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  1. Did another pressure cooked egg today, it takes less than 10 mins. to do it.
  2. Looking forward to the reno pixs.
  3. What a great KK and those cooks look wonderful. Already you have gotten rid of the white interior. Yes, I agree it's the pebbles that make everything cook perfectly.
  4. Another PC egg, this time hard boiled. Love the nice texture of the PC egg.
  5. All this talk of egg cooking pushed me to get out the pc and cook my breakfast egg. Results- Just the way I wanted it.
  6. The older the egg the easier to peel. A fresh egg is very difficult to peel cleanly I'm sorry to say.
  7. A tasty looking sandwich and you did it all. I just caught on today that your salt beef is our corned beef.
  8. Perfect, you are going to be overwhelmed when you get your KK and even more when you taste the food you cook on it.
  9. Exactly, it is important to shield the end of the probe that is not in the meat from the direct heat of the fire.
  10. Tasty dinner, Tony, great call on the hummus. It has been ages since I've used my tagine, maybe it's time to drag it out. Speaking of dragging, I've been dragging my butt around with a miserable cold. It seems to be getting better and this tasty dish has my taste buds activated.
  11. That really is a sandwich adventure. Looking forward to the finished product and the review.
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