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  1. tquando

    Chicago winter how to help

    Nothing no to worry about! I am a cold weather guy and have one in the mountains of Japan and one in Jackson Hole. No problems handling the coldest of cold or grilling way below zero. Just buy a cover and no worries.
  2. tquando

    Happy anniversary!

    So what were the CKREEF pointers? Happy anniversary!
  3. tquando

    Pastrami Short Ribs

    I like the Japanese knives as well and they are still expensive in Japan as well!
  4. tquando

    Pastrami Short Ribs

    Back in the USA with my Jackson Hole BB32 and got in a Pastrami Short Rib cook I have been wanting to do for some time! The meat comes from Sweet Cheeks meats where Nick marinates these guys in a dry rub for a couple of weeks. A deep pastrami flavor and no left overs!
  5. tquando

    Pepper Berries

    Charles Back in the US for vacation (can’t wait to get to my Jackson Hole BB32!) with a care package on the way. PIC attached with: - Teriyaki sauce - My favorite onion and sesame (goma) dressings - Wasabi for marinating - Japanese pepper mix - Misi for marinating Enjoy and will share other unique Japanese items moving forward Best!
  6. tquando


    How appropriate!
  7. tquando

    Pepper Berries

    Just received my care package. Thank you Charles! A special Japan pack will be on the way next week. It is really great having the opportunity to meet people like yourself. Thank you again.
  8. tquando

    Brisket and Short Ribs - Help !

    While BBQ Guru takes a bit patience to configure it is invaluable for me. Essentially a plug and play and provides real time feedback when I am on the golf course during a cook! i am not familiar with FireBoard so no relative feedback.
  9. tquando

    Burnt ends?

    Thanks for the advice all. Will get some pics once the cook datenis firmed up
  10. tquando

    Pepper Berries

    Thanks all!
  11. tquando

    Pepper Berries

    Having read much about Tasmanian Pepper Berries (purple crack) I am definitely looking forward to giving them a try. I checked the website below and they tell me they are completely out as the crop last year was terrible! https://www.worldspice.com/spices/pepperberry-tasmanian I live in Japan and cover all of Asia so on my visit to Sydney this week I went on a mission to find the coveted purple crack. Much to my surprise none of the speciality shops in Sydney carried them and none of my colleagues were even aware of them. One client did provide me with the sites below: https://www.fourpillarsgin.com.au/distilling/tasmanian-pepperberry/ (these guys are friends of my brother. They know their botanicals). http://www.herbies.com.au/?s=tasmanian+pepperberry&post_type=product I am curious if anyone else is struggling to find purple crack or if folks have any experience using the leaves rather than the berries My mission will be completed!
  12. tquando

    Burnt ends?

    I have been hankering for a brisket and now have whole packer wagyu in the freeze waiting to be cooked. I have never made burnt ends and stumbled upon this recipe https://heygrillhey.com/bbq-brisket-burnt-ends/ This recipe makes the case for separating the point and flat before cooking and I am wondering a if anyone has experience doing this or any advice on burnt ends. They seem to get rave reviews!
  13. tquando

    Merry Christmas

    Ditto - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Very excitied to be back in the US with my Jackson Hole BB32. Happy BBQ’ing to all!
  14. tquando

    Sneak Peak ~ KK 3/8" A36 Baking Steel

    Sign me up for 3! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. tquando

    KK #3!

    Jackson is black and japan is blue. Of course they all look fantastic!