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  1. I wrote Solo Stove to ask what they knew about CO and complete combustion; they gave a lawyer's answer "wood only". I remember from high school chem lab that an alcohol fire doesn't even hurt. On the other hand, the dawn of the Bronze Age involved people figuring out how to get fires hot enough to melt metals. (There's a famous cave drawing of someone who looks just like Dennis advising caution here. Ever notice how Dennis doesn't age?) Their concern is that charcoal would get hot enough to damage the Solo Stove. On the other hand, we're cooking here. One compensates for t
  2. As a kid I worked a summer at Schaller's burger restaurant on the Lake Ontario shore near Rochester, NY. They really did serve great classic burgers. There were nights I was the only one working who wasn't tripping on psilocybin. We'd draw straws for who got to turn on the machine that chopped 50 onions at once. Everyone else stood by to carry the unlucky one into a walk-in freezer, where staring up at the fan for twenty seconds restored some sight to one's eyes. Man did that sting! Impressive machine, though... Our hot sauce was legendary. To first approximation it was just grease. The s
  3. The 'contraption' is a Plancha Griddle Plate by OUTDOORCHEF. There's one left on Amazon.com. They have many other nice-looking grill accessories. Nice! The plancha's stated dimensions in cm are W 34.8 x D 41.0 x H 10.0, which don't make that much sense. Tekobo has a Solo Stove Bonfire, with an outer diameter of 19.5", and an inner diameter of 17.5". The cast iron grate pictured earlier has a stated diameter of 17.5" and doesn't fall through. Why? Solo Stove only gives approximate dimensions, and their top ring narrows the top opening, probably here to 15.5" or so (roughly 40 cm). Tha
  4. 2 C3H7OH + 9 O2 -> 6 CO2 + 8 H2O + heat 2 C3H7OH + 8 O2 -> 2 CO + 4 CO2 + 8 H2O + heat 2 C3H7OH + 7 O2 -> 4 CO + 2 CO2 + 8 H2O + heat 2 C3H7OH + 6 O2 -> 6 CO + 8 H2O + heat On further research, the complete combustion of isopropyl alcohol (C3H7OH) yields carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). Even knowing no chemistry, one can confirm that there are 6 C, 16 H, and 20 O on each side of the first reaction. As one decreases the available oxygen, the combustion produces increasing quantities of carbon monoxide (CO). This is true for any kind of fire. CO has one
  5. Indoors, we've got this gas range. It has insides and a top. We use the top more often, but the insides are very important. Outdoors, those roles are assumed by our KK and a couple of Solo Stoves. Many nights, the meal is not centered around outdoor fire, but outdoor fire is critical to ingredient prep. For that, I can pour a bit of isopropyl alcohol over a wood/charcoal mix in a Solo Stove, light it, and be back in the house in thirty seconds. Real fire, as quick as lighting a gas grill. Some nights we want pizza or focaccia di recco, or roast or tandoor chicken, or salmon. That's w
  6. From what little I can remember of sixties/seventies counterculture (if you can remember you weren't there), the vernacular stripped apparent gender from phrases like this. I'd hear women use "Hey man" with each other. It wasn't a political statement; the complete lack of concern about gender was the triumph here. This must have stayed with me. I understood all the genders, and read "man" here with nary a ripple that anything was out of place. "Good god man..." is a precious exclamation. As we understood half a century ago, what we took, we took for all.
  7. We have many sizes of 4mil chamber vacuum pouches. The price is right compared to any alternative, and we have a chamber machine. One can use an oversized bag, then simply clip the bag over the side of the Cambro. Then the bag needn't be sealed, and is reusable.
  8. After summers on the Aeolian Islands and Pantelleria, I've developed a lifelong love of capers. We're cooking for ourselves and our foodie neighbors (while they remodel their kitchen) and I used the last of our capers in the stellar swordfish recipe from My Calabria. Crisis. Worse, one of our two favorite sources (Les Moulins Mahjoub) had become impossible to find in 500g jars. I found exactly one US source, Four Star Seafood in San Francisco. They'll deliver out to us $100 minimum for $5 flat fee. So I added a box of frozen shrimp as part of my order. CAPERS IN SALT #4/7 – 2.2 LBS - Buon
  9. My Breeo Outpost 19 came today, and I was easily able to fit it to my $50 Harbor Freight cart, over my Solo Stove Ranger. My neighbor has a true adjustable height Argentinian grill. This is my toy version. I've already got lighting a fire down to thirty seconds: Wood chunks, lump charcoal, isopropyl alcohol, hearing protectors, match. Now I need not be so concerned about waiting for the fire to settle. Just raise the grill!
  10. Doing something in a home oven isn't original to Thomas Keller, but his Bouchon Bakery cookbook brought the idea renewed attention. He recommended chains and stones. What he gets right is that scale matters. The steam from 350g of water will displace the air in an oven or a KK several times over, scalding the cold dough with a great transfer of heat energy. 10g from a plant spritzer is just genuflecting. Baking inside a Dutch oven is different. Stones, really? They would probably work. They wouldn't explode all that often, right? Not for me. Anyone who sells $400 restaurant meals is an il
  11. Mine is back from warranty repair. I had an extreme bean boil-over incident. All of my recent photographs are of skewers on my Solo Stove, or my new wok made-to-order in Japan, or garden tomatillo salsa in my newest molcajete made-to-order in Mexico, or nixtamal turning into masa in my Indian wet grinder. But this picture is of pork carnitas about to simmer for many hours. An ideal use of our "Indoor K". It was the new puppy before I gorped it. Now it's just another dog in a large family. But I love it. @Wingman505 The instruction manual is buried on their site. It appears at all in
  12. Wow, I'm hooked on skewers. These skewers are great. Anything a Weber kettle can do better than a Solo Stove fire pit, a KK can do far better than a Weber. This kind of grilling is the thrill and the taste of roadside grilling in Thailand or Morocco. I could never quite recreate this flavor profile on a Weber or a KK. I believe that there's a big advantage to the taller-than-wide orientation in a Solo Stove fire pit, that would be lost with their new grill. Whatever goes over what's left of these embers is surrounded and bathed by the rising spotlight of hot air and radiant heat, a c
  13. Oh that was me. Just came, haven't tried it yet. Looks similar to KK extruded, but I'm expecting a different flavor profile, probably more pronounced. And I build a door-sized shelf into the back of my rear shed just to hold Dennis charcoal, including KK extruded. I have every generation including the first draft that pleased me more than Dennis, and various generations of Sacramento POSK extruded. I'm a hoarder. Cannabis dealers took great care of me in college, because they would come by during a drought. "Oh, you still have that!?" Well, not after they left. So I won't need to spend $$
  14. Ok, I'm really getting into skewers. I probably want the best Konro I can find. A dear BBQ friend and I saw a great grill on a street corner cart in Queens Chinatown, a few years ago. The thing was cut and welded together from a few pieces of steel plate; if people take up pottery and woodworking (I have) I could learn metalworking, right? There's that chapter in Aaron Franklin's book where he describes how to turn a recycled 500 gallon propane tank (he uses 1000 gallon tanks at the restaurant, he's cutting us some slack) into a cooker. If one had "basic" metalworking skills. I laughed he
  15. I have the same reservations about cooking on the Breeo lip, but their "Outpost" adjustable rack, toy version of my neighbor's Argentinian grill, is a great idea. To me the Breeo design is more cluttered, with stuff in the way I don't want, making it harder to put on a cart. The Solo Stove is stripped down form = function, and I find it beautiful. I really like grilling on the Solo Stove Ranger, it has become my primary grill. 30 second lighting protocol is wood chunks bottom layer, then charcoal next layer, pour on isopropyl alcohol, don hearing protection or vow to use less next ti
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