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  1. I tried them on a couple grills, they work well but, as noted, they're a "bugger to clean".
  2. Oktoberfest Hot German Potato Salad
  3. Assuming you're in the US and celebrate Memorial Day, of course. I have an Aukashi brisket from Heritage Foods that's been sitting in the freezer now thawed and ready to go. Planning on doing some German potato salad and Texas beans for sides, recipes courtesy of Meathead's Amazing Ribs site. Do you have anything special planned? Let's hear about it! Best, Bill
  4. billg71


    I like the Fogo but I've found it's not really sized well. The small bags have a lot of small pieces and some medium, the large bags have some medium but are mostly large chunks, at least the couple bags I tried. It's clean(no foreign objects) and burns well but I had to bust down a lot of the big chunks in the large bags. I've done one cook with the Coffee Char and it worked well. But I still found too many large chunks(say medium-fist size) that had to be broken up to get a good mix. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Best, Bill
  5. I guess this comes under Misc. Banter since it doesn't have to be cooked on a KK(and, to be honest, I never have). The recipe is from the Roosevelt Lodge at Yellowstone National Park: It's right there on the 2nd page of their menu. Try it, it makes a great side or even a main course served with toast or crackers. I add another half-pound of ground beef to the recipe since I tend to cook it as a meal in itself, like chili. The nice thing about it is that you can cook it just about anywhere you have a heat source. I usually do it outside on the Genesis side burner but we've been drowned with rain the last couple days so I cooked it on the cooktop today. I've browned the meat and onions on a burner and left the rest of the cook under a rack of ribs on the smoker. It's just one of those recipes you can cook pretty much anywhere, anyhow, in anything. Best, Bill
  6. He wasn't my fave Bond but, as Tony said, anybody who makes it to 89 had a good run! RIP Roger. You're missed.
  7. I grew up in the SE where ketchup was the universal lubricant but I had to go away to prep school before I ever saw someone put it on eggs. So I guess it's a NE thing. Unless it rubs off my hash browns onto my eggs it's not something I've developed a taste for.
  8. I'll never drive a Ferrari Enzo or a Bugatti Veyron or play a pre-war Martin 000-42 but I can cook on my KK anytime I want. That's good enough for me. Thanks, Dennis!
  9. About 5 years ago I adopted two cats, they're the basement cats since they don't get along with the upstairs cats. One female, one male, spayed/neutered, obviously house pets that had been abandoned. They have great personalities and since I spend a lot of my time in my basement office and workshop, we've really developed a relationship. They get fed a combination of premium canned food and dry food. But they're both overweight despite my limiting their diet. They get(combined) less than the manufacturer's recommended food for one normal adult cat. The male is a little chunky, the lady has been described by the vet as "grotesquely obese", she weighs in at 25 lb.. So I found a kitty torture bowl on Amazon and I'm giving it a try. So far, so good, but they're not happy with it although dry food consumption has gone down. Its only been a week since the new food bowl arrived and I hope it'll help but they complain so much I feel bad. Is this just tough love or am I torturing my kitties? Thanks for your thoughts, Bill
  10. Vitamin D, 4,000 mg/day. After a couple months if you get sick you need to see a doctor. Sorry to hear of your ailment, hope you get well soon!
  11. You just spent maybe $10K on cookers and a table and you're looking to save $600 and put them on a welder's mat? Really? Isn't that kind of like ordering your new AMG Mercedes with vinyl seats? I dunno about leftover pavers, why not trot down to the local tile store and find something that would complement the KK and the teak? "In for a penny, in for a pound" and all that. Seriously, you've just bought two of the best cookers in the world, real works of art. You've spent more money to make sure you have a safe place to put them, why not go the extra half-mile(or kilometer) to give them a home that complements their beauty? See how little trouble I have spending your money? Just ask, I'll be glad to help. Congrats on your new outdoor kitchens, I'm sure we'll enjoy them! And where are the pics? Best, Bill
  12. For tri-tip I reverse-sear at 250-275 to an internal temp of 120 or so, crank up the heat and sear to medium-rare. I tend to keep seasoning to salt and pepper but YMMV.
  13. @tony b, that's why I don't eat any pork that isn't locally sourced and responsibly raised. There are a couple of "pig farms" here in North GA that I've had the misfortune to drive by, it turns your stomach. There are a lot of chicken farms, driving by one or stopping next to a Tyson truck at a red light has ended eating factory chicken for me. I grew up in rural South Carolina in the 50's and 60's, any red meat we ate(including chicken) we either raised ourselves or traded for from a neighbor. Back then pork wasn't "the other white meat" and it tasted a whole lot better than what you can buy at Kroger today. We ate a lot of fish, it came from the river and we caught it, didn't buy it from a grocery store. Nowadays I buy meat from the local Farmer's Market or Whole Paycheck. I pay more for responsibly raised meat but I'm OK with that. I'd rather pay more to eat better than pay less to subsidize Monsanto or Cargill. Although the IRS will insist I subsidize them and a few more assorted agribusinesses.
  14. God bless your father, we desperately need more farmers like him! Next time you see him tell him to keep up the good work, there are folks who appreciate his efforts.
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