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  1. Looks delicious, Tyrus. I hope to be doing one in the near future, once we open up from COVID restrictions so I can get the belly.
  2. I'd like to introduce my new slow cooker, it held the temp perfectly for the 4 hour cook of my Slow Cooker Campfire Potatoes. https://www.themagicalslowcooker.com/slow-cooker-campfire-potatoes/ My first time making these but not my last, Here's my slow cooker just approaching the 300F mark. Campfire potatoes on the grill. 4 hours later and no peeking. Plated. Veggies from last summer's garden.
  3. You needed worry about ruining any of your cook just because you moving to a KK. Yes, we are famous for spending other peoples' money.
  4. Started my dough last night and put it in the fridge as usual but when I took it out to make a pizza for supper the dough had hardly risen at all. Guess my yeast is old. Decided to set it in a warm spot for about 5 hours and by then it was looking pretty good. Baked in the oven. It was a late supper but it was tasty. Never say die.:)
  5. braindoc, I see you have a pretty smart wife, suggesting the 32 was an awesome idea. Wait until you cook on the KK, the food is going to go to the next level too.
  6. I'd like to join this group, seems they like to saw up body parts.
  7. 198 days, amazing and it certainly sounds delicious.
  8. Welcome, Bill, just wait until you see it, you are going to be thrilled and the same goes for whatever you cook on it.
  9. Basher, we had a similar situation here a few years ago, the trapper caught the racoons in town then brought them out to the country, just a short distance down the road from me and let them go. One day I caught him doing it and waited for him, that was the end of that. You are only allowed to release them on Crown land. It hasn't been nearly as bad since that stopped.
  10. @Troble, does this look like your kitchen these days?
  11. Sous vide some beef back ribs for 72 hours at 131F then put them on the KK for come char and colour.
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