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  1. skitteroni

    Ordered My New Grill...

    Welcome to Dennis's KK Fan Club! Glad to have you here. I live in Shrewsbury with my KKGen2.2 and my family;-) I had an Aunt and Uncle who lived in Bel Air off of Rt24 on West Ring Factory Rd. I was in Bel Air and Forest Hills for a Tournament travel Baseball tourney this past weekend.
  2. skitteroni

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Small Turkey Day Bird on Gen2.2
  3. skitteroni

    My OTB Gen 2.2 is a finished product.

    didn't cook anything - I know Bad Boy! Sorry gang, I didn't cook anything. I just wanted to get the temp control down. Next time I'll take some shots of before/after just for "proof". I did have the remaining lump in the basket but I did some spatchcock birds last night so the level of the lump is different. Sometimes, it's just way too fun playing with fire.
  4. skitteroni

    My OTB Gen 2.2 is a finished product.

    I'd have to agree after just doing a 24 hour 225 deg cook! There's not much more Dennis can do now that the Gen 2.2 was released. The grout was the last major hurdle (except for a few minor changes) and once I saw nanotechnology being used with nanospheres for insulating properties for the grout material and using it as the adhesive, I was onboard bigtime. Anyway, I just finished doing a 225 degree cook for 24 hours. I filled the basket up to the top of the side (not the handle area where the heat deflector would sit). I was just wanting to get used to the damper adjustments. I ended up running it at 250 to 225 degrees for 24 hours and then shut it down. When I opened the KK up I still had 1/3 of my lump still left in the charcoal basket. I think I could have gone around 36 hours straight and that wasn't even trying to pile the lump in to do longer. The bad thing is, what can I cook for 36 hours straight?????? Simply amazing! You get what you pay for and this has been one of the most pleasurable purchases I have ever made.
  5. skitteroni

    New KK in PA

    Here's a shot of the mixed blue KK, along with the rest of my arsenal that I have. I still have a tender spot for the "steelies" but the "Big Dog" takes the show. It's been a long journey, and I finally look forward to using the best all around refractory cooker today, including cooking in the worst of weather without using 20lbs of lump for a 40 minute cook. Initially, I had told Dennis that I wanted a glass black but my kids and I changed our minds. They liked the mixed blue and the colors reminded me of Key West, Jimmy Buffest, and Margaritaville. Cooking should be fun and the colors look "kool and fun" to me. BTW, which cooker should I remove from my arsenal?
  6. skitteroni

    There is no better ceramic cooker

    Thanx Gang for the warm welcome! Everyone is always welcome at Skitter's place.
  7. skitteroni

    Lid Falling Apart

    The service doesn't get any better. Having to wait only 1 week.....for a replacement; what's the world coming to? Dennis, the products, and the service are simply out of this world.
  8. I'm happy to have joined the club! I started out just wanting to add a ceramic cooker to what I already have. I ended up with a KK. Dennis provides incredible service. He answered my many e-mails and talked for almost an hour one time. I can't say enough about the incredible construction, continuous product improvements, and impeccable service Dennis has provided. Since I'm a Jimmy Buffet fan, I decided on the mixed blue. I'll post a few pix in the photo's section. Until then, I'm pleased as can be. The unit arrived fine and I was even impressed with the details and care taken on how everything was secured and strapped down. What's not to like about a Komodo Kamado and how a business owner takes such great pride, craftsmenship, and attention to product improvements as Dennis has?