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  1. Pizza night again. Followed a couple of Nancy Silverton recipes. Second pie got away from me a bit and got one side charred a bit. Other side tasted great
  2. Working on grilling techniques with the kk.
  3. @tony b naan was made on a kk baking stone. The side walls of my kk are already too dirty to slap anything on it. The naan was the best we have had from our house so far, but it was using fast rising dough and we subbed buttermilk instead of yogurt for some extra tart. Want to do the same recipe but with a home grown levain. Speaking of bread fermentation, here is a photo of a BLT (with pickled onions) with bread from the kk from this morning.
  4. Piada with burrata (1st course) and Tandoori Prawns (2nd course) both made in the KK.
  5. Pakistani seekh kebab and Naan - both made in the KK.
  6. @MacKenzie Do you find much of a difference between the Modernist and the 15 inch griddle version on the KK when making thin crust pizza or cooking fish etc? Also, how does the 15 inch griddle fair on the stove? The reason we have a capital open burner range top and I was going to get the long skinny one to go across two burners for indoor use next year or so. I am probably going to land up buying both Dennis's stone and the baking steel to start as we like to bake bread as well as love super thin crust pizza's. @SmallBBQr I am going to have to check the weight differences and see if both
  7. @Stile88 The link I sent (Modernist Cuisine version) shows a 14 X 16 with cut off edges - so that version should work according to your measurements, right? Thanks again for measuring for me. Much appreciated. -Assad
  8. Thanks for all the replies! @Stile88 this is what I am talking about: https://shop.bakingsteel.com/collections/steels/products/modernist-cuisine-special-edition @Pequod When talking to Dennis he recommended the one I linked to (3/8 inch thick). Is there a griddle version that is also 3/8 inch thick that I can use for both thin crust Pizza's and a griddle in the house?
  9. Hi Folks, I was wondering if any of you know if a 16 in by 14 in by 3/8 in Baking steel slab will fit on the upper grate of the 23 inch supreme? Thinking of getting that as my primary Pizza stone. Thanks! -Assad
  10. Thanks for all the responses and 2 cents. It got me back on track and I will be sticking with the cobalt blue! Can't wait. Will be asking more questions about what fuel/what first cooks to do in another thread. Thanks much for all the feedback!
  11. Hi folks, Been professedly reading up on all the good things in this forum. I finally ordered a pebble cobalt blue 23 inch with minimal accessories (cover, split basket, baking steel slab from amazon, coco charcoal). I am new to Charcoal and slow cooking and this will be my only cooking tool in the outside kitchen we are building. I talked to Dennis and he said the cobalt blue looks stunning (I have to agree) but he did say it scratches easily. I am concerned about it as we are not the most careful of folks and we would like to leave it uncovered during the Colorado summer season. I am
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