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  1. Anyone in Dallas area interested in sharing a pallet order of extruded charcoal that Dennis just announced? Please email me soon as I suspect this will go quickly. Jim
  2. Hi I am interested. Have not been on the forum for a while. I live in Oak Cliff. Would take 1/2 pallet. Jim
  3. Hi Tim-  We shared a pallet of charcoal about 3 y ago. You interested?


    Jim Malter

  4. Is anyone in this thread still interested in spliting a pallet? I live in Dallas and could accept delivery if others are interested. Jim
  5. Re: Anyone up for a "share" in North Dallas? I would be interested as well. i live in Dallas.
  6. Re: Thanksgiving 2010 I made one this year as well. I cheated a bit and stuffed the turkey with boneless chicken thighs and duck breast to reduce the number of carcasses. I also layered with andouille sausage and kale. I cooked mine low and slow- 220 for 10 h indirect. The skin was worthless but the inside was exquisite. Jim
  7. I must be dense but was the roast cooked at or to 140F. If cooked at 140, how did you set up the KK? Almost like sous vide. Jim
  8. I brine the bird, butterfly and cook over direct heat, top grill at 350. I flip once onto the skin side. jim
  9. Agree with Dennis re Thermapen. Unbelievably useful. I cook steaks at 650-700 immediately above the coals. About 3 min/side for rare for 1" thick cuts. Please buy some high temp insulated, long gloves and use them. These temps are dangerous without protection. The quality and burn time of your charcoal (i.e. just ignited vs. burning for >30 min) will also affect taste and meat color.
  10. I use a standard recipe of 1 qt water, 1/4 cup kosher salt, 1/4 cup brown sugar and occasionally a crushed garlic. Rinse well after. For ribs, about 1-2 hrs to my taste.
  11. Hi All- I have tried several waygu briskets from a butcher in Kansas City (Arrowhead Meats). There are multiple grades (my recollection is all were more marbled than US Prime), all were packer cut in the range of $4/lbs + shipping. I thought they were great, and recommend trying one.
  12. Hi All- I used a modification of this for a fresh ham (about 7 lbs, bone in, for Easter) which was apple cider (1 cup), 1/4 cup brown sugar and 2 tbs worcestershire sauce. I had already brined the ham so I omitted the salt. I injected in as many spots as possible. Cooked at 350 indirect for about 3.5 h (internal 135) and rested for 30 minutes. Extremely moist. Highly recommend this approach.
  13. Wow I have never elicited such a diverse set of opinions. I agree with several that the exterior could be contaminated- I rinsed it off, dried it and then let the meat sit out for about 8 h. Cooking to 185 interior should kill most anything short of mad cow (prions). I also agree ground meat should never be treated this way. The kitchen was probably about 60 degrees - I would not do this at 80. We all survived fine and the meat was great. jim
  14. Hi All- I tried something a bit different with a deboned 8 lbs shoulder. After defrosting on Tuesday, and storage in the fridge until Friday night, I rubbed with garlic/salt/pepper and let sit out overnight in the sink. Next morning, went onto the KK @225 indirect for 12 h until 185 degrees. Let rest for 30 minutes and served. Best one I have ever made. Jim
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