faster in the KK, such as here: He predicted 8-9 hours, while I'm done and holding in under 6 hours. Same for my 10 hour brisket at 275 F; I'll try 8 hours next time.
  12. Syzygies

    Stuck top damper

    I used to own a Richard #7 Kamado, and a friend owns a #5. I helped with stuck dampers on both cookers. If POSK is too blue for you, try BTK ("Boat Thief Kamado"). Everyone here was nice to me, and I ended up buying a 23" Ultimate nine years ago. Like moving from a rusted out crop duster to a Lear jet. I had to convince my wife to spend the $700 on the Richard BTK. She convinced me to buy the 23" Ultimate from Dennis. Yes, penetrating oil and a homemade strap wrench. Somehow you have to apply sufficient rotational force without hurting yourself. Once it's apart, find yourself a stainless steel bolt and nut of identical gauge. Then, completely rehabilitate both the existing nut and bolt, by repeatedly working the new, clean hardware up and down the old hardware. Use appropriate solvents to suit the problem. In particular, it is possible to work a nut further along the existing bolt than is possible with the damper itself attached. Cleaning further gives you a margin, so completely closing the top damper never reaches the remaining corrosion. With this hardware, you can clean annually, and avoid future problems. If anything goes wrong, you can make repairs yourself. Your cooker will of course lose any value as an authentic antique, because no one can find the same crappy materials that Richard used at the factory.
  13. Syzygies

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    An electric pressure washer is a lot easier to set up than gas. It's the easiest way to clean grills post-brisket, getting all the gunk off but leaving seasoning, like a well-loved cast iron pan. One's hands don't get messy! Or perhaps pyromania tends to coexist with hydromania?
  14. Syzygies

    Cooking at 250 compared to 350+

    Also, dry the skin completely with a hair dryer.
  15. Syzygies

    Technical cooking question

    Yes, I put in what I need, guessing high not low.