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  1. That's is very cool is her bakery in Tokyo I visit a couple of times a year and love food! you grill she bakes...perfect combination! Barry
  2. I was about to say the same thing Zoo you cant be that cheap or you wouldn't have one of these bad boys Out of curiosity is 750 degrees the optimum pizza making tempature?
  3. Thanks for all the compliments guys. We decided no cottage for us and built out the back yard....I'll post more once the deck is built... burnt in all day yesterday pretty anti climactic and all...some bubbling lots of white stuff every where cooked sausages and small pork Roast, potatoes and veggies, everything was awesome. I have to say dialling in tempature is very straight forward. Looking forward to more elaborate cooks. deck build starts next week...
  4. grills have arrived, great packaging Dennis! Teak table crate was smashed from the bottom, but table is fine!! used a skid steer to get it to the back out door kitchen, the smaller one is still crated as the deck is being built. It took 4 of use just to get it off that little box in the middle of the crate, unbelievable build quality seeing these things for the first time is impressive! getting ready to burn in today so that we can cook tomorrow for Father's Day. Quick question would rain affect the burn in process if I have it rolled out from under the gazebo? High-class problem do I burn with coffee wood charcoal or coconut charcoal...this is gonna be great! thanks Again Dennis! oh where do I find the grate...for the bottom? Is that in the box with the wrench? cheers, BJ
  5. Thanks guys, I asked the lowes deck guy and my carpenter if we made the right choice and they said the new trex transcend line is a lot different than the other tiers and that nothing is ever perfect but as gars a maintenance free its the best for what I had budget for. I guess we'll see how it plays out, if it doesn't work out i can always blame my wife who said we had to go trex...adding to Bills point the tiki torch will match my grill. adding the welding mat is all black and has the same finish as my grill. no pictures yet as I'm not sure Dennis has even shipped them yet...this is me getting ahead of myself and excited about the grills, I Love food.
  6. Thanks Tony / MacKenzie, great idea imhadnreadvthat somewhere and orders a pallet of each but I think Dennis was out of coffee wood or there's a problem shippingnit to Canada. i will absolutely take pictures as well!
  7. Hi Everyone, And so begins our journey....with Dennis's patience and I might add his great story telling. We have made the decision to invest in this fantastic product and what we hope will become an all too often amazing grilling experience. Where I hope to answer some really fundamental questions. Like can the grill make the man a better cook... And can I really grill on a charcoal, infused ceramic piece of art. The kids are all making fun of me, the wife is telling me I just bought my own Father's Day gift, and my dad asked me if I was nuts...and my mom well, she just smiled and said when are we getting the invite?.... and so Dennis what happens next I just wired you all my US currency at an unbelievable 1.38 exchange rate....and really excited to take delivery of our Grills! How I got here: google, helped me find Dennis and all of you and admittedly have enjoyed reading about all of your experiences and cooking guidance and coaching. And well frankly I need all the coaching I can get as I'm not a grill master, and one of Dennis's links scared the shit out of me as I had never heard of a flashback while,BBQing and so hopefully I can make it through the initial stages and don't mess up my two KK grills. What I went with: Big bad pit boss is an autumn tile 32" kK that I couldn't steer clear of as it adds the cherry on top of our elaborate back yard kitchen Oasis. And we have a 22" high top which my 8 year old pointed out has a criss/ cross pattern which has now been labeled the Criss cross grill, I loved the teak table and ordered that as well for the out door kitchen on the deck. I think we ordered everything and the kitchen sink on this one and not sure we missed an accessory and I have all the great forum members to thank for that spend. Every time I thought I knew what I wanted someone else pointed out how awesome something was, from the charcoal basket splitter, pizza stone, to the drip pan...I just turned into Richard prior when he had to spend millions to get billions or lose it all..and well I'll take one of those and two of those and my wife called it when I got to...and a skid of that. Excited to be on the forum learning from all of you, and look forward to sharing my experience for anyone who cares to drop by. Let the grilling begin...oh Dennis what was that waybill number again?....... BJ
  8. Thanks Bill! really appreciate your perspective! we did finally go with the trex decking as I'm not all that handy, and not interested in the maintenance work required to keep IPE looking its best. ( adding my wife essentially said we're getting the trex as well and so that's an easy call,happy wife happy life lol) I figure if I can get 10'years of warrantynfree issues I'll be happy, I loved the tiger woods and IPE woods but the price here in Canada was almost the same, Tigerwood was actually more. we also finally decided to build both out door kitchens and ordered the 22" table top unit with Dennis's awesome new table for the kitchen on the deck and are putting the big Bad down by the pool. I know why two kitchens. In the summer we live by the pool and in the winter we don't go near the pool but still BBQ...andmhad another quick couple of questions: 1) my brothers wife (former welder) said I should just get a welders matt as they are cheaper and could span the BBQ area are comfortable to,stand on for hours on end and nothing burns through them....sounded like a great idea...but what do you guys think.. mat is $389.00 for 8 x 12 2) my carpenter wants to use the black left over pavers from my drive way to finish off the kitchen area, says he can have the level the same as the trex deck and can use the trex to accent border the pavers in a seamless way that would look awesome. He also wants to add 1k dollars for a 9 x 14 area to do the pavers cuts etc.... im leaning toward the welder mat...thoughts thank you for any suggestions! BJD
  9. great thread, and as obvious as it might seem, this exact question came up when my carpenter asked me about my fancy new BBQ i was planning on buying. Specifically he asked me how much it weighed to which I replied its heavy We went on the site and looked it up and the carpenter is saying 8" centers for supporting joists on Trex composite decking. The question I have for the original poster, if I am doing an out door kitchen island in a Wood subframe and Fusion stone rock facia to ( sorta) build in the Big Bad. Is 8" centers for the joists good enough? Should I be going 6"? And equally important will the trex composite decking be able to hold that weight? Or should I do something different for the out door kitchen area that is being built on the deck. I guess to highlight componants from a weight standpoint: Weber Summit S660 gas grill Marvel half height out door fridge Big bad 32 Inch Komodo Granite counter tops. Which from all accounts is going to be alot of weight, and we have drilled in additional pilings for supports I'm just wondering if we should do 6" off center for joists. Appreciate any help? regards, BJD
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