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  1. bb3

    Spring Bacon

    Looks delish. Did you smoke at 250 to internal temp of around 150? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks to all for feedback and new ideas. I agree with Shuley that temp control on the KK is excellent . I do most of my cooks without my BBQ Guru and Thermoworks Smoke but I do occasionally like the ability to check the pit and especially food temp on longer cooks ( and I really like having the info sent to my IPhone during overnight cooks when I am upstairs). The Meater sound like a great option to monitor food temp when using rotisserie and a nice alternative to remote food temp monitoring - thanks Tony b, Im not sure how I missed that one.
  3. Hello from Texas, Wanted to see if anyone has tried the new Fireboard temperature control unit/ thermometer? I have been using the BBQ Guru and Thermoworks Smoke unit to control and monitor cooks, but this unit combines everything into one small unit including fan control monitoring and adjustments on iPhone. Appreciate any input.
  4. Lucky enough to live in Austin for the last 20 years, though I have a great fondness for North Carolina after 5 years there for my residency and fellowship training.
  5. First several cooks all went great with the bbq guru and KK spot on for temperatures. A little Sangria and and apricot wit beer (home brewed) rounded out the meals.
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