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Found 2 results

  1. CeramicChef

    Syzygies Smoking Pot

    @Syzygies - Hi Friend. I just thought you should know I've posted your brilliant idea for the smoke pot in a few other BBQ Forums and it has been met with universal acclaim. In fact the word that is most used is "Genius". I've given you proper attribution and folks have asked that I tell you how much they love your invention. It really is a game changer for them, especially those with kamados of every strip. You're becoming quite the BBQ sensation. I just though you should know that your little smoke pot is really changing the way more than a few look at kamados. Thanks for sharing that jewel with us here.
  2. I recently purchased a cobalt blue 32 and picked up a cold smoker as one of the accessories. I've been pouring thru the archives and read quite a bit about the smoke pot that has been used with good success. I either overlooked or didn't find any post's that give advise on which method to use for the different type cooks (ex... low and slow, hot and fast etc...). I understand the need for the cold smoke attachment when smoking things that require very low temps but can someone comment on using the cold smoker with temps in the 250 to 300 deg range compared to the smoke pot? Thanks Kevin