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  1. Snow storm coming tonight so last evening I did a chicken thigh cook while the weather was nice. Plated.
  2. C6Bill quote "Those won’t get tender unless you wrap them in foil Tyrus lol"
  3. Strange goings on this morning. I've tried a few times as you can see to post this comment under Bill's sour dough bread pix but it keeps popping up here.
  4. @C6Bill, your bread looks beautiful. πŸ‘πŸ‘
  5. Thank you, Poochie, it was delicious even if it wasn't the healthiest breakfast I certainly did enjoy it.
  6. Many decades ago I used to make cheese and bacon sandwiches, they were sooo good. So, yesterday I made a loaf of Italian bread and you know what I wanted for breakfast this morning. 😁
  7. My goal is to never run out of KK bacon for breakfast.
  8. Really cold last evening, -20C, but just couldn't bring myself to cook these chicken thighs indoors. Rolled the KK over to the sliding glass door. These are phone shots not the best depth of field. I had company.
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