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  1. Anybody Interested in seeing 'My Blue Heaven' 32" Big Bad Komodo Kamado just reply in this thread and I will get in touch!
  2. Re: Latch Position Thanks for all your help Dennis!
  3. Does anybody have a photo of your latch in the two closed positions? I had a leak on the left side of my grill and we think I did not have the latch completely closed. But I can not close it any further with my muscles. I won't to make sure I am not trying to force it too far before I instruct Superman to "Keep Pushing!"
  4. Re: Ash Deflector Okay, here I go showing my ignorance again! How do y'all use your heat deflectors? What kind of recipes do you cook with the deflectors?
  5. I am a newbie here and just wanted to show off my new Big Bad 32" Cobalt blue Komodo Kamado! Anybody in the Knoxville, TN are give me a shout! Not the best picture , taken kinda late in the day, but here she is: I am doing my initial burn in now and plan a major cook on Wednesday. Can't wait!
  6. Re: Ash Deflector There is a stainless shield in the area of the lower ash pit and the charcoal basket does fit all the way down inside the firebox so I don't think that any of those go into the firebox, just wanted to make sure. I was not expecting 4 deflectors. Here we go!
  7. Re: Inaugural cook experience questions Ok, I will be embarrassing myself here, but better embarrassed than to burn things to a crisp the first time. How do you know how much charcoal to light for say half a dozen hamburgers and a couple of steaks? DO you just put a chimney full on top of the full basket? I plan to do my burn in to high temp for the first use of my grill. So should I light it just like I was starting to cook those hamburgers and steaks and then open up the dampers to bring it on up to higher temps when the time comes? Yes I know I am an idiot when it comes to my new grill!
  8. I am a newbie trying to set up my new Big Bad 32" cobalt blue KK. I have read a few things in the forum that mention the "ash deflector." I am not sure what that is. I don't want to start my grill if it needs the ash deflector, but also don't want to be stupid and put stuff where it doesn't go. Along with my grill I received these stones, smooth on one side and rough on the other: n68802 I also have a pizza stone. I am not sure what the other stone are for. I thought they were deflectors, but there were so many I wasn't sure, then the ash deflector thing came up and ....... help?! I also got a half main grill, can anybody help me on that one? Thanks in advance! BTW is there a supplement to the manual for the 32" grill?
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