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  1. Syzygies

    Fresh Milled Fun

    I love Einkorn. It fits into my "guest" regime: 10% nicely enhances flavor with no downside. 20% starts to make a noticeable change in handling. Not necessarily adverse, but something to learn by experience to correct.
  2. Syzygies

    Fresh Milled Fun

    Some people have trouble with reduced rise, using freshly ground flour. This problem is poorly understood by most writers, but understood by professionals. The issue is "green flour"; flour needs to age, but we want to grind fresh and not have the germ go rancid. Michel Suas has the most complete answer: Add 30 to 40 parts per million ascorbic acid. How? Mix AA 1:20 with white flour, sieve multiple times to mix completely, then mix some of that mixture 1:20 with white flour. One now has a 1:440 blend one can measure with a gram scale. This solved all sorts of problems for me. I also found rather noticeable variation in different sources of whole grains. Keep notes, and be sure to experiment. The flavor of adding a "guest grain" in moderation can also be a remarkable change. We don't drink the same wine all the time? Variation in bread grain is also good.
  3. Syzygies

    Fresh Milled Fun

    No harder than grinding coffee, with the right equipment (such as this mill). We'd all be milling flour if there was a drug in it somewhere.
  4. Syzygies

    Indiegogo new conical burr coffee grinder

    I'm pretty happy with my Pharos manual coffee grinder. One gets the burrs in a much more expensive electric grinder, without the motor. And the whole kickstarter thing: One gets excited over untested products. Sounds too much like dating to me.
  5. Syzygies

    Lighting of charcoal

    Here is a blower that several of us use (I already have their battery system for other tools): Milwaukee M18 Blower Kit I'm not that far off on most physical intuitions, but I was surprised by this: Once a fire is started, a minute with a blower is far more effective than another minute with a MAPP torch.
  6. Syzygies

    Fogo 15% off this weekend.

    The warehouse by SFO? I love how "Mad Max" that bombed out building looks. Hey, they manage to keep the charcoal dry. Mesquite is indeed popular in the west. My wife finds its use completely discrediting, discussing friends' charcoal tastes. I used to buy the Lazzari oak lump. Acceptable flavor; the coffee charcoal from Dennis was night and day better, we were prepared to ignore the expense and just buy a pallet. Then he couldn't ship it. I pick up off notes in the Lazzari oak lump even for 500F chicken, though I'd use it for pizza. Dirtier than the #1 Rockford. Poor quality size distribution, I'd waste enough of each bag that I considered saving the crumble to make a return once I filled an entire bag. Never did. FOGO is free shipping. See if you can tell the difference? People drink more than one wine; stock more than one charcoal.
  7. Syzygies

    Why are we not talking about this?

    I don't make wine. I've had homebrewed beer that was better than bought, but they took over a garage with $10k of gear, and got too busy. I make fermented hot sauce, because it's better than I can buy. We freeze skinned, salted, and partially dried garden tomatoes, and make Sicilian estrattu from Santa Cruz dry-farmed Early Girl tomatoes, because they taste better than any bought or home canned tomatoes, period. I've tried roasting coffee beans. The ideal process involves equipment I don't have room for, that costs more than I make in a year: Graffeo Coffee - Our Process. As I've gotten older, I equate lesser home efforts with praising Johnny's Kindergarten art, if one can simply buy better. We nevertheless have open minds. Tell us it's better than anything you can buy, in a double-blind tasting?
  8. Syzygies

    Fogo 15% off this weekend.

    This picture of #4 is a bit unfair, because I picked out all the smaller pieces sitting in between and above, for an application where it didn’t matter so much. I like having big pieces in reserve. These are as big as they get.
  9. Syzygies

    Fogo 15% off this weekend.

    Rockwood Premium All-Natural Lump Charcoal Fogo Marabu Hardwood Lump Charcoal 33-pound Bag (Cuba) Fogo Argentinean Quebracho Blend 35-pound Hardwood Lump Charcoal Bag (Argentina) Fogo 35-pound Super Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal After the coffee lump charcoal from Dennis became unavailable, I've tried the above four premium lump charcoals. #4 is the clear winner for me. Large pieces, easiest to light (weed burner then Milwaukee M18 FUEL Blower), fewest sparks. Not as dense as #2 or #3. Best of all, #4 has our favorite flavor. Subtle but distinct. In the last few nights, we've had both cod and pork chops in Moroccan red chermoula, both times leaving us in tears wanting more. I grill on the lower grate, using the basket splitter which will surely pay for itself in premium charcoal savings. To be sure, we each have different smoke preferences. I devised the Dutch oven smoke pot many years ago; we're pretty sensitive to off flavors. I can swear that I pick up faint notes of chlorine in #2, less so in #3, but I'm alone here. #2 and #3 are also rather sparky, though I'd put up with this if I loved their flavors. #1 is dirtier / more flavor, depending on your perspective. A friend loves it; he's a great cook but I believe that his Weber work has too many off flavors from out-of-control combustion byproducts.
  10. Syzygies

    Richard Johnson Still Alive...

    I lost all the tiles on Richard's K7 POSK. He still owes me one, though I wouldn't want it now. Hey, one way or another we're all children of rape. It worked out well; the workers Richard abandoned found Dennis.
  11. Thanks. My accessories list has been updated.
  12. I tried editing an old post and couldn't: Must have accessories I get indications every now and then, including today, that people still refer to this list. I'd like to update it a bit, for example to remark that the KK pizza stone is now my favorite. I know that forum software is often tuned to "freeze" older posts, but that interferes with how some older posts get used.
  13. Syzygies

    Solo Stove

  14. Syzygies

    Solo Stove

    We have an indoor gas range, a 23" KK, a Weber, a Coleman camping propane stove, and the Solo Stove Campfire. To quickly make burgers last night, keeping the cooking smells and heat outside, setting a Baking Steel on the Solo Stove Campfire was absolutely the quickest and easiest choice. I wasn't setting out to prove a point; I was just trying to get dinner on the table. Now, if I had a propane grill ready to go, or the Coleman stove was easier to grab, this calculus might come out different. But we like fire, and we're talking thirty seconds to throw some lump charcoal into the Solo Stove, pour on some 99% isopropyl alcohol, throw in a match, and walk away. This is actually the intended use of the Solo Stove. It took me long enough to get around to what they designed it to do.
  15. Syzygies

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    How to get the beans to the brunch? Two briskets make a mess. An electric pressure washer isn't the fastest way to clean all grates, but it's effective and entertaining. What to do with the spent chips in a smoke pot? Reseason my drip pan?