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  1. Thanks, Bruce. The heat wave is going going gone. What a difference. We had a ton of rain so everything is well watered.:)
  2. Syzygies, for a minute I thought you had reinvented the pressure cooker.
  3. This morning I found another treasure at the bottom of the freezer and it wasn't fish. It turned out to be chicken and garlic sausages from 2015. WOW. I decided to make patties with the sausage meat and do a Mac & Cheese. Everything was cooked on the KK and the MAc & Cheese was browned under the stove broiler. I did add 3 or 4 Thai hot chili peppers to the mac & cheese, that turned out to be a nice touch. Plated.
  4. That is a great article. I am torn, pretty sure I'm not going to like the temp. fluctuation.
  5. Thanks, ck,I just found it now need to read it.
  6. Dennis that link is not working for me.
  7. Tony, that does not sound like any fun, our heat wave is breaking, pour down rain at the moment, the garden will be well watered.
  8. I have been liking my Signals but this is not a good day to ask me as I've tried to hook up Billows and my Signals is now frozen and I will need to call Thermoworks. Any time I have called they have been very helpful so I am expecting to get a fix for this problem.
  9. The electrical plug idea won't work. Right now my Signals is locked. Have to solve that problem first.
  10. Thanks, Bruce, the good news is there are no calories from the pixs. LOL I think the heat wave is breaking, we just now had a thunder storm with rain so hopefully the temp. will drop out of the 90s.
  11. Love the colour on those butts and the sauce sounds pretty tasty too. I can't imagine that there was any meat left at that get together.
  12. Another Meater cook, easy peasy. I pulled my bolted spinach and managed to get enough for one last tasty feast. Ready to grill. I think I had a sprinkling of garlic, purple crack, pepper and thyme. On the grill. Done. Plated.
  13. I have not seen it but sounds super interesting. Have yet to sign into Netflix.
  14. Tucker, I already have Signals so I thought this would be easy. My Digi Q is before the days of WiFi and blue-tooth so I thought this would be the easiest way to up grade since I have Signals.
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