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  1. I'm glad your friend gave you a few seconds to grab a plated shot so the rest of us can drool.
  2. That is just what I need a slice of delicious pizza.
  3. Welcome, David, I hope the trip to the courtyard goes well, have lots of hands to help and take your time. Please remember we all want to see pixs and pixs of the unveiling.
  4. Basher, that has got to be the ugliest brisket I've seen, you did a great rescue on it. Hats off to you, Basher. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.
  5. Weather is looking awesome but not as awesome as that rib cook. It is stunning, Basher.
  6. Thanks for posting the pizza oven pixs.
  7. I used some of the peppers and all of the pork tenderloin in a cucumber and pork stir fry.
  8. Actually got two fires going on in the KK for a pork tenderloin and one in the Konro for roasting peppers. Done. IT 145F, meat is moist, tender and tasty. Going to use it in another recipe later.
  9. That's a bonfire, almost out of control.
  10. You are about to dodge a bullet, cancel that other grill and focus on the KK. You will not regret getting a KK. Not only are they over engineered but the food actually tastes better when cooked on the KK. I've had a ceramic grill and thought it was great until I got the KK. My food tastes so much better, the chickens are much more moist, etc. I live in Nova Scotia and we do get real winters here and I still use my KK. Actually who wants to cook in the indoor kitchen after tasting KK food, not me that's for sure. Enjoy fabricville.
  11. Basher, you are making me want to light my fire.
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