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  1. Yes spectacular photos indeed ! sorry to hear you were too close ! As I recall, the gas is what killed most of the ppl in ancient rome and pompeii . not the lava ! Merry HoHo and Happy New Year !
  2. Yep, what they said. See my pics in Just another day in buffalo post. shovel, lighter up, cover after. You just don't want moisture to get in and freeze . Sj
  3. found them Thanks! First hit was a strain of mary jane from Cali lmao. Yep, didn't think that was what im looking for
  4. Wow, just look at the crumb on that bread OMG. what is purple crack? I know, i should just search it but that's the second reference today. Sj
  5. I love snow and my KK, i'm good hehe. Not so cold, I didn't even put on gloves or coat to shovel that out. Then I AM Canjian eh? tried to move it so it won't get snowed in but that's the leeside of the house so . . . NoCal eh? well at least you're not IN the burning pit that has ravaged SoCal. You ducked that one alrighty. heehee
  6. KK is on the left and Idaho pasture pig chops tonight !
  7. What kind of wood are you going to use to smoke it? I do smoked turkey any chance I can, dont wait till the obligatory holidays . Smoked turkey rocks ! Don't toss the carcass either, makes a kick ass stock for soup! On the low and slow, Turkey is not a fatty bird so there is no connective tissue to break down and unless you are going to baste the hades out of it , cooking for that long? Could be a little dry. I cook it like chicken, high and fast with a ton of quality hickory in a smoke box. Longest I've ever had a bird on was 3 hours and it was a 16 pounder. KK cook keeps it moist and crispy. looking forward to seeing the pics Zo0
  8. Great spot ! Now you just need to haul a KK out there and cook up some goodies to go with the brew. Beer Nuts, thats great lol. Any of you enter your beers for judging or do the Homebrewcon ? I'm still an AHA member but its been a while since I had time to brew.
  9. Nice job! So how does it feel?? Brand new awesome cooker and first cook looking like picture perfect :-) zo0
  10. Yep Mackenzie , they lookin sweet ! Sauce or no sauce?
  11. LOL , Paul, thats exactly what I thought ! Take care with the ribs tho, you can dry them out easy. Zo0 And no, if you using it right It dont stay white
  12. A new KK? that is the gift that will keep on giving !! Great ideas from all above me there . I'm a gadget girl too and I love my digiQ DX, it also has thermo for the meat . Makes it soo easy to set and forget. PIzza stone a must. I love my steel but Pequod has it right there, wish they had the round grill when I bought mine. For the thermometers I have Range by Supermechanical for when I'm doing a ton of butts or brisket ( ribs are done when they done ) They're great remote thermos with apple app ( the only downside ) for remote viewing and alarm for done and multiple meats. I also use them for inhouse cooking, yogurt making, and brewing . Range Dial here I skipped over two pages to get here so sry if i missed somethn' . You are going to have a blast ! Remember, these cookers have multiple grill surfaces so you can cook two or more stacks of food.
  13. Oh no !! Now that is the definition of a tragedy. I bought his book, very interesting read . Zo0
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