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  1. Thanks for the comments Aussie Ora. I need to do a few more cooks with the cold smoker to make sure it will duplicate the smoke ring but so far I really like it.
  2. Congratulations on the 32", it's a great cooking system. I bought the same size and color a couple of months ago and it's a very impressive cooker. One option I use on every cook is the basket splitter, it never leaves the basket. I just adjust it depending on the cook. great forum and lots of good reading in the archives. As others have said, welcome to the show ...
  3. Looking at the picture makes it look like the probe is actually touching the grate. That might be something to look at with regards to the dome and probe temps being different. I just finished taking a pair of needle nose pliers to my probe holder so it would fit the grates and still hold the probe tight enough to keep it from falling out. hope that makes sense
  4. @tony b Thank for the feedback on the Oakridge rubs. Black op's is the only Oakridge rub I've used. I am waiting on delivery of one of their kits of different rubs, anxious to try a few others.
  5. Thanks @MacKenzie and @Steve M i pulled it a little early, the flat still probed a little tight in a place or two even though it was up to 206 it. I was impressed with the Oakridge black op's rub and I managed to get a little of the Oakridge game changer injection done in spite of the center still being a little frozen the night before. Really happy with the cold smoker, clean smoke flavor and easy to take apart for cleaning. all things considered, it was a good day.
  6. I thought I'd check in to say thanks to all for the tips on running the cold smoker. Everything when fine, ran the cs about 7 hours on the medium chips and didn't have to relight it any. I did have to run the pump about 75% to keep the airflow up enough to keep it smoldering. I was surprised at the bark and smoke ring it created. Here's a couple of pictures, you'll have to ignore the green overcast, the cutting board affected the white balance and I didn't take time to correct them (their straight out of the iPhone).
  7. I'm trying to teach mine to swim. Not going to well
  8. Thanks for the suggestions, I'm going to give it a try tomorrow, that is if the hurricane doesn't decide to visit before the experts have predicted .
  9. Ribs can be done in 4 to 6 hours depending on your pit temps. A hot and fast brisket in about 8 hours give or take a little. I would lean towards something that cooks at a little higher temp than brisket or ribs and takes less time until you get use to regulating the dampers. Yardbird would be a good choice and would keep the smoker temps below the recommended burn-in temp's even if you cooked it hot. Good luck and have fun.
  10. One thing I haven't given a lot of thought to is feeding the cold smoke. I bought the medium chips from Frutia without doing research. Any tips and tricks to keeping a steady and consistent smoke going?
  11. Flht01

    23 KK

    Well done @Cottonswab @tony b got it right, obsession is a good way to put it. I too have been using an egg for years along with a few other cookers but this KK is unlike anything I've used.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I'm planning on cooking a brisket (cheap select - $1.49/# special - ) that's been in the freezer for quite a while. You see, I swore to myself that I wouldn't "drink the KK Kool-Aid" when I bought "Blue 32". So as a test, I cooked a similar brisket to this one last week, hot and fast, and it was supposed to turn out dry and tough. Well, that was a complete failure. It was tender, moist and had a good bark. Next was bb ribs, same lack of effort should have produced dry and tough ribs. Failed again, best ribs I've cooked - ever. Dry rubbed, put on the main rack, cooked 5
  13. I recently purchased a cobalt blue 32 and picked up a cold smoker as one of the accessories. I've been pouring thru the archives and read quite a bit about the smoke pot that has been used with good success. I either overlooked or didn't find any post's that give advise on which method to use for the different type cooks (ex... low and slow, hot and fast etc...). I understand the need for the cold smoke attachment when smoking things that require very low temps but can someone comment on using the cold smoker with temps in the 250 to 300 deg range compared to the smoke pot? Thanks Ke
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