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  1. It is a cold windy miserable day here so I resorted to comfort food, steamed fresh spinach, homemade fresh pasta and meatloaf. Up Close.
  2. That had to be tasty. 👍👍
  3. Oh my goodness, I knew I should not have looked at this awesome goodness before breakfast. What a grand dinner, Troble.
  4. Pork Rib on the KK today. This time of year one starts out in the sunshine and the next thing you know it is pitch dark and a flash is needed to grab a pix.
  5. What a relaxing cook, love those Spanish peppers.
  6. Wow. How can one chop look that goooooooooood!
  7. Here is the end of season pizza cook from yesterday. It was about 4C but no wind so it was really quite nice. Did 6 pizzas and and we were very happy with the results.
  8. Thanks, Poochie. It's and Alfa 5 Minuti oven and does a wonderful job on a pizza. Actually there is a last of the season pizza party scheduled for tomorrow. It's going to be a cool one, 5C is the high for the day. Still I am sure it will be fun and very tasty.
  9. Here we are at 5PM and it's pitch dark outside. Fired up the KK to cook chicken thighs. Plated.
  10. A feast for sure and with matching drinks! I need to get on that invitation list!
  11. You are making my mouth water, Tekobo 👍👍
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