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Found 29 results

  1. My KKs will be arriving soon and I am trying to experiment with the accessories that I have bought so far so I won't be overwhelmed by the newness of everything when the KKs arrive. I swing between being terrified by all that I will have to learn and comforted by the fact that you all say that KKs are so intuitive to use. I am gently settling into the latter mode and looking forward to the excitement when they arrive. Anyway, on to the business at hand: I have been trying out my home roti and found the forks to be so feeble that I had to pierce the skin with a knife to get them in! OctoForks to the rescue. I set them up yesterday and here is my first attempt at balancing a whole chicken on the spit: As you can see, I got the centre of gravity all wrong and it was never going to rotate smoothly. With the forks up close and personal to the sides of chicken, I wasn't sure that I liked the fact that the skin on the sides wouldn't see the heat but the skin on the back, which I don't eat, would be beautifully browned. So I switched to this configuration: Still not perfectly balanced but the OctoForks made a really stable cage for the bird. These are really robust birds that we bought in Italy, in the region that invented slow food. The first time I cooked one, I roasted it as normal for an hour and it came out really tough. The thigh meat is almost gamey. Since then I have found that a slow roti makes them nice and tender. This time the chook was in for two and a half hours at 150 degrees C and came out OK. There are a number of areas for improvement. First, try this out in a KK to see if what you say is true about how well it cooks chicken. Second, take the wing tips off and crank up the heat at the end to crisp up the skin. Third maybe brine the chicken and add more purple crack than I did this time. I do have a MEATER now but hadn't managed to charge and pair it in time and so left it out of this cook. Any advice about positioning the Octoforks? It would be good to see photos of your cooks with whole chickens to help make my first KK chicken cook as good as it can be. Or should I just do what Dennis says and go with a spatchcocked bird? Why am I even thinking of defying Dennis?
  2. ZooBeeQ

    New basket Roti cook wingz !

    Thanks Keith for the super fast shipping on this must have accessory ! Wings is only the first thing im going to do. The basket makes it soo easy to just set and forget. No more standing over the KK turning the wings every 5 minutes, just tumble done. See what you think. Honey garlic apple smoked. https://goo.gl/photos/EvFCs13hvsyDvXd98 I had to put some extra wire across the sides because I cut the wings and they fell out but it was an easy fix, one I'll make more permanent but the basket needs this on a revision. I have a SS smokerbox I use for everything now, Thanks to all those who posted about the dutch oven pot hack but I just could not bring myself to profane any cast iron bit for that. I have a special place in my heart for cast iron. I've a wonderful set that was my Gran's and its seasoned like teflon so it just, I couldn't do it even on a cheap chinese pot. I digress. Half hour at 350 on the tru Temp. Marinate for 30 minutes in 1/3 cup Tamari soy , crushed garlic to taste ( 1 fresh clove here) Dash of chipotle tabasco, Tb Hoisin sauce And just a bit of honey to start. After you basket the wings take the leftover sauce and reduce in the Micro ( cover it !!) then add a shipload of honey , stir in well. drizzle on the wings 3 x in the last ten minutes . I sprinkled sesame seeds on them too and they toasted up nicely. Plate and feast .
  3. Keith OctoForks

    Great way to cook chicken drums!

    The tines I popped into the bone marrow.
  4. Keith OctoForks

    Love bbq chicken thighs!

    Words can't describe how good these thighs were. For me Summertime has to include boneless skinless bbq thighs and spun over a fire is just icing on the cake!
  5. Who likes Taco Salad? Here's a chicken version from a rotisserie spatchcock with sides of corn on the cob!.Rotisserie and corn with a pair of OctoForks, black beans done in a pressure cooker and mixed up a homemade taco seasoning.
  6. Keith OctoForks

    Bacon wrapped St Louis Ribs

    Layering on the flavor. Started with rotisserie ribs and then wrapped in bacon! Pineapple...well I'm addicted to spit roasted pineapple! Rib tips on the grate
  7. Keith OctoForks

    5 cheese injected pork chops on a stick

    Pork chop on stick is good but when you inject cheese into the mix then....well!
  8. Keith OctoForks

    "Tri-Fecta Chicken" W/ Pineapple

    Roadside marinade, spatchcock and rotisserie for the "Tri-Fecta Chicken" The pineapple part way through i brushed on evoo and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Reversed the claws inward on this cook. Oh only took 1 pair of OctoForks and there's space to rotisserie lots more...kinda nice!
  9. Keith OctoForks

    Bacon Wrapped Country Style Ribs

    This could work really well or could fail miserably. I guess I'll take one for the team and find out! Different size CSR's so some have 3 tines and others only 2 to hold them. Hopefully the bacon is secure and I'm using a diffuser for the bacon grease flare ups.
  10. Keith OctoForks

    A london broil experiment

    Just a little experiment. Some people take london broil to medium or so and slice really thin. This was such a tough piece of meat I thought I'd experiment with a finishing method I've heard of and wanted to try. Take the meat to 150* and finish in a pressure cooker. Marinaded, jaccarded and let it spin on the rotisserie getting exposed to the smoke for a while and finished with 30 min in a pressure cooker. Made onion gravy with the drippings. Onion gravy is sooooo good!!!
  11. Keith OctoForks

    Octo Drum sticks

    Don't be jealous but my legs are REALLY sexy! These hot and fast drums were AMAZING!!! Popped some chicken drums on the OctoForks and spun around 450* over some mulberry splits. End result was crisp skin with melt in your mouth
  12. Hey guys what are the uses for each of these ROTISSERIE'S? Any advantage of one over the other?
  13. Hatch Chile Sausage Pocket Sammies for dinner. Knockin out the fat...George Foreman ain't got nothin Used OctoForks "OctoSkewers" (coming soon) to spin and served with pocket sammies with sauteed bells, onions and siracha mustard. Yum! I was only cooking using 5 but you could do "quad" and multiple plus extended setups etc...and spin a boatload of skewers. It's mind blowing how many a 32 or 42" could handle!
  14. Keith OctoForks

    Full rotisserie meal

    Just a little experimenting night. I knew the roasted potatoes would fall out of the basket without a slight modification. lol Used some foil tape to seal up the ends. Real good cook! The potatoes came off first and the chicken/ pork shoulder CSR's finished about the same time so I just pulled them last. Everything was sooo good especially the roasted taters. They tumbled away in the basket and were well oiled and seasoned prior to going in. Thanks for looking! Definitely lots more room for more food. I used 2 pairs of OctoForks for this cook.
  15. Keith OctoForks

    Chicken chow mein: roti basket chicken

    Talking Rotisserie Baskets. I've never been a fan of the spit rod going through the middle of the basket. Sometimes it's fine but others a p.i.t.a Cooked up some chicken chow mein tonight but spun the chicken in a basket vertical using the OctoForks. Plenty of room to spin multiple baskets! Rain rain go away but comfort food is good!
  16. Keith OctoForks

    Kabob night plus chicken quarters

    Blowing up the rotisserie tonight! This was kabob night with sirloin steak, beef sausage and also some juicy chicken quarters. The kabob veggies were grilled in grill basket. A sneak peak at some of the accessories coming with the OctoForks...these are the stainless steel skewers in action. Hopefully more accessories coming Fall of 2017 Dang good meal and fun to watch spin!
  17. Keith OctoForks

    Juiciest Chicken Breast!

    This makes for the juiciest chicken breast! It's hard to beat CB on the spit over some fire! Sloppy Joes...Never let good smoke go to waste! Only used 1/2 pair of the #OctoForks for chicken.
  18. I actually spun these peppers too but that's another story! lol Ribs were juicy...It was a good cook Saturday!
  19. Keith OctoForks

    Rotisserie-Roast Beef Pizza

    This is right up kamado users alley...Rotisserie and fire baked pizza!!!
  20. Keith OctoForks

    Rotisserie Spiral Sliced Easter Ham

    Tried out a orange marmalade glazed ham. Actually the glaze had some soy sauce, orange marmalade and parmagranate plum juice. This was a fairly fast cook ...maybe 2 hours? If you try this I'd put a pan to catch all the glaze for when you baste it. After the first hour I started the glaze every 15 minutes. The Octoforks held it together great but there was one floppy area I used a stainless steel skewer. Thanks for looking! Oh the rest of the ham from the back end of the spiral and bone went in some simmering pinto beans!
  21. Keith OctoForks

    MacKenzie is wise! More Brats

    This was such a good idea! I love it when they split open too!
  22. We had some chicken thighs in fridge and the rotisserie looked lonely so..... Here we go! Seasoned with Islandspice all purpose and mixed up some homemade sauce to cook on. (secret ingredient apricot preserves)
  23. Keith OctoForks

    OctoForks Rotisserie Shrimp

    Aussie don't make fun of my accent...I can do better! Thought I'd try my hand at some rotisserie shrimp. These were in a Valentina hot sauce marinade. Next batch i'd like to get a blazing hot fire and brush on bbq sauce. If this is done in the Komodo Kamado I'd recommend lid open and crank up the heat. Looks like you can do 32 shrimp per pair. I found it easiest to just squeeze them end to end and slide them right on the tines. Thanks for looking!
  24. Keith OctoForks

    OctoForks Rotisserie Shrimp

    Aussie don't make fun of my accent...I can do better! Thought I'd try my hand at some rotisserie shrimp. These were in a Valentina hot sauce marinade. Next batch i'd like to get a blazing hot fire and brush on bbq sauce. If this is done in the Komodo Kamado I'd recommend lid open and crank up the heat. Looks like you can do 32 shrimp per pair. I found it easiest to just squeeze them end to end and slide them right on the tines. Thanks for looking!
  25. I was on Amazon today and saw this all-stainless OneGrill Rotisserie Kit. See: https://www.amazon.com/OneGrill-Weber-Stainless-Rotisserie-Electric/dp/B008RS6UOC/ref=cm_rdp_product It says it fits a Weber, But I wonder if it could be made to fit a Komodo Kamado? I have a Turbo STS Natural gas BBQ and it would be nice to have one rotisserie kit that could fit both BBQs.