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  1. The new Normal. That's the trouble with normal, it always get worse ;-/ ( Thank You bruce c )
  2. NICE!! I have always wanted to try the gyro style meat stack, I have a roti too. That looks fabulous. Thanks
  3. Is it mostly because of how backed up everything is now and it will go back to normal, whatever that is sometime in the future? Its making that used KK in general looking really good!!
  4. Everyone has a hobby eh? lol. I used to live in Oshawa back before it was part of the GTA. I know I know, not quite but almost. I'm still not far off in Buffalo. Post a few more cooks? Sue
  5. She's a beaut!! Great shape too. Why are you selling? Some nice cooks in that!! Zoo
  6. Yes I have but it seems only on industrial pork. When I get local raised pork it just shreds really wonderfully. I have also noticed that with IP I get overflow drippings of fat, LOcal not quite a cup but the last one was well trimmed and I was concerned. I needed not be. Luv the Guru bit lmao Also, terrific looking butt there !!
  7. Wow. just wow. You guys are all awesome bakers, these pics are truly gorgeous and yeah, I had to move my KB outa the way so as not to drool on it;-) I read most of this loooong thread, its tough coming late to the party, and I had some comments to add but, im tired and I dont think it would make any sense lol. The pic of those " spelt seedlings " is sprouted wheat berries and look pretty well modified by the looks of them. Bake on! Sue
  8. No complaints ! this was my 3rd pig for these guys and this on the KK was the best, the other two were on one of those caja china boxes. pita
  9. Come hell or COLD weather LOL. About 11 last night I noticed the temp starting to stall and the blower was on constantly. We are out of fuel. This was gonna hurt . Pulled both grills full of wonderfully smokey pork, pulled out the spent smokers and filled up the basket to the drip pan ! Replace grills n pig and wait for pit to get up to temp again. Get my sorry ass to bed with alarms and temps set. 2:30 am brings the beeps so out of bed I fall to pull the done bits. The 2 shoulders were smallest so they came off into the cooler but waited an hour for the hams to get up 5' to 200. 4am the mid sections goes on and by 430 im back in bed with [email protected] and rising. 8:30 brings me downstairs to ribs at 186 but still a bit jiggley so I waited till 10 and 190 to pull them and place in cooler and We done here ! I'm going to need a big bad If I want to keep this up lol. Ultimately do able on the KK but it was only an 88 lb pig and need two shifts but very do able. " poke in the eye with a blunt stick?? no thanks, id rather do a pig in 17' weather with a wind chill to single digits." Payoff is Hopfest Beer tent ans some fine pig, if I can stay awake that long. Thanks for all the words of encouragement and hope i Wasn't too boring, this is as much a diary for the next time as it is a share with you fine folks. PIcs library updated too. Zo0
  10. OK, got the pig yesterday and carved it up last night. I cut off the two fore trotters and hacksawed the hinds then proceeded to draw and quarter her. Picshere Getting the head off was the toughest but with my handy axe and hammer, we got the job done. Marinade was done, injection followed then place all the bits in two coolers and marinade and ice on top until just two hours ago. We got the KK going @ 12today to preheat and soak. The heat up basket was pulled @2 and a fully loaded basket with 2 SS smoker boxes with hickory embedded on top with coals from the preheat placed on top and put back into the KK to get going. Drip pans placed. After fitting all probes and putting both shoulders and hams on the grills to size, I placed some garlic inside all the meat. About 2 whole cloves slid inside and underskin no rub. Carry out the grates, thread the wires and plug chit in and we off to the races by 3! PHew. 2 of the 3 signals probes are*#%@!* but too late now. Down to half the thermos I should have but one is on the main grill and one on the lower so I should be ok *heavysigh* Oh, and doesn't bloody signals need to update the firmware?? That went quickly after d'ling the program to do it. ugh. I smell wonderfully smokey now and the KK is up to temp @ 250. If all goes well an she's all done oh what, 2-3 am? ill go down and pull them into the warmed coolers and put the ribs sections on, go back to bed and wake up to a job well done! I hope I let you know. Sj
  11. I can get behind that Z
  12. LOL death or pictures , yeah. Having a meet tonight over beers to discuss all the great input here, see if anyone wants roast too. That might be cool, something for everyone. So shoulders on first and bottom, hams on second mid and chest section on top last. Depending on what I can fit. I was thinking of I got it all on by 6pm friday , depending on heat steal, i should be able to get chest section on in the morning ( whatever AM hell its finished lol ) and ready for the beer gardens by 1 PM saturday Yeah I have a deadline here, hungry beer drinkers will want something warm and tasty soon. TBC uhm I could post pics of the last 3 pigs ive done I guess
  13. Why Thank You Tyrus. I'd like to imagine all of us being that friendly in here., and I absolutely would take that opportunity to kick back and trade BBq stories and good beer. LOL yeah, warm and magical in Tampa this time of year Gene McCarthys O.F.W. Brewing. pics here I love that story about the bulls, I've heard the more ribald vs but yeah, just like that hehehe. Zo0
  14. toni b, there you are! I was wondering if you would post. OK , good thinking on the deflector, already working with heat deficiency Thanks. On the smoker, I actually changed up the Ss box design using syzygies design for just that reason. I ll post a pic of that later. 35 yes, wish it was gong to be that warm here next weekend but no, dipping down from an arctic blast to 21. Although that's the thing with weather here in buffalo, you don't like it? wait 5 minutes, It'll change. TBC Zo0
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