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  1. You only say that because you haven't experienced a pebble cooker.
  2. Geo, that is great news, and I agree with you Pebbles do cook better.
  3. MacKenzie

    Drip pan conundrum

    I am in the same boat as Tony, I think I only used mine once, so far.
  4. Today I had the chance to try Tony's chips. I loved them, so much better than buying a greasy bag of overly salted chips. These chips have very little salt and very skimpy with the oil. You get to add the spices you like in the amount you like. My air fryer can't be set at 330F so I used 325F and extended the time to 16mins. Yesterday I made a batch of roasted carrot hummus and loved it. Roasted the carrots and garlic on the KK. I thought the chips and hummus would go together but they didn't, the hummus overpowered the chips. The good news is the hummus is wonderful with bagel crisps. It is important to do small batches of chips, they need to be dry and crispy when taken out of the air fryer or they will end up soggy, better to over cook than to under cook. Thanks again, Tony, this recipe is a real keeper.
  5. Awesome dinner, Tony, it looks perfectly delicious and apparently your beer is also perfectly delicious, what a fabulous win.
  6. I know what you mean Tony, I was not a fan for the longest time and resisted buying one until friend bought one and turned me on to the possibilities. It was worth the purchase price for sure.:)
  7. We call those round this fried potatoes chips but we also call the long fried rectangular potato bars chips. It's all so confusing. I'd order fish and chips, but I'd order a hamburger and fries and expect to get the same fried potatoes that I get with the fish and chips. There never seems to be any confusion though. Go figure. I can buy a bag of chips but I can't buy a bag of fries. LOL
  8. Tony, those homemade air fryer chips look good too.
  9. Jon, I think I could keep you busy enough to maintain your usual trim and fit self.
  10. I love it, and also noticed how much easier it is to find things.
  11. I had a craving for mac & cheese yesterday so I got out 3 different cheese, 2 different cheddar's and one Monterey Jack with peppers. One of the cheeses had an advantage as I had previously smoked it.:) Then I had some chicken wings thawing and thought they go with mac & cheese, tons of comfort food. This has nothing to do with the miserable weather we have had for day, even snow the night before. Mac & Cheese ready for the oven. Baked. Wings coated with corn starch and potato flour, ready for the air fryer. Wings are ready. Dinner is plated.
  12. Here come the awesome strange recipes.
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