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  1. Jim - I'd share some but I don't have a depot or dock address.
  2. Ever made "Salt Air" for the top of your Margherita?
  3. Greetings.... anyone else in the Dallas area with money to burn? I'd like to see if we can't get a charcoal order together. Let me know. Please
  4. Things are critical on this end...I'm below 100#. Anyone else have money to burn?
  5. Yeah. I earned the ribbing. The one night I didn't put it in my box, or even a ziplock, I got caught,. I could have looked at the forecast, but June in Dallas... Either way, Guru gets tested this weekend and I'll let you know if Fireboar comes on - line and how it works. I'm not pulling the trigger until the fan component is working. The Fireboard is intriguing. Gotta use a 2X4 or a beer can if you're using the ziplock..... keeping it classy.
  6. I couple weeks ago, Pebbles was cooking a pork butt overnight. That night turned out to have a nice steady rain - I should have checked the forecast - and either my Guru got tired and quit or the moisture got to it. I've grown to like having the Guru and letting it manage Pebbles but I'm not certain I can count on that..... So the obvious next step is Google (some might say test the guru too) and up pops Fireboard. Multi-probe, web enabled, and according to Kelley at Fireboard, fan adapter on the way. Is there anyone here using one ? https://www.fireboard.com I'm not related to them in any way but and seriously intrigued about the prospect of not getting out of bed in the wee hours but taking a glance at my phone.
  7. I'm getting to a critical state with only 100 or so pounds of charcoal on hand. For anyone in DFW looking to place an order, please message me.
  8. Both Spice Jungle and Savory out of Denver have a lime salt. I picked up a pound a couple weeks ago and it finishes both beef and chicken for taco/fajitas wonderfully.
  9. I just got a bunch, but anytime someones looking to fill out an order, expect I'll say yes.
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