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Found 5 results

  1. I was on Amazon today and saw this all-stainless OneGrill Rotisserie Kit. See: It says it fits a Weber, But I wonder if it could be made to fit a Komodo Kamado? I have a Turbo STS Natural gas BBQ and it would be nice to have one rotisserie kit that could fit both BBQs.
  2. I intended to dry brine this bird, but even after three days of refrigerator camp, this bird was still mostly frozen. So last night I called an audible, and submerged it in a wet brine so it finished thawing. Once seasoned, I injected w/ garlic butter and stuffed it in the roti cradle. So far so good ...
  3. This didn't start out as an experiment but ended up being one. The Idea: because of the way a KK's firebox is setup it burns a cooler fire compared to other ceramic Kamados for a given temperature. I've noticed this looking at other people's cooks compared to mine and the size of the bed of coals for a given temperature. Because of a cooler fire it is a more moist cooking environment. The Experiment: at what point can I dry out a chicken done rotisserie style using my 19" Komodo Kamado. The Setup: 19" KK with built in rotisserie. 400* direct but with an infrared heat diffuser. I used the same brand chickens that are free range, no antibiotics (I'll post the name brand next time I run the experiment). Washed and dried the chickens. Cut the wings off for later use. Coated with a mixture of oil and seasonings. Note: since this didn't start out as an experiment I don't have pictures for my first 3 tests. (sorry) Test One: cooked for 1 hour 10 minutes (1:10). Although cooked through the skin was not crispy enough. Dark meat was so moist it was smushy. Test Two: cooked for 1:20. Skin was nice and crispy. Dark meat was just a little smushy. Test Three: cooked for 1:30. Skin nice and crispy. Proper texture on dark meat, tender and juicy. White meat still moist and tender. This is the cook Mrs skreef liked the best. Test Four: cooked for 1:40. Super crispy skin. Dark meat still tender and very juicy. White meat tender and moist but probably can't take much more time. This is the cook I liked the best. Cutting into the breast. Still moist and tender but not leaking juice. I mangled the leg quarter pulling it off the chicken. Dark meat has a good texture and extra juicy. Well haven't killed the chicken yet. Where do I go from here? 1:40 was getting close to the time limit to still have moist and tender white meat. Maybe next round I'll go for 500*. Stay tuned I cook a rotisserie chicken once every week or two.
  4. Hi @DennisLinkletter, I cant seem to find the thread where you mentioned this so i have started up a new one. You made a reply in a previous thread that you may be planning to get the factory to create a straight skewer that we could use in our KK's that would allow us to use the square accessories out there on the market (like baskets and prongs) so that we can turn meat in our KK's without having the basket. While i love the basket, sometimes it would be nice to quickly skewer a few chickens and load them into the KK. Nice and quick clean up as well. Plus there is loads of accessories out there that we could take advantage of. With the cold smoker coming along nicely, i will be placing another order with you and would like to see a straight skewer as an option for my KK to purchase. What do you think? Would this be possible? Thank you.
  5. I finally got around ordering my rotisserie motor from One Grill a company that specializes in rotisserie equipment and it came in today! I've been looking forward to this day since Beauty! arrived with the rotisserie basket for TheBeast. Here are a few pics of the rotisserie motor and one of the basket. Front view: Notice that this specific motor indicated that it can spin 50 pounds of meet at once! This is no light-weight motor. Of course, nothing about TheBeast is light-weight! Here is a side panel that details a one-year warranty: I would have preferred a larger warranty, but the Customer Service rep assured me that if I take care of the motor, i.e. keep it out of the elements and remove it when not in use (no problem either way) that the motor was almost indestructible. He said you can't believe the number of people who leave their units attached to the cooker, rain, snow, sleet, hail or shine, and then wonder why the motor breaks. I'd believe it! Here is a picture of the other side panel. This company wants you to spin meat, even going do far as to suggest a first cook! Here is the back panel that details some features. Note that while the motor is indeed water resistant, it is not water proof! Here is a front view of the motor itself. Here is a view of the motor from the side that will face TheBeast. Note the slides on each side. And finally, here is a picture of the rotisserie itself! This thing is a beast itself. It's about 26" long and is 10" in diameter. At first glance, you go "WTF?" Then you begin thinking like a KK Owner and Dennis Linkletter. The whole basket and it's "Frankensteinian Claws" are actually designed from its inception to securely hold every cook, no matter how large (a big turkey is very doable) and no matter what shape (I'm thinking of spinning a butt and a brisket. You also notice that there is no central spit to hold the cook. That's because forcing a spit through a cook limits what you can cook and it more importantly lets precious juices find a way out of the cook. That means that the cook could conceivably be less juicy than it need be. Finally, everything is held in place by hex nuts. Nothing is going to fall out of this basket! Finally, here is a view looking at the basket end-on. Those 3 points allow you to adjust the center-point of your basket. At least that is what I's assuming. (Please CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG all you spinning KKers!) That is important because if you have a large cook in the basket, it's center of mass may not coincide with a single spot that normally comes with a rotisserie or most certainly a spit. You can actually adjust the point that connects to the kamado and the motor drive unit to more properly center the cook. Properly centered cooks mean that there is less stress on the motor and thus the motor last longer! In essence, it takes less torque to spin the cook. Okay, that's it for now. I'm thinking of spinning a chicken tomorrow. I'll make sure I take plenty of pics and post it in the appropriate thread. Thanks for taking a look at the KK Rotisserie system. Oh, hey! Anyone know of a thread where it shows where all the springs and doodads are shown as assembled? Thanks in advance!