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  1. Wingman, thanks you, I do love a good breakfast.
  2. Here's you go, enjoy and there's a fruit veggie smoothie on the side. Bacon is all sliced and in the freezer.
  3. I'm working on it, yours will be the first slices.:) 🥓
  4. Good questions and I'd suggest a call to Dennis. No one knows them better, he builds them. He is a wealth of information and you can rest assured that you will be getting the best help. He WILL not try to pressure or up sell you. We've pretty much all talked to him and it is well worth the call.
  5. Just barely squeezed this onto the KK. Now I just need to decide can I wait until the morning to slice it, decisions decisions.
  6. Looks deliciuos, Aussie.
  7. Great colouring including the smoke ring.
  8. It looks delicious, love the colour you have on it.
  9. Thank you AJR, it's an old camera, a Panasonic-ZS100.
  10. @troble, thanks, I really like the beef ribs and would definitely buy them again.
  11. Found some beef back ribs at the CostCo, new to me soooo.... Sous vide @ 141F for 30 hours and here they are- Now to make them a little more appealing. Just like magic. Plated.
  12. Dave H, did you see the latest post from Dennis? My mantra is Temp is Airflow. If it's not leaving the grill it's not going thru the charcoal. There are no mysteries here, charcoal always burns at the maximum volume for the allowed airflow. I suggest making smaller adjustments after the grill is heat soaked. There are many factors but remember that hot air exiting the grill creates vacuum, this vacuum grows as the volume of burning charcoal increases. It's like having a little built in blower. I use the large pencil hole for everything except high temps which I pull the door open or open the half dial all the way. Other than that going in I only use the top damper. Another problem is that different grills have different diameter damper top chimneys so what's 1 turn on the 23" is less on the 32. Before you follow too closely settings on posts here on the forum best to keep in mind or know what grill the person is cooking on. The size of the charcoal and resistance it creates is also a factor.
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